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5 Reasons I Choose Concealed Carry Over Open Carry

5 Reasons I Choose Concealed Carry Over Open Carry

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Make no mistake, I believe in the right of self-protection and the right to carry a firearm. While there are occasions when I carry openly — mostly in more remote locations and on the firing range — I much prefer to carry concealed.

While there are some advantages to open carry, I believe as a general rule you are much better served carrying your handgun concealed. Let’s take a look at five good reasons to keep your pistol concealed.

1. Be the quiet professional.

I much prefer to NOT let everyone around me know that I am packing heat. Yes, it’s a constitutional right. But why insist on advertising one’s armed status to the world? As discussed in the following outlined points, consider keeping the tactical advantage by not letting those around you see your firearm. Some people will immediately believe you’re a demented person whose intent is evil. Your carry demeanor is best served by blending in, being quiet about it and having some consideration for those who just don’t get it!

2. Keep the tactical advantage.

Understand that not all criminals burst through the door and begin shooting. Some are very calculating and cunning, and take time to surveil their surroundings. That could play out two ways for you. If you’re carrying concealed, your ability is well-hidden.

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If you are carrying open, you may unfortunately be the criminals’ or terrorists’ first target. On the flip side, your open carry sidearm may dissuade the attack to begin with. Personally, I would rather maintain the element of surprise for myself and not be the focus of the bad guys’ ill-intent.

3. Don’t waste law enforcement’s time.

There are plenty of videos online showing confrontations between open carriers and law enforcement. And I get it: Many officers don’t understand the legalities of carrying open where it’s legal. But understand that law enforcement must respond when that call comes in of a “man with a gun.” Many times, officers don’t have a clue as to the circumstances, and therefore need to be cautious on their approach. Why waste the officer’s time in the first place when you can be discreet and avoid any contact with law enforcement? They have better things to do than have a discussion face to face with someone carrying open. It puts both parties in potential danger.

A self-examination of motives for open carry, and drawing the attention of police, can be a valuable exercise. If the aim is to educate, non-confrontational approaches are more likely to result in their willingness to listen with an open mind. If the reason is related to ego and drawing negative attention, that will likely be the outcome. Unfortunately, the resulting negative assumptions are often generalized to all gun owners.

4. Consider the view of the general public.

More and more of the general public today get downright upset when they see a gun carried openly. Being frightened or offended are common responses. Should you care? I believe so. Unless you live in a community where open carry is readily accepted and practiced, you’re asking for trouble. Gun owners all know that gun rights are generally under attack (now by individual states more than the federal government). Perhaps we all should choose our battles carefully. I would rather retain my ability to carry concealed than possibly lose it all.

5. Don’t encourage more restrictions.

The end result is the fight in state and local legislatures, not to mention at the federal level depending on who is sitting in the Oval Office. The unfortunate fact is that where you are sitting geographically in the country is what influences how big an issue you have ahead of you with concerning concealed carry — much less open carry. In recent months, we also have seen private business post signs against open carry or guns because of controversies surrounding the issue. Proceed with caution.

Final Thoughts

Some will interpret my position as anti-open carry. Nothing could be further from the truth. My only goal is to give you food for thought, having had a long career dealing with such issues. Bottom line: quiet and professional is a winning strategy.

Perhaps James Monroe said it best: “The right of self-defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred.” I couldn’t agree more.

Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts in the section below:



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  1. Open carry is a deterrent, not a response. One is pro-active, one is reactive. I would rather stop it before it happens. As for your #4 view, I have had only positive comments, especially in shopping centers where women with children have often stated, “I wish my husband would carry his”.

  2. I could not agree morec and have cited the same reasons to my circle of friends! I recently moved to an open carry state and first thing I did was get a concealed permit I don’t ever want to be the first Guy the bad guys need to take out!
    And concealed you can pick the best time and tactical advantages to respond to the situation !! Utrinque Paratus!

    • I agree. I don’t want the bad guy to know I’m armed until they see the fire coming out of the end of the Barrel! If you carry open you run the risk of getting stabbed, or shot, in the back for your gun!

      I want to be able to choose the time and place they find out I’m armed!

  3. I believe it is better not to be a target for any reason

  4. 1. What is unprofessional about open carrying Police do it all the time. Look at the open carry blogs all over the internet no one notices you carrying a gun openly.
    2. Bad guys look for unarmed people. If some one is armed the bad guys are in danger. That is not something they want to be.
    3. In states where open carry is legal Leo and dispatchers know the law and will inform callers it is legal. This is not a problem.
    4Your whole premise here is wrong. The more people who open carry the less people will notice. No one notices now. Try open carry some time
    5. Sounds like you are listening to the anti gunners here.
    I was disappointed is seeing this anti-gun story in Off the grid news.
    If you do not use your rights you will lose them. We have listen to the anti-gunners too long. Stand up for your rights. Do not let anyone tell you other wise.

  5. There’s a time and a place for both open and concealed carry. As far as open carry being “frightening or offending”, it’s probably because normal, good guys like the ones who follow Off the Grid News aren’t open carrying more often.
    It should be seen as normal for good guys to be armed.

    In my experience, the vast majority ignore open carry. Those that do comment are positive or inquisitive. I have had exactly one negative comment while open carrying in public…from an NRA Concealed Carty instructor!

  6. I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head with this article. My reasons for concealed over open are pretty much spot on with what you’ve stated. While I have no issues with open carry, I think the wiser choice is concealed.

    Good article

  7. Great summary. Agreee wholeheartedly. Let me be quiet and unobtrusive. Though it can be said if there were thousands in open carry, that would also be a deterrent. Quiet, unobtrusive, works for me.

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