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Red Diaper Babies with Joel Gilbert – Episode 123

Did you know that the term “red diaper baby” actually refers to children of communist party members? That the goal of Marxists is to infiltrate, turn the electorate leftward, and collapse the system from within?

That the collapse of the Berlin wall did not end communism (or Marxism), but refocused it from a group working from outside the system to one working from within?

From the beginning of this interview with Joel Gilbert, producer of Dream from My Real Father, you’ll be introduced to the president as you’ve never seen him before, find him involved in groups you won’t learn about elsewhere, and will discover yourself coming to conclusions you never thought possible about a sitting U.S. president.

Has the United States spent the past 80 years fighting communism only to find it has infiltrated her most cherished institutions? Find out in today’s episode of Off the Grid Radio with host Bill Heid and our very special guest, Joel Gilbert

Off The Grid Radio
Ep 123
Released: October 4, 2012

Bill:      We are way off the global control grid, today. As our special guest we have Joel Gilbert, producer of Dreams From My Real Father. Joel, what an amazing documentary. Congratulations on the film.

Joel:     Thanks for having me today.

Bill:      Can you tell me a little bit about what was your genesis that sort of motivated this movie? I mean, it’s one of the most amazing documentaries that I’ve seen in a long, long time. As we were saying before the interview started, it’s up there for the folks that liked A Noble Lie and things like that. This is right up there. So, how did you get this idea that you wanted to do this?

Joel:     Well, I saw many speeches of Obama speaking. I made a film called Atomic Jihad, about the Iranian nuclear program, and watched many speeches of Obama looking for tidbits about the Middle East. And I saw that every time he spoke about the rich and the poor, our social programs, he would start screaming and yelling and put on the preacher voice and be excited and happy. And then he’d go right back down to his normal voice again. So, it was pretty obvious that no guy was that good of an actor that he had some inner passion for class struggle. But I didn’t really know why. I thought he went to Harvard Law, Ivy League’s exclusive prep school, decided to read his book Dreams From My Father, and it was just like a life journey in Marxism, studying with Marxist professors, going to organize in Chicago, Malcolm X, Project Vote. It was a whole life journey in this kind of unknown world of American Socialist and Communist causes.

So, I looked into it more. And he kept talking about this guy named Frank throughout the book. Frank is his go-to guy, the guy that raises him. Find out it’s Frank Marshall Davis, who is a Communist Party propagandist and organizer who went from Chicago to Hawaii, who was also a suspected Soviet Agent. I do the research, and Davis looks just like Obama, exactly, spitting image. And Obama looks nothing like the Kenyan. So, the more research I did, the more I realized to understand Obama, the question is not where’s the birth certificate, it was who is the real father. So, Obama, I realized he sold himself to America as this multicultural ideal. His father was a goat herder from Kenya, so he would just bring people together. That was his story. So my film. . . and I realize that Obama, even though people perceived him as this nice man with an inspiring family story, the truth was he intentionally hid a deeply disturbing family background to hide a Marxist political foundation.

So, I said I’ve got to tell this story from beginning to end, because Obama’s style is to minimize and misdirect people and lie about damaging information about his past. And I decided to put it together in a full film, Dreams From My Real Father, which shows that Obama has a life journey in Marxism. It’s a very common phenomenon in the radical left. It’s called red-diaper baby. Obama is a red-diaper baby. That means the child of a Communist Party member. It’s a very common phenomenon in the radical left. All the leaders of the Marxist terrorist groups, the Weather Underground, they were children of Communist Party members. So, this is who Obama is in the Whitehouse, and this is where he wants to take the country. When you hear him screaming about the rich don’t pay their fair share, if you built a business, you didn’t do it. You built it on the backs of the Proletariat. This is classic Marxism. It’s a ridiculous idea. It has nothing to do with the American reality that people just like Obama and his wife can work and get a job and go to college and do whatever they want.

So, the Marxist ideology says, “There are evil strawmen who are preventing everyone else from being successful and just benefiting from their work.”  So, this nonsense is what Obama learned from his real father, who learned at the Marxist ideology back in the ‘30’s, only 15 years after the Bolshevik Revolution. So, this is what the film is about. It’s showing the truth, because the media didn’t do their job. I’ve been to Hawaii twice, which is twice as many times as all the mainstream media combined, to look into Obama’s story about this Kenyan goat herder. It was just a sham marriage to cover up the affair between his mother and Frank Marshall Davis who ended up raising him.

Bill:      What do you think, Joel, happened with Ann? I mean, the early part of the film her dad is a CIA agent. Is she just a kid who becomes really just, hey, you took me out, you yanked me out of Seattle and you brought me out here and now I’m going to get even with you? Is that just a rebellious daughter or is there something more about Ann? Because she seems to sort of continue to trail off on some. . . there’s a weirdness trail associated with her.

Joel:     I wouldn’t agree with that. I think that Obama has been in a life pattern of misdirection, part of the misdirection to avoid people knowing that his father was a Communist propagandist and a Soviet Agent is to float these stories about the Kenyan goat herder father. The mother is some kind of leftist or hippie or Communist. The father’s a Communist. It’s all nonsense. It’s all misdirection. Obama’s mother was taken to Hawaii against her will by her parents. Her father was working in Hawaii for the CIA for Operation Airlift Africa, which was a program to bring African students from emerging African nations to study in the United States and then recruit them as future CIA contacts. So, Obama’s mother wanted to go to the University of Washington in Seattle, and her father dragged her away from this teenage world when she graduated from high school to this island out in the Pacific Ocean where she was a minority. Whites were a minority. So she rebelled, and part of her rebellion, as we’ve documented, is that she got into an affair with this jazz, poet, Communist, pornographer, Frank Marshall Davis, and the father had to arrange to hide the affair by using one of the few black people on the whole island, which was this Kenyan student that he knew and was under his supervision.

So, the Kenyan had a benefit. He applied for a work permit and a visa extension to study for a Ph.D., instead of simply a green card if it was a real marriage and a citizenship. Ann Dunham got what she wanted. The father agreed to let her go to the University of Washington in Seattle, which is what she wanted in the first place. So, we have all the evidence. Obama claimed that his loving family of improbable love split up when he was three years old when the Kenyan went to Harvard. It’s a complete lie. We have the transcripts from the University of Washington in Seattle. The mother was there when Obama was three weeks old while the Kenyan remained in Hawaii. So, Obama’s story is false. It was a sham marriage. At the time it was just to cover up the situation. In his political career, Obama used the Kenyan goat herder guy to cover up his real biological connection, but became an ideological father in Frank Marshall Davis who was anti-white, anti-American, a Communist party member and Soviet agent.

When he died in 1987, now you can understand why Obama got so close to Reverend Wright. 1987 Obama joins Reverend Wright’s church. For him, this was a substitute father figure, literally the same guy. They talked the same, they believed the same things. Obama, that’s why he’s comfortable with anti-American extremists, and that’s why they’re comfortable with him, because he shares their values.

Bill:      He does. Going back just a little bit. One of the things as I watched the film that had me kind of wondering, what would be Ann’s father’s motivation for bringing Frank Marshall Davis into their home?

Joel:     Well, we detail this in the film that Obama’s. . . Again, we look at Obama’s story in his book, Dreams From My Father. It’s largely fiction; whereas my film is non-fiction. You can compare the two. Everyone should get them both, really. So, just like Obama’s story about the Kenyan going to Harvard, he has a false misdirection regarding his grandfather, claims that his grandfather was the world’s most restless furniture salesman who traveled all over the country for these furniture stores, which there’s no evidence he ever worked in a furniture store. He also claimed that his grandfather went to college on the G.I. Bill, to study for some profession; also, nonsense. I pulled the transcript of Obama’s grandfather from the University of California at Berkley and it was an intensive French study course, it’s the language of French, and some government courses only for one year intentionally.

Obama’s grandfather then got a job in the government. We think he was with the CIA, because he shows up in Lebanon a few years later. We have the photo from Lebanon. And then he’s also working at U.S. Military bases. That’s the reason he traveled all over. And then he goes to Seattle where the United States Government was very concerned about Communist Party USA penetrating the Boeing plant where they were making the B-52 bombers. This is during the red scare, after the Communist Party USA members had stolen America’s atomic weapons plans and forwarded them on to the Soviet Union. So, there was great concern in those days about Communist Party USA infiltration of the defense establishment. And Obama’s grandfather, who served in World War II, he was a guy from Kansas, was heavily involved in that effort and then came to Hawaii to oversee the Airlift Africa Operation. We have all the photos, all the evidence in the film. And this just shows an incredible pattern of deception by Obama. That’s why my film is called Dreams From My Real Father, a Story of Reds and Deception. And anyone can see the trailer. We’ve got breaking news items. Also, purchase the DVD on

Bill:      So, I guess one of the things that I was thinking about, too, Joel is when you made the film you started putting these things into your mind. It’s almost like a detective story as it’s going through, but it’s also a really interesting history about just – I mean if Obama’s in it, if he’s not in it – but it’s an interesting history about how Marxists and Progressives continue to work inside. I mean, the point in the film where you sort of say that the Weather Underground, guys like Bill Ayers, they realize we can’t do this work on the outside. We’ve got to go on the inside. I think some of those revelations are equally stunning.

Joel:     Yes. Obama attended Socialist Scholars Conferences with Bill Ayers, 1982, 1983, in New York City. And that was after Ayers had come out from the underground. He’d been in hiding for 10 years for bombing police stations. He’d been accused of murdering policemen, bombing the Pentagon, bombing the Capitol. He and Bernadine Dohrn got some charges dismissed, because Bill Ayers father, we think, as we show in the film, Thomas Ayers, helped arrange for some charges to be dismissed. So, even Bill Ayers himself, when he came out of the underground in 1980, was quoted as saying – he quoted himself – “Guilty as sin; free as a bird.”  So, he decided, as did all these Marxists that came out from the terrorist underground, that they would penetrate the educational system in the country and try to act as moles to bore through and collapse the system from within.

And their new method was problem-solving and fair play — They use a lot of code words — and that they would turn the Democratic Party to the far left. They started this in the ‘80’s, to force them to embrace Socialism as their natural ideology. They worked very hard at this for some years. Even Jean Kirkpatrick, who was the U.N. Ambassador for Reagan, had a very interesting comment. She was a lifelong Democrat. They asked her “Why did you join Reagan when you were a lifelong Democrat?”  She said, ‘Well, in 1968, I was at the Democratic Convention in Chicago and there were all these Marxists trying to knock down the building and burn down the whole Democratic process and bomb the place.’  And she said, ‘By 1979, those same Marxists that were trying to knock down the building were now inside the convention, running the convention, running the Democratic Party.’  So, they were successful at turning the Democratic Party to the far left. And it’s essentially Democratic Socialist Party with a corrupt and complacent and complicit media backing up everything they say as if it’s normal, as if this ideology has anything to do with American values.

Bill:      Or even the Democratic Party. I mean, Joel, I think for the older listeners, myself included, I mean I remember in the late ‘70’s when there was a lot of conservatives in the Democratic Party, especially southern conservatives. It was a huge chunk. There’s no such chunk in existence today.

Joel:     There’s no opposition. It’s a very scary time. When you look back at the 1930’s and people say, well, how come there was no opposition in Germany, no opposition, no media to oppose, no one to say that something is wrong here? Obama’s latest code word is ‘middle-class families.’  We never heard the word “class” in American politics. We’ve heard middle income, upper income; now you’re in a class. They’re trying to polarize society among classes so they can then trick them into voting for them. So, that’s his new line, “Middle-class, I want to help middle-class, middle-class families. It’s all the middle-class.”  In reality, Socialist economies do not have a middle class. They have one big lower class with political elites who control the wealth.

So, make no mistake, Obama’s agenda is a war against the middle-class. The Socialists consider the middle-class as merely pawns. They use them. They despise them, because they cling to their guns and religion. Obama’s National Healthcare is simply a socialist tool to tax and eliminate the middle-class. That’s why poor quality and long waits and taxing them doesn’t matter. So, the plan for the next four years by Obama is to give away middle-class’ health care to the poor and illegals. They’re going to tax and regulate middle-class employers out of business. And then middle-class’ retirement savings will just evaporate into this bankrupt Socialist state. Then the middle-class is going to disappear, and that will leave Obama permanently in charge of a big impoverished lower class. That is their method. It’s been done; we’ve seen it, and it is a disastrous formula for any country that has adopted this Marxist model.

Bill:      And you have some great footage from the ‘30’s, New York City. And I think people would say, well, you know, that will never happen again. But, Joel, as you have described what happens, the economy gets worse and worse and worse. The message of Marxism becomes germane again. When people have nothing, then they’re willing to grab on to whatever they can. And that inflammatory language that you see, that old Trotskyite Leninist language, that will show up again and we’ll have traction, more traction as the economy worsens.

Joel:     Well, we hope not. We hope that people see through this rhetoric that is so anti-American. Americans gave their lives spending 50, 60, we’ve spent 80 years, all this time of the Cold War, to defeat this destructive ideology that led to economic ruin and physical destruction of so many countries in Europe. I hope that people will see through it. And I’m hoping my film puts it all together in a way that they see that this Marxism, the Socialism, Communist ideology is so foreign to American values and the American free enterprise system. And I think people are realizing. I’m getting a lot of e-mails. They say good people don’t like it when they’ve been lied to. You cannot promote a false family background, a Kenyan goat herder, to hide an agenda that’s irreconcilable with America. It’s an unacceptable manipulation of the electorate. And Obama manipulated us in 2008, and he’s out there trying to manipulate people again about some kind of evil strawman that’s keeping them from being successful and taking away all their money.

It’s nonsense, and Obama is relying on ignorance and hoping people are too ignorant to even go to Google and check that the rich do pay their fair share. They pay up to 40 percent, and it goes right down from there. It’s so obvious. And the media should have laughed him off the podium when he said this nonsense. But he knows the media is in the tank, and without anyone to question him, he feels like he can get away with anything. But luckily, what I think happened last night in the debates is the fact that no one has even challenged or asked Obama a question, he’s had to answer anything in four or five years, has come around to hurt him, because he really doesn’t know how to defend or even make up lies at this point to defend a record. He has no substance. He appeared old and spent. I think Romney took him apart. He outclassed him and outgunned him the whole night.

Bill:      Yeah, he did. I think you’re right. Talk a little bit about the rhetoric and the training that someone like Obama has had through the different courses. He went to Occidental. He went to all these places. Then when he landed back in Chicago where, you know, trained to give speeches. Have you seen on the Daily Caller some of this video where he gives a shout out to Reverend Wright? That really credentializes your film. Doesn’t it seem like he almost kind of takes on kind of a character? He’s almost like a chameleon. When he’s with predominantly black people he uses language and language patterns and an accent that I don’t hear him. . . Like last night, he sounded totally different than those videos on the Daily Caller.

Joel:     All right, well, two things. First of all, Obama’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis, was a Communist organizer and was on the Board of the Abraham Lincoln School, was a Communist-run training school for class struggle in Chicago. Then he went to Hawaii to organize and try to start a Communist revolt to get rid of U.S. Naval forces on behalf of the Soviet Union. Obama followed in his father’s footsteps in reverse. He goes from Hawaii back to Chicago to organize. And Obama becomes a lead trainer at the Midwest Academy, which is a Socialist/Communist training school, just like his real father. He then becomes the head of the Acorn Trainers for 10 years, represents Acorn, tries to collapse the economic system by suing Citibank and on and on. So, Obama is well-trained in this. But the M.O. of the Marxists is to use people. So when you see Obama, they use black people. They targeted minorities and black people to use them to collapse Capitalism. And that’s how they forced the system to lend to minorities, even if they were not qualified. That’s what led to the subprime mortgage crisis.

So, when you hear Obama turn on a different voice or a different persona, he’s just trying to sucker those people in, whether it’s black people, whether it’s white liberals. Obama’s father went to Hawaii and tried to convert the NAACP into a Stalinist group. They had to revoke the charter of the Hawaiian chapter of the NAACP, because they said Comrade Davis was trying to convert it into a Stalinist line. So, you can see how Obama just uses people to obtain power. Look at Arlen Spector, the Senator from Pennsylvania. He changed from Republican to Democrat and supported the health care bill in exchange for Obama promising to campaign for him. Then Obama abandoned him, didn’t campaign for him. Oprah Winfrey, big supporter of Obama, as soon as he’s elected he cuts off all ties of Oprah. It’s just the M.O. of the Marxist. They trick and use different groups to achieve power and they discard them.

And that’s what the multiple personas of Obama are all about. If you put him in a black audience, he’s a black preacher. He’s Malcolm X. You put him in front of the white liberals, now he appeals to that crowd. It’s all about using and discarding people to obtain a permanent hold on power.

Bill:      And a lot of the folks that you’re talking about, normal American citizens, they don’t believe in their wildest dreams in many cases that someone would lie to them. And, of course, with Communism, the end justifies the means, so you do and say what you need to do and you need to say to get whatever it is you want. So, I think Americans have to really wake up. And your film was a good wakeup. I had another question for you about if you were to speculate on President Obama’s grades as he went to Occidental and Columbia and Harvard, what would you speculate the grades that he got?

Joel:     Well, we don’t know for sure, because he has sealed his Columbia College, Occidental and Harvard records. The things that we suspect that we still need to do a lot more research on, we certainly know that he graduated from Columbia in Political Science, a relatively easy major without honors, which should make you very suspect how in the world he got into Harvard. For instance, I’ve spoken to Henry Graff, professor, 95 years old, was head of the Political Science Department at Columbia when Obama was supposedly there, and he told me I never had Obama in any of my classes, and none of my colleagues ever had Obama in any of their classes. So, how do you graduate from Columbia in Political Science without ever going to class?

So, there’s even some suspicion whether he actually went there for two years. There’s an idea that he might have stayed in Pakistan for a full year when he said he visited and slipped into Columbia much later. All evidence seems to point to a very poor student with “C” grades who always got assistance to get into these colleges, not on his merits, but either on Affirmative Action or as in the case of Harvard, we now have all the evidence that’s come in that an Arab funding network through Khalid al Mansour, who was a former Black Panther who became an Islamist and represented Alwaleed Bin Talal, a very wealthy Saudi Arabian backer. By the way, that guy now owns a big chunk of Twitter and I think it’s seven percent of FOX News. But, he had a network of Arab financial backers for his academic career, and then Obama is handed off to an Arab political funding network in Tony Rezko and the backers he had in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

So, Obama’s entire political and academic career were funded out of the Middle East. And the questions need to be asked of Obama, is this why you bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia? Is this why you withdrew support from America’s ally in Egypt, Mubarak? Is this why you’re supporting the Muslim Brotherhood everywhere in the Middle East and being so cold toward Israel? It’s a very significant area of research and Obama needs to come clean. He needs to come clean about his background. He needs to tell the truth this time around. He has to say, ‘My father was a Communist Party propagandist, pornographer and a Soviet agent. I had a life journey in the Marxist political world. I was funded by people from the Middle East. Please vote for me.’  He has to run on the merits, not on a fairytale. That’s what voters deserve.

Bill:      You know, watching the film — and maybe I should have had this feeling, maybe I shouldn’t — but I kind of felt bad for him in a way when I looked at his childhood and how he was taken from place to place. Were there any kind of emotional feelings; in other words, here’s a family and it’s a little dysfunctional, a little crazy, but you still have a young boy. I’m surprised that he turned out the way he did. I mean, it could have been a lot worse.

Joel:     No, I think you misinterpreted it. I mean, Obama has very fond memories. Of course, he wouldn’t remember Seattle very much. He was only a year and a half old by the time he came back to Hawaii. So, I think he has good memories of being in Hawaii with his mother when he was very young, maybe two, three, four years old. He speaks very highly of his time in Indonesia. He went to a Muslim school. He played with monkeys. He had a fairly good, interesting experience in Indonesia with a half- sister and his mother. He writes very fondly of that time. And then from nine years old he’s back in Hawaii in an exclusive prep school, and he’s raised by his real father, Frank Marshall Davis.

So, I think he had an interesting early childhood, and then he had an exclusive childhood at the Punahou School. And he was very close to his real father, Frank Marshall Davis. He was raised by him and indoctrinated by him in this Marxist ideology. He got a very strong identity. And I wouldn’t agree that you’d feel sorry for the guy. I feel sorry for the people who voted for him thinking that he was this Kenyan goat herder’s son who was above politics and cast their vote for a fraudulent policy that turned out to be something very different. That’s who I feel sorry for.

Bill:      Sure. And certainly, it would be hard to feel sorry for Frank just given what we know about him. I mean here’s a guy that’s pretty angry, right? I mean, that’s motivating him some innards, from the core.

Joel:     Well, yeah. Obama’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis, was a very bitter Communist. He was anti-American, anti-white, wanted to redistribute wealth, was against – called President Truman a war monger. He wanted to break up all the big companies. He wanted to take over General Motors. Obama’s father flawlessly mirrored official Soviet propaganda. You can read it in his writings. He was a journalist for the Honolulu Record. And his entire world view in Marxism and Communism is laid out. I have all those article headlines in my film, and anybody can see them online. So, if you go to, it’s all laid out there. Essentially, America has been had, and the media were in on it. The Chicago rat’s nest of Marxists were all in on it for 30 years slowly infiltrating the U.S. economy, universities and the media for decades.

And the result was an attempt to put in this Communist Party, son of a Communist Party propagandist who mirrored his father’s ideology very closely. And if Obama is re-elected, he’s going to put so many people on food stamps and health care and subsidies that it will be a permanent Democrat, Socialist, Marxist president even after Obama’s gone, because there just won’t be enough people not dependent on the federal government that would vote for anybody else. It’s a shocking direction that American political life has taken, but it’s been in the works for many years.

Bill:      Yeah, so he’s destroying that lower class by making them dependent. He’s creating all these dependents. And so, that is where it’s headed unless we do something, unless someone can stop this.

Joel:     Well, the plan is to destroy the middle class. Look at Bill Ayer’s writing, Prairie Fire; look at Saul Alinsky. They all hate the middle class. The middle class they think supports Capitalism, supports the Capitalist system. So, in all their writings they want to destroy the middle class and trick them into supporting this Marxist ideology on the basis of fair play and problem solving. It’s all a game. But, that’s why Obama said in 2008, he hates the middle class because they cling to their guns and religion. Middle America does not want Marxism, but they’ll accept it if Obama tricks them with all this nonsense about helping middle-class families and fair play. And my film is an attempt to cut through that false narrative and communicate what Obama’s real ideology is. It’s a war against the middle class that’s been in the works for many years, and they want to create one lower class so they can have a permanent hold on power.

Bill:      He was packaged wonderfully, as you demonstrate in the film, by David Axelrod. And they did an amazing job when he ran into him in Chicago, I think. That was really one of the pivotal points, don’t you think, in terms of just opening a door that was an amazing door for Barack Obama?

Joel:     Well, I mean, I wouldn’t say it was so amazing. I mean, I think anybody can package, you know, a sheep herder in a certain way, but the sheep herder is still going to smell like sheep. The problem is that the media refused to report on this guy, to even look into his background, investigate him. Anybody that did look, even ask a question. . . Like Dr. Jerome Corsi wrote Obama Nation. Where’s the birth certificate? He raised legitimate questions. So, when you raise the question, not only would the media not look into the question, they would ridicule the person who asked the question. So, it’s the mainstream media that has collapsed as an institution in this country to act as a watchdog.

And because of that, you have this prepackaged nonsense of Obama that can get away with anything, say anything, and people accept it like it’s real, but it’s not. And it’s about time that Americans wake up and realize this fairytale really is going to be a nightmare, and we’ve got to learn the truth. And that’s why I’m putting my film out, Dreams From My Real Father. That’s why we’re sending it to millions for free, as well as selling it, because we’re going to force the media to cover the story. They should all put four reporters on this and look into the background. Go out to Hawaii. I’ll give them all my contacts, and they just need to ask Obama, ‘Why did you lie about who your real father was?’  That’s it.

Bill:      Yeah, that’s it. So, how are you doing with mainstream media? I mean, if they were the organization or institution that kind of created Obama, how are you doing as you’re. . . you know, is there a gauntlet here? Are you finding traction?

Joel:     Well, we’re trying to force them a very unique way. We’re trying to force them to cover all these big mailings. And I’ve got hundreds of e-mails from people angry saying, ‘Why aren’t the media covering this? I’m calling FOX News. I’m calling my Congressman. Why aren’t they telling us the truth? Why are they hiding this?’  So, we’re going to try to embarrass them into covering this, because they don’t want to do it on their own. So, it’s certainly been difficult. I guess MSNBC covered the film about two weeks ago. They trashed it for about five minutes. I guess it was kind of like a badge of honor, if you want to call it that.

But, so far, FOX News, Glenn Beck, of course Bob Schieffer, Andrea Mitchell, they don’t want to talk about it, because it would expose them as not having done their jobs, as having been complicit in promoting Obama’s false narrative. It will probably mean people will no longer watch these shows once my film gets out there, just like Drudge Report reported on the Monica Lewinsky scandal when Newsweek refused to do so. Today, Drudge is number one; Newsweek is out of business. So, if they don’t have anything to report to people, there’s no reason for them to watch these shows, which are just reality shows, really, based on current events, not journalism.

Bill:      So, even Glenn Beck, which I thought perhaps he would grab this story of yours’, even you have no reception there at all?

Joel:     The feedback I seem to be getting is that the folks on the conservative side are afraid of being criticized by the people on the left. And so, they’re afraid to cover it. I’ve been told if somebody else covers it, we’ll cover them covering it. That’s the state of journalism today. There’s a hundred thousand journalists in America, and any one of them could win a Pulitzer Prize just by watching my DVD and writing a couple of articles, you’ve got it, but they’re afraid.

Bill:      Just digging into it and asking a couple questions, I mean, it doesn’t take a huge thing. I mean, just a little bit would go a long ways, but maybe this is the way that it’s all supposed to be. Maybe your method is to put to shame FOX and Beck and some of those people that won’t touch it because they are afraid.

Joel:     Well, we’re going to try our best. Well, thank you for having me today, and I look forward to coming on again.

Bill:      You bet. One more thing:  Where can they find more information about the movie?

Joel:     Please, anyone, please go to, got the DVD. We’ve got the for-sale trailers of more latest news, breaking news. It’s also number one on Amazon. You can buy the DVD there or watch it instant video right now on Amazon. Thank you.

Bill:      Okay, Joel. Thanks so much for your time.

Joel:     All the best. Thank you, sir.

Bill:      Thank you. And to our listeners, as well, we know your time is valuable. We appreciate you spending time with us.

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