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3 Deadly Homemade Weapons When You Don’t Have A Gun

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If you are stranded out in the wilderness without an adequate means to defend yourself – no knife and (gulp) no knife — learn to improvise.

Security is one of the most important aspects of survival, as weapons give you the ability to defend yourself and to kill wildlife for food.

Here are three weapons that you can make via improvisation:

Clubs. Clubs are not designed for throwing, but are designed to deliver heavy blows. This is the easiest weapon that you can make via improvisation. A good club will be smaller at the handle and then be larger and weightier on the end.

Get a firm piece of hardwood that is shaped similar to what you want, and then make it weightier on the end by tying a stone firmly with rope or vines. This will allow you to strike with the club with more force and deliver a more hammering blow to an opponent or prey. An alternative to this is to allow a wrapped stone to hang loosely from the end by about five or six inches, essentially making for a small, makeshift mace. This will be much more damaging than a more traditional club as the velocity of the stone is increased.

Knife. In the event that you don’t have a knife with you, you can still make one yourself with stone, bones, glass or metal. If you’re lost out in the wilderness, you’ll have to turn to stone or bone.

You’ll want to take a stone or metal that closely resembles your finished product, and then take another rough stone and rub the edge of it to sharpen it. This potentially will take several hours and much effort, but it can be done. The resulting knife will be crude and rough, yet it should work even if it resembles more of a hacksaw than an actual knife. Make sure that you can have a firm grip on the end without hurting yourself; wrapping vines or rope around the end is a perfect solution.

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Spears. There are several ways you can make spears, but they all require you to use a long pole of green wood. This pole should be anywhere from four to seven feet long, and can also easily double as a walking stick if needed. You can then use the same techniques to make an improvised knife (as discussed above), and then tie it to the end of the spear with leather, rope or vines. The knife should be wrapped as tightly as possible.

An alternative method is to sharpen the end of the spear by shaving the end until it makes a point. Then, lightly char the end of the spear over a fire, without burning it, in order to harden it by getting all of the moisture out of the wood. This will make your spear much more durable and shaper. A third method: Split the end of the spear so that instead of one point, there are anywhere from three to six. Then, sharpen each individual point. This is particularly effective for fishing.

What improvised self-defense tips would you add? Share them in the section below:

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  1. Whoa. That spear. I’m sure it could do some serious damage.

  2. Don’t forget Wasp Spray. It’s designed to attack a wasp nest from at least 10 feet away, and can substitute for Mace. Bear Spray is available in many areas of the Country where there are bears. This is also packaged to work as a stand-off weapon, and is a strong pepper spray. A garden sprayer that I designed to spray your trees, can be filled with a variety of noxious liquids, and even with flammables and has a range out to twenty feet. If you were doused with gasoline, would you choose to fire a handgun?


  4. If a person finds themselves without a weapon, use a broom stick, use duct tape to attach a chef’s knife, and you you have an effective spear

  5. Take paracord or a boot lace and tie it around a rock to make a single leg bolo. Tie a bowline small enough for a finger and you have a good close quarter weapon. A little practice and you can sling it accurately at a rabbit.

  6. Rock in a sock.

    • Sallie Dodd Butters

      A roll of nickels or quarters wrapped in electrical tape in each pocket will destroy a nose, or larynx if delivered with an angry back hand swing ! Double reason is they’ll prevent broken fingers or hands ! I carry them when I travel…

  7. If you eat hot peppers, the juice left in the jar, in a toy water pistol, shot at an attackers eyes, will definitely stop someone.
    A bag of marbles, scattered on a floor makes a good alarm system at night (you’ll hear’m cursing as thet hit the floor). Roll them on a hard floor to deter chasers.
    Carry a sharp wooden pencil for close-in defense. Go for the eyes.
    Keep a Louisville Slugger handy at night.
    Small glass bottle, filled with gasoline, can be thrown or lobber toward a crowd. Good chance one of them is smoking.

  8. Gasoline bombs or just the aluminum cans full of gas with the pictures of sponge in the top smack the hole big enough for the gas will spew everywhere when they hit something and knocked the the sponge out or whatever and then you can throw a homemade torch right behind it and it will ignite immediately you can you can hide these around your campsite beforehand that way if you have to flea your campsite you have these hidden outside

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