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5 Caliber You Better Stockpile In Case Hillary Wins (No. 3 Might Surprise You!)

5 Types Of Ammo You Gotta Stockpile Before November (No. 3 May Surprise You!)

9mm. Image source:

It wasn’t all that long ago that you couldn’t find the ammo you needed anywhere at any price. Store shelves were bare and reliable online distributors were out of stock. And unscrupulous vendors took advantage of the shortage to raise prices to astronomical highs.

Well, folks, those times might be coming again if the election doesn’t go the way gun owners are hoping it will go, and while we are enjoying relatively easy-to-acquire ammo again, it’s time to stockpile.

Here, then, are five rounds to stockpile before November.

1. 9mm

This one is a no-brainer. It is probably the single most common handgun caliber, and if you don’t have 9mm, one of your buddies probably does. Lay in a good supply of lightweight ball ammo so you can continue to enjoy target practice during the next shortage, as well as a goodly supply of combat-suitable rounds. I’d make sure to have at least a thousand rounds of assorted hollow point and +p ammo. You can get some great deals right now on steel-cased plinking ammo, and if your gun likes it, it’s certainly worth putting some away if cost is an issue. Otherwise, stick with brass case, because even if you don’t reload, that brass will be valuable trading material, or should inspire you to start loading your own.

2. .223/ 5.56

Yes, the rounds aren’t identical. And yes, there are millions of rifles and handguns that can safely shoot either round, so for the purpose of this article, we are lumping them together. The .223 or 5.56mm round is found everywhere. Aside from the ubiquitous AR-15, there are bolt-action rifles, handguns of all sorts, and even AK-47s in this caliber.

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As an added bonus, it’s also the standard round of the US military and many law enforcement agencies. A critical round to stockpile, buy cheap steel case if it works for you, but know as always, brass case will have more value in an ammo crisis.

3. .22 magnum

I had thought about recommending .22lr, but not only is that stuff still hard to come by in some places, but a brick or two can feed your family for a very long time. I figure any smart survivalist already has some on hand, and if you don’t you’ll get some anyway. But the .22 magnum has a special place on this list. Not only does Kel-Tec build an incredible handgun and carbine in this surprisingly powerful round, but there are a plethora of inexpensive bolt-action rifles and even revolvers that will shoot .22 mag. This round will take small game (probably even deer-sized in a pinch if you do your part) and is a surprisingly good self-defense round if nothing else is available. Use it for predator control, varmint hunting, or when you just need a little more power out of a .22. Thanks to Kel-Tec, there is a demand for this round that exceeds its traditional hunting role, and pushes it into a limited combat or self-defense position. Even if you don’t have a .22 mag yourself, put some of it aside if you can and watch it be a wildly popular trader among those who need it.

4. .308/7.62 NATO

5 Types Of Ammo You Gotta Stockpile Before November (No. 3 May Surprise You!)

.308. Image source:

Same deal here as with the .223/5.56. Know your gun, and know that no matter what, these nearly identical rounds WILL be in great demand. The .308 is not only a hard-hitting, long-range round, but it figures in many people’s disaster plans. A must-have for those who prefer hard-hitting defensive rifles, long-range hunting or sniping rifles, or those who simply appreciate the power of a true battle rifle, this round is expensive in the best of times, and in the worst of times is sure to dry up fast. Found in everything from single-shot rifles to top-of-the-line combat arms, this is one of the most popular cartridges in the world. Unless you score a deal on what little military surplus 7.62 that turns up now and then, simply lay in .308. It’s more common, and you don’t have to worry about the real dangers of shooting the wrong round in the wrong chamber. Steel case is out there, but a few more cents per round gets you invaluable reloadable brass. Remember: The apocalypse might be fought with 5.56, but 7.62 will be sounding the trumpet.

5. 7.62×39

From Russia, with love. Widely used in SKS, AKs and even AR-15s, and a few bolt-action rifles, this is perhaps one of the best general purpose, medium-powered rounds. The 7.62×39 is mostly imported, making it really easy to cut off at the whim of any anti-gun president. There are about umpteen million rifles and more than a few AK-style handguns running around in this caliber, and one of the best things about it is that it’s cheap. Probably the only time you won’t care about buying brass or steel case, just grab an extra case of whatever is cheapest and call it good. When bad times come, you’ll be amazed at how many SKSs and AKs come out of the woodwork, forgotten sometimes for decades. If you don’t already use this round, it will be invaluable for trading.


Is this list comprehensive? Of course not. Will you agree with it? Probably not all of them. There are other calibers I could have ran with, but odds are you have at least one on this list, or know somebody who does. Feed YOUR guns first, but be sure to lay in a good supply of popular rounds, especially those in common use by military and police.  When the grid goes down, and anti gun governments go after our ammo supply as a default gun ban, you’ll be glad you stocked up.

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  2. I prefer the .30-06 over the .308/7.62 NATO. Its got slightly more power. So I prefer the .30-06 but that’s just me.

  3. I wonder why back in the 70s I bought 22 bricks when they were on sale for $10..I have about a few thousand rounds still today and back then I didnt know what would be happening in the world today..glad I did..

  4. I was a bit confused by #3. Did you mix up the caliber names? A couple of years ago I couldn’t find 22 Magnum anywhere, but 22LR was always plentiful. When I finally found a source of 22 mag I loaded up. The price for 22 mag exceeded that of 9mm while 22 LR is about $3.70 for a box of 50.

  5. YEP, that is what I wouls tockpile to sell. Not what I wouls stockpile for myself.

  6. Hello, I have a question. How much ammo should one buy when you have the following weapons?
    *9 mm Sig Sauer
    *AR-15 Smith and Wesson
    *Shotgun – 20 gauge

    When you say buy, buy, buy—–what would be an appropriate amount in case the SHTF?

    Thank you so much.

    • At least 1000 rounds, very minimum. Easy for ball ammo, just buy a bucket or two at your local sporting good store, for duty/defense +p rounds, this get a little harder & much more expensive & a bit harder to do. For this, I suggest looking for custom shops, doing some business there, making a friend or two & then asking about a deal on a bulk purchase.

      Another nice option, though not cheap, is finding modular weapons (easier with rifle). Sig makes a striker with caliber change kits (9/.40/.357) & you can always go with a Lone Wolf barrel on a Glock 22/23/etc. I found a guy selling a 9mm P320C with 3 grip module sizes & the two x-change kits for 700. That along with my 308 are in my bug-out bag.

    • I always tell folks to buy at least a bare minimum of 1000 rounds of ammo for every gun you own. If you can afford it double that amount or triple it. You can never have too much ammo (unless the wife is chasing you around the house with a rolling pin because you spent all your food money on ammo. Spending all you money on ammo instead of food is a good way to lose weight if you can stand the lumps on your head from the rolling pin). All jokes aside, buy as much ammo as you can. If necessary you can use it to barter with if really hard times come, like I think they will. Ow that big lump on top of my head hurts!

      • One addition is to make sure you secure and store the ammo somewhere correctly. Also if you are buying a bucket or ammo can of it. DO NOT handle the ammo without some gloves on if you want that ammo to last. The oil in your hands will cause corrosion of the brass.
        Learn the signs of corrosion so you know it when you see it and don’t shoot it!

        Ammo should be stored in an airtight container with some kind of desicant to make sure it stays dry.

    • TheSouthernNationalist

      All you can get would be my answer.

    • Lets just put it this way…If the SHTF, you can not ever have enough, because you may not ever get the chance to buy even one round!

  7. Good concise article.

  8. Personally don’t need this “7.62×39”.

    I would replace that with a side variety of 12 gauge, bird shot, buck shot and slugs. All in standard and magnum!! Yea Baby!!

    And I strongly agree with #3, I do have enough 22 lr, but think the 22 wmr I could use more of.

  9. DarthVaderMentor

    I agree with the list completely, although in special circumstances I might add .45 and/or .380ACP to the list if you own handguns in those calibers. You might also add some .22 LR subsonic for self defense.

    Even if you don’t own a gun with one of those calibers, keeping some ammunition for trade is a very good idea. Some of the 22 LR I paid $11 a brick of 500 rounds a few years ago, so I’ll get a handsome profit if I sell or trade. Ammunition, especially 22 LR has proven better than the stock market in terms of returns!

    Squirrel away 5-6K rounds minimum on each of the rifle calibers 1-2K on the pistol rounds even if you don’t own them, especially 7.62×39.

    • I think you are right…they will be worth their weight in gold, when it really gets bad!And people start to run out of ammo…You will not be able to just jump into your truck and run to the closest sporting goods store…Because It will have long been closed!

  10. How do I know you or my communications are not being monitored? Let alone that if I buy any of the items you refer to that the “frenemies” aren’t doing the same? Not only do I not trust our govt there’s very few I trust after all that’s happened in my life. “You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you!” Isn’t just a saying…just saying…

  11. Here’s a thought: Just for once, how about we don’t go full hysteric this time?

  12. Good advice.
    The only issue I have is with some of the comments;
    If/When SHTF, you had better be veeerrry careful who you choose to barter your ammo with.
    It might come back to haunt you. Literally!

    • Exactly!!
      Bartering ammo is generally a VERY bad idea.
      If you have to,you have too, but I would look to barter other stuff long before the ammo and firearms!

  13. francis mc claughry

    there were to rounds. one is the lowely BB. and the i77 pelet. godd for small game. today you can get pelet guns that shoot a 1250 pwr. My personal one is a bengi. < one more thing you can get about six thousand B B's at Wal mart for less than ten dollars.

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