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9 Ways To Defend Yourself Without A Gun

9 Ways To Defend Yourself Without A Gun

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Concealed carry is on the rise, but, unfortunately, we may not always have access to firearms for self-defense.

Below are nine different items that can be used effectively as self-defense weapons. These tools are also small and lightweight so you can carry them easily and discreetly with you wherever you go.

1. Knife

This is probably the first weapon besides a gun that comes to mind. The knife, whether it be a small pocket knife or a larger, fixed-bladed one, is a very commonplace tool because almost everybody has at least one or two of them. While larger knives can draw attention to you, there are plenty of smaller knives that can be easily concealed on your person. I recommend a folding knife with a serrated blade that can be opened and closed quickly.

2. Tactical pen

While it’s true that any pen can technically be used as a stabbing weapon, tactical pens are better for this purpose. Tactical pens differ from regular pens in that they are constructed out of a very durable metal and the end of the pen has a sharp edge that can be used for protection.

3. Pepper or wasp spray

Both pepper and wasp spray are non-lethal weapons that serve as effective deterrents because they inflict significant irritation to the mouth and eyes.

While the active ingredients don’t typically lose their sting and can be stored for a long time, keep in mind they don’t perform well in all conditions, such as rainy weather.

4. Flashlight

9 Ways To Defend Yourself Without A Gun

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A durable flashlight — such as a My Personal Defender — will hit hard and give you lots of reach, allowing you to fend off assailants with something that has the “punch” of a baseball bat.

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The My Personal Defender actually has a telescoping feature that extends it to more than a foot.

5. Stun gun

A stun gun is going to do just as the name suggests and buy you some time to get away to safety. While they are often designed to look like traditional guns, many models are designed to not look like weapons and can be carried discreetly, without drawing attention to yourself. They also work in the rain whereas pepper or wasp spray do not. Of course, they aren’t legal in all states.

6. Keychain knuckles

Keychain knuckles are easily the most effective self-defense weapon that can be attached to your keychain. They have sharp edges and are constructed out of a virtually unbreakable plastic. In addition, they are very lightweight and deliver a brutal punch.

7. Belt

The belt is one of the most common items, and it can be used just as well for self-defense as it can for holding up your pants, but only if you have the right kind of belt and know what you’re doing.

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The metal buckle not only delivers damage to an opponent, but can keep him or her at bay if you’ve wrapped the other end around your fist.

8. Umbrella

Just as there are certain pens that are built for self-defense, there also are umbrellas that are built for the same reason. The difference between self-defense umbrellas and regular ones is that the former are constructed out of a fiberglass material that is both lightweight and offers the same hardness as steel.

9. Rock

If you have literally nothing else to use as a self-defense weapon, look for a rock. You can pick up a rock with a sharp edge to use as a knife-like weapon, or a rounded one to use as a club in your hand.

What items would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. The knife and all the other weapons on your list would get me jailed of I used them. The laws messed up if I owned a guard dog and hung up a beware of the dog sign and if that dog attacked an intruder I would be prosecuted as the sign is evidence that I knew I was in possession of a dangerous animal.

    • What state do you live in? Does that ridiculous law apply to every state? I have two German Shepherds and have “Beware of Dog” and “Caution, Security Dog” signs posted on the front wall of my property and other areas around the perimeter because I thought you had to do that in order to avoid getting sued by a criminal that was traspassing onto your property. I was under the assumption that if you provided fair warning, anyone entering your property did so at their own risk.

  2. 3 inch padlock, with a large handkerchief passed through the lock (but not tied) can deliver bone shattering force against hands arms shoulders legs and ribs quite easily, depending on clothing, but the face and head in general are always vulnerable. Or use a bandana for even greater reach and impact. If you are searched, take out the cloth portion separately (remember don’t tie it)
    Also a hand full of small change in your pocket is a quick fist load or can be thrown at the eyes if trying to close a short distance to use the padlock…

  3. Consider a super soaker loaded with bleach, hammers, go medieval with home made pikes, spears.

  4. Do some more research on your weapon list. Wasp spray will get you sent to jail if you use it on another person. Stick with pepper spray.

  5. A cane with a heavy head on it can make a good club. Most canes with swords are illegal now.

  6. A heavy enough walking staff, or a heavy walking cane shaped with a knob such as a native american war club. Thicker sharpened pencils too. Use once. Carry several. Slapjack, blackjack, or monkey fist, where legal.

  7. Where I live the law says anything made to, or modified to have the potential to deliberately harm another person is illegal, so having “stealthier” stuff is a must. My wallet when opened, all the change slides to one end, does a good imitation of a blackjack to defend myself, but the only time I’d needed it is if someone already got close and said gimme yer wallet, the umbrella I have is carbon fibre reinforced with metal tip (think tactical pen 3ft long) with handle swapped out for a mohogony (carved) that looks in keeping with the simple pattern on the brolly fabric (so it doesn’t look like its modefied to do the war club trick, but it’ll bust legs n heads. Police or muggers see a big brolly, they miss the 3ft spike and mace combo… And I stay dry!

  8. My first training was from a “Ret.”, (what a joke!), Navy “SEAL”…His advise was: “NEVER do what your enemy expects! NEVER yield, (unless UTTERLY out gunned & OUT MANED); and, EVEN THEN, SEEK an escape route…or…means”!


    ANY-thing can be a weapon…a chair, table, ashtray, book[s], glass ornaments,(globes; oval spheres; statues); tankards; mugs; lamps — (big or little); framed pictures — big or little; — T.V. Antenna; lamp or T.V., or Radio, or telephone, or “phone charger” cords;

    ALSO…distractions can be: pillows; rugs; plants; ANY THING THAT CAN CAUSE AN INVADER DAMAGE, & DISTRACTION, — until you can get to a more lethal response!

    ALSO: utilize doors! Close them in your adversaries’ face, OR, — close them to cut off their “vision” of what you’re doing OR, where you’re doing it;

    AS WELL AS, they, (doors), can be useful attack tools.

    And, ALSO: draw them, (your invader), into your kitchen, and then unloose your “cutlery” — {Counter carving Knives — even cutlery knife wooden holders; glass coffee pot; (even the coffee maker); Pots and Pans; Glass containers, even plates, (used as “frisbees”); salt / pepper shakers – (even used by throwing pepper into your attackers’ face);

    ANY THING that will either; disable, distract, or stop your attacker.

    NEVER STOP FIGHTING! NEVER QUIT! ALWAYS!!!! SEEK & FIND an alternative to surrender!


    If you’re up against a gun, simply re-adjust your reactions to your enemy’s location, capability to USE his weapon, AND, your proximity to a “LETHAL WEAPON”… There REALLY ARE TIMES when surrender IS the better part of valor…BUT!

    ONLY YOU can determine what reality it is that you’re ACTUALLY dealing with, (not to mention), how possible is escape!?!?

    KEEP your mind & heart tuned into the Lord’s frequency… well as your TEAMS’ frec.

  9. My favorate weapon is a short (4-5 ft) hand-held SPEAR. It has a lot of reach and is hard to defend against. And it does not have to be an actual stick wth a spear point on it. For years I have used a length of 1 1/4 inch angle iron with the “Busness end” cut off at a steep angle. It’s quite an intimidating weapon I can use as both a club or thrusting device.

  10. Ron " Doc " Dyer

    I train wilderness and urban survival here in Florida. I have always taught my students that in a life or death situation I go with the old saying ” Better judged by 12 than carried by 6 ” With that said, the weapon allowed in every state is a cane with the crescent hook. It should be at least 2″ thick the entire length. Then find a trainer that knows how to use a cane. Above all remember these words……OFFICER, I WAS IN FEAR OF MY LIFE !!!!!!!

  11. About fifty years ago I used to stow a truck size tire changing lever under my car seat
    and have a bunch of large keys on my large keyring.

    Recently I temporarily required a walking stick for mobility alas, I could not find a sturdy enough wooden one with, preferably, a heavy knob handle and to make do, just when most vulnerable with a light folding aluminum walking stick.

    A few weeks beforehand, I was mugged from behind by a young thug at night on the outside of a shopping mall and the only weapons at hand were a pair of elbows which I slammed into the ribs of the assailant who was forced to drop my smartphone which he just pulled out of my pocket. I retrieved the phone and chased the thug around the corner where he had his accomplices waiting in a car. My cries for help were ignored by cowardly shoppers and security guards, and while capable of “sorting out” the assailant trying to make a citizen arrest, in a nauseatingly PC world I could not employ my skills for fear that my behaviour may be mistaken for a “racist attack” despite about fifty years difference in our respective ages.

    Between forty and thirty years ago I was regularly jogging to keep fit in the late night – early morning dark, and because the laws were far more tolerant towards armed law abiding citizen, I was always well armed under my dark “track suite”. I must have been a real menace to the public purse because in one three month stretch I imposed on them the requirement of accommodating half a dozen miscreants for a total of more than forty man years.

    In each case I managed to carry out the arrests without actually using much force, not raising my voice, and, believe it or not, never had to draw or display my gun.

    Not one ever tried to run away from me, but two actually ran away from the police after I handed them over to police custody.

    I am not a particularly big or scary guy, so it must be the perverse psychological pressure for a criminal, confronted confidentially but quietly and politely in dark and practically otherwise empty street to not dare resist or run, realising that despite contrary appearances I may have been potentially far deadlier than I appeared.

    These days, with potential terrorists being recruited to serve in Homeland Security and similar services worldwide, there is always the strain after passing airport security checks and boarding a plane totally unarmed, how to deal with the relatively unlikely possibility that some unfriendly persons may take over your plane in search of a few dozen recycled virgins as a reward.

    Being comparatively unrewarded person usually only traveling with the “young chick” who kept on stalking me for more than half a century, we always work out some plan that could easily fail but could succeed with sufficiently fast, hard and ruthless determination to allow a fit young septugenarian to expedite a meeting between an evil unfriendly with his six dozen unwashed rewards.

    Sorry, I will not share the methodology with you for fear of pre warning the evil unfriendly.
    Just remember that even a determined otherwise inoffensive old lady may be capable of bare handedly permanently disarming a big and powerful man if taken with skill by surprise.

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