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A Simple Way Around That Ammo Shortage

A Simple Way Around The .22 Ammo Shortage

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The .22LR has long had a rightful place in American gun culture.

Simply put, no gun collection is truly complete without some form of a .22 rifle. But in addition to being a necessity in any gun owner’s home, the .22 rifle is also a necessity for a survival or prepper situation. Many may debunk this idea in favor of owning an AR-15 or AK-47 rifle, and while both of those are excellent choices for such a situation, a semi-automatic .22 is one of the most important and essential guns you could own.

The .22 is an excellent round for hunting small game like birds and rabbits, and with a properly placed head shot, can even be used to take down bigger game like deer. The .22 can also serve as a decent self-defense round if you need it to be. The .22 also delivers very low recoil and is therefore an excellent round to keep up on your target practice. Plus, .22 ammo is interchangeable between rifles and pistols, so you’ll be able to keep up your shooting practice with both and not worry about buying two different types of ammo.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of the .22 is the actual weight and bulk of the ammo itself. You can easily store roughly 500 rounds of .22 ammunition in the same amount of space that 100 rounds of 9mm or 50 rounds of .308 would take up. You’ll be able to keep more rounds of .22 ammo with you than any other type of ammo.

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A rifle-chambered in .22LR is an absolutely essential weapon for a survivalist. And for many years, .22 has been among the most abundant and cheapest ammo you could find on the shelves at your local sporting goods store. A package of 250 rounds of .22 ammo alone would often be near to or equal in price to a box of 50 rounds of 9mm, for example.

Unfortunately, in the last couple of years that hasn’t been the case. Many states are experiencing a shortage of .22, and the price of a box of .22 has nearly tripled. This ripple effect originated with the mass shootings in Aurora and Sandy Hook Elementary that ignited a new debate over gun control, causing many Americans to believe their Second Amendment rights may soon be restricted even further by President Obama’s pro-gun control policies. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans decided to stock up on guns and ammunition, which included .22. Many common calibers such as .22, 9mm, .45 and .223 were difficult to find and skyrocketed in price.

In recent months the shortage of common guns and calibers appears to have nearly ended, but this has not been the case with .22LR. Ammunition companies have been producing .22 at a faster rate than they ever have before, but as soon as the boxes hit the stores, they continue to be snatched up and left scarce on the shelves. Some sporting goods stores don’t even sell .22 at the shelves and only allow a customer to purchase a limited number of boxes at the check-out counter.

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So now that we know how essential .22 is, the question that remains is: How can you acquire it in the continuous shortage? Many people might say, “Well, if I can’t get it, then why should I even try?” The truth is that the shortage and increased price of .22 doesn’t disqualify it from being an essential survivalist round, and you still can get it.

First of all, you’ll probably need to cut down on how much time (and ammo!) you spend on plinking your .22 rifle out on the range or in your backyard. Yes, there really is nothing more fun than spending a few hours in the day out shooting your .22. But due to the drastically increased prices and limited number of .22 rounds available, it’s a sacrifice that you’ll have to make in order to keep enough .22 shells in your stockpile.  Of course, this does not at all mean that you should give up shooting .22s entirely. It’s always necessary to keep up on your shooting, even if it means cutting back on the number of rounds you fire.

An excellent tactic to use to stock up on ammo is to buy one box each time you visit a sporting goods store or a place that sells ammunition. If you can buy just one or two boxes of ammo each time you make a stop in for whatever reason, you’ll gradually see your stockpile increase. Despite the shortage of .22, this tactic is still very effective since .22 ammo is still available in limited numbers in most sporting goods stores.

Hopefully in time the shortage of .22 and other types of ammo will gradually come to an end, because the .22 cartridge remains not only an enduring American caliber but also an absolutely essential rifle and bullet you need. It will serve you well in almost any survival situation, so it’s important that you do whatever you can to stay ahead of the game.

Have you experienced a .22 shortage, and how do you get around it? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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  1. I have added a .177 pellet rifle to my small game armament. It is sufficient to bring down squirrels, rabbits, and birds such as pigeons. With the increased cost of .22 ammo these days, pellets are a bargain.

  2. “An excellent tactic to use to stock up on ammo is to buy one box each time you visit a sporting goods store or a place that sells ammunition.”

    Well…YEA…no kidding.

    This article is a little misleading. It doesn’t provide any information, except to buy more.

    What we have to do is quit talking about the good old days when a brick of ammo was $10, and suck it up and spend the $50-$60 that gun shows and people online are selling, and deal.

    • if people would stop buying at the extremely inflated prices that people online and at gun shows are charging, then there would be no reason for those people to buy up as much as they can and that alone would go a long way to help the “shortage”

      • You got it. Damn Skippy I won’t pay scalped prices for any ammo. I’ll go without before I support those ass&%$# from gouging us… It’s cheaper buying one box at a time from dealers rather than the inflated $ I’ve seen some charge. On the other side of the argument, The folks selling at gun shows “may” buy at inflated priced so The BS come full circle to us… Just saying.. Thanks OTG for the common sense approach…

        • YES. STOP frieking out about this supposed shortage.. Those of us born in the 50-60’s totally remember the gas “shortage”. It would take an hour or more to get 5 gallons of gas. Talk about a panic. At some point, the “preppers” will fill their bomb shelters with enough,,,,then the price will fall. They will be sitting on virtually the Florida swampland they cant sell.

    • I will disagree on sucking it up and paying the scalpers rates at the gun shows. In this area, they are the ones creating the shortages so they can profit from it! If we quit patronizing them, the shortages will ease up.

      Thanks OTG for the common sense article.

    • donald rutledge, SGT

      Spot on………..Josh, 9mm and 5.56, 7.62 are plentiful here in Texas, we have the .22lr which goes fast thanks to the hoarders who try to sell it for a arm and a leg, especially the yahoos at the gun shows.

    • If anyone is curious as to what the root cause of the shortage is, this quote pretty much sums it up.

      “What we have to do is quit talking about the good old days when a brick of ammo was $10, and suck it up and spend the $50-$60 that gun shows and people online are selling”

      Panic, run, hoard… Buy all the milk, all the bread…

      Better yet, dive off the cliff with the rest of your furry cousins…

  3. I finally managed to find some .22 LR ammo from an online dealer and I (somehow) succeeded at getting a couple of “bricks” a few weeks ago…. after seeing virtually NONE anywhere for the past two years. I gave a couple of boxes to my dad so he would have ammo for his pistol, the rest is sitting here and I don’t think I’ll shoot one single solitary bullet! It’s far too valuable and hard to find… It may have to last me a very long time!

  4. It’s only my humble opinion, but I’d be a little concerned about ammo bought at a gun show if it’s not from a reputable firearms dealer in the area. Per a friendly gunsmith, the primers used in .22LR ammo are small and tend to go bad after a period of time, sometimes after only a year or so. We won’t know how this gun show ammo was stored or how old it is. No returns on ammo, so be cautious.

    • Ammo, even .22 LR ammo, will last basically forever, as long as it’s not stored underwater or anything (and even then, centerfire ammo will probably actually last a good while before the water gets in. It’s sealed up pretty well!). Now, there can be problems with .22 ammo that’s kept in an oily gun. That heel bullet doesn’t seal up in the case well at all, and sometimes oil from the gun can seep through and ruin the powder. So, keep it out of the gun, clean and dry, and your ammo will be good for several lifetimes. 😉

      • The primer in a 22cal round is of a gel type and if it has laid on its side for a long time the gel will move to one side and then cause a mis fire. We all have had a miss fire with this ammo in our days where the primer was pinched good and when we tried to shoot it again it fired reason when we put the round back in we got the side of the round with the gel under the firing pin . I had two bricks of ammo stored for a couple of years and didn’t know this and they were on their side and I had just about every other round miss fire I would rotate the round to the other side and it would fire just fine I bought a new box at the range that day and had no miss fires at all I was useing 3 diff guns and they all acted the same way with the older ammo every round would fire once I rolled it to the right side where the gel primer had moved to . So please take care to store your rim fire ammo up or down to keep this from happening .

        • Bulk packs to500 rounds point to all corners of the compass. There is no up or down. You can orient the artwork and labels on the box,but all them little critters are going to point helpersSkeltonanyway. If it’s a problem I am symptom free.

      • donald rutledge, SGT

        Spot on……

    • Have to agree 100% with Stophel here. I’ve watched videos and heard stories from friends and relatives about shooting 10 and 20 year old .22 with few, and more often, no issues. Dry ammo is like canned goods – the shelf life probably exceeds the lifespan of the person who purchased it!

    • I have RWS, Remington yellow jacket, viper, federal lightning, and eley, and pmc match rifle and sidewinder bought in the mid ’80s. It all shoots about as good as ever. Not to imply the Remington yellow jacket or viper ever grouped very good even when new. Probably why I bought it cheap and still have it. I think rim fire ammunition will be serviceable for a long time.

  5. Insanity is thinking that this is caused by ‘general hoarding consumption’. You know how I know? Because for the past several weeks, daily checks of Gunbroker show that with over 1500-average open auctions on .22LR alone, less than 100 even have a single bid on them. Ok, so where’s the hoarding? Hoarding would have the board covered – not have most lots sitting at a dime-a-round with no-bids on them. Wallie World still has none on the shelves (you now have to ask for them, as they are a behind-the-counter item, like Playboy – while you can see the 5.56mm in the glass case on the floor still – insane). So, if Fed, Rem, etc. are running ‘all-out’ to produce, and no one is really retail buying (and big box stores are only getting a couple of crates a week, if then), then where is the ammo really going? Have you seen a ‘top-20’ buyers list from ANY major ammo mfg? I still contend that 90-percent of this shortage is ‘Federally caused’ by mass market buying, and they can’t go into the Gunbroker private sellers, because then they’d let the cat out of the bag. They are buying a non-needed round, and either storing it, or destroying it, to effect ‘ammo-shortage-gun-control’ (hey, they destroyed a LOT of farmer’s corn in the ’70’s to control prices, before you think this is ludicrous). The Gunbroker bidder sheet tells you the story. The verification of this will be in 2017, with a Republican President – and suddenly, the national story will be ‘The Ammo Shortage is Finally Over’. No, just the liberal con-game, that’s all.
    By the way, everyone should boycott Wallie’s World anyhow, since they are not only deep in this, but have opted to ‘hide their .22LR stock’ behind counters instead of in the display case with everything else. (like .40’s, 9mm, and 458 Win).

    • So you your entire theory is based on Gunbroker sales?? A site that sells less than 2 percent of the guns in this country. You sir are an idiot.

    • Gun broker huh? I just bought 3 boxes of 22lr from Wally World. Hmmm. Me thinks your off base… I wouldn’t use Gun broker if my life depended on it. I buy locally only…

      • Not to worry Nam Vet. Been stocked on various ammo for awhile, stuff we have the tools for, not for barter or resale. I think that’s how one should approach the matter, be able to feed what one owns. I still pick-up a box or two when I find a decent buy. Was glad about the elections the other day, but we’re still facing some real dark scenarios. Welcome to hard times……….

      • Did you just say I buy locally from Walmart? LOL

    • I’m a farmer, age 65. The government NEVER bought corn from farmers and destroyed it. Where on earth did you ever hear a rumor like that? They DID pay us to not plant fields to reduce the surplus for quite a few years. That surplus, by the way, was largely caused by the government having destroyed and limited our markets by limiting who we could sell to. It was also caused by primarily European governments (but also some Asian, and Chinese still today) paying their farmers huge subsidies and causing excess production. I know it is difficult to understand for your average American citizen – but the government never destroyed grain.

  6. So, let me get this straight… There is a shortage of .22 LR ammo because off all the morons panic buying ammo at the last minute. So you bunch of mall ninja nerds are going to tell people to go buy more… The reason the ammo shortage exist is because of morons like you. Go whack off while watching doomsday preppers. That will fix the ammo shortage.

  7. The now famous .22 LR shortage of 2014 has been caused by a psychological phenomenon known as panic buying. This problem is triggered (no pun intended) by a person’s unfounded sense of insecurity. The perceived “need” to acquire an item due to a possible shortage is overwhelming and when the opportunity to acquire the item is available, the person feels that they must have as much as they can get even though they really don’t need any at all.
    In 1973 the Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson was very popular. On one show he made a joke about a toilet paper shortage, for nearly a month the panic buying of toilet paper caused a nationwide toilet paper shortage.
    The fix: If you want to help fix the 22 LR problems, follow these simple rules: Determine how many .22 rounds you actually fired in the last year (don’t lie), take that number and compare it to the amount of rounds you currently have. If you have more than you shot last year, do not buy any more. Do not buy with the mentality that you are going to “stock up” or “just in case” or that you plan to shoot more (you won’t). You are only contributing to the problem. The .22 shortage will end when the panic buying stops.
    The price: yes the price of .22 LR has gone up exponentially. The only reason for price increases is supply and demand, Economics 101. Once the panic buying subsides and the warehouses begin to recover and the shelves are stocked up again, the price will come back down.

    • “The price: yes the price of .22 LR has gone up exponentially. The only reason for price increases is supply and demand, Economics 101.” – Not true in this case. Most big box stores are still selling at a reasonable price when and if they receive any .22LR. The price “increase” people are seeing comes from arsehats that have made a business of buying up all .22 ammo they can, as soon as it gets off delivery trucks, then reselling it at gun shows and online for 3 – 4x what they paid for it.
      Limitations on buying does not stop them.. they will bring their whole family and coworkers to Wally World at 6am to buy up everything. Meanwhile, those of us that work for a living, never see a box on the shelves by the time we get to go shopping.
      I’ve seen these crooks at a gun show recently, crates upon crates of cheap target .22LR, selling 350rd boxes for $60+ or 500rd for about $90.
      This is NOT economics, this is crooks gaming the system. Sadly this will not end until people stop buying from these scalpers. I hear many online say they won’t pay these inflated prices.. but all you have to do is visit a gun show to find the idiots that will.

  8. I started reloading a couple years ago, now I shoot the 30-06 cheaper than the 22LR. I never thought I’d see that day, but….

    I was in a Walmart that had 22LR ammo last week, they will only sell 2 boxes per person, so the guy says I’ll take two, my wife will take 2, my son will take 2 and we’ll be back in a little while for more. Yes, panic buying has created the shortage and with morons like that it won’t get any better soon!

    • What you witnessed was one of the gun show scalpers that bought 6 boxes at $25/box and sold them at $100/box at gun shows or maybe even online. I’m sure he did come back a few minutes later with his whole family, relatives and any neighbors he could convince to come down to the store until he had bought out every last round of 22lr. Why? Because it’s cheap, compact and a 400% profit can be reaped due to a “perceived shortage” that he helps create!

      Not really a panic buyer but rather an “opportunistic” scalper for a living! The “panic” buying happens at the gun shows or on his website where idiots that couldn’t find the product at Wally World (because this same troll is there every time it goes on sale) are willing to support him at 4X his cost because after all, “there’s a shortage folks and I need my ammo!”

      Stop supporting the scalpers and they will stop buying ammo that they can no longer make a profit on. Then the availability goes up, while the prices stay down! That’s not saying that we are going to ever see $10/500 round prices again because we all have to pay the inflation and cost of tooling that the manufactures have to lay out to ramp up production for more demand. But putting this “middleman” out of business by cutting his profit down to nil will go a long way in improving the supply for those of us who are not buying ammo for profit and actually own a 22lr firearm that we can shoot!

  9. While some supplies of larger caliber ammo is showing up on store shelves at prices that are 25 to 50% higher than a year or so ago, the fact that .22lr is still virtually unobtainable at any reasonable price brings up an important lesson.

    In the case of a “SHTF” or “TEOTWAWKI” OR “WORL”, Ammo resupply of virtually any caliber will be nearly impossible.

    Think about this. Supposedly factories have been running 24/7 for the last year and a half, and only meager amounts of ammo are showing up on store shelves. Now, throw in a situation where nationwide Manufacturing, distribution, and retail establishments are shut down for 6 months to 2 or 3 years. We are talking factories not running, trucking companies not running because of no gasoline, and nothing to transport. How will you replenish your ammo supplies?

    Granted, there are some supplies of .22lr available on auction sites for $75 a brick, but now assume that the country’s infrastructure is damaged to the point of no internet? No Postal, Fedex, or UPS service?

    So, there may be some guy in Kansas sitting on 100,000 rounds of .22lr that he is willing to sell or barter for when the grid goes down, and you are in Florida, or Michigan, or California . First, how would know about this guy, and how would you be able to buy it from him?

    My point is that no matter how the current ammo shortage came about, in a real life extended SHTF, the only ammo resupply that you would be able get would be from what you already had stashed away.

    Now, I’m not suggesting that folks should pay outrageous prices for ammo to build up a stock for emergencies, I’m just pointing out what the situation could be if the grid actually went down. Do what you think is best for your situation.

  10. This is not hoarding. Hoarding means they buy up large amounts and keep it. This is SPECULATION. these “people”, and i use the term as loosely as possible, are GAMBLING that SHEEPLE will buy the stuff at any price. Walmart sells 100 CCI minimags for $7.49. i will not pay more for similar ammo. PERIOD. Everyone would be smart to follow this example.
    Do not pay scalper prices. Wait. The jerks on Gunbroker and at gun shops with 200 rounds for $45 or more need a lesson taught in a free market. If the market is well informed it will adjust. My suggestion to those that feel a need to pay .20 per round, buy something in a 7.62×39, or even a 9mm. I’ll shoot my SKS before any .22 at that price.
    To the folks that troll the stores every week and are sitting on 20k rounds: Please stop speculating and let some of us get a chance to shoot a little!
    Tip on getting the ammo: find out when the store’s shipments come in and stop by that morning. Everyone has an unemplyed friend these days, throw them gas money + to check for you if you have to work! You can also call, frequently an hour before the door opens, and ask. I scored ammo for myself and two friends doing this.
    Indiana has real problems with .22 availability. CCI said we would see correction by June, here it is October and there is less on the shelves than there was in February.

    Remember: don’t panic, react swiflty with a little thought on the move.

  11. reloading cast bullet 22hornet at subsonic speeds, 1.5 grains of pistol powder is the way to go. cases last almost forever, 45grain cast need not have gas check still prints 2″ at 100 yards through a good rifle. Goes through the head of almost anything from 50 to a hundred yards. a pound of lead cast 200 heads more or less. 1 lb of powder makes almost 5000 rounds. What else do you want? pistol primers are still cheap and plentiful. Makes very good 22lr alternative.

    • roland, I had an aunt and uncle back in the 50’s up in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula that ate a lot of venison, year round, when you could “Legally” only shoot one deer a year. 😉

      The rifle my aunt hunted with was an old Savage bolt action rifle in .22 Hornet, and she would account for several deer each year with it. She shot mostly does, which made for better eating, while my uncle shot most anything with brown fur, with or without horns. Aunt Teresa could make venison taste really good. If I recall, my uncle used a Remington woodsmaster pump, I think maybe in .35 Remington.

      My father, who was not a regular hunter borrowed my aunt’s Hornet one year, and shot a pretty good sized buck with it, it was a base of the neck shot at about 50 yards.

      But back to the .22 Hornet, I think that is a very good choice. For some reason a lot of folks believe that bigger is ALWAYS better. Taint so. I’m thinking a .22 Hornet needs to be in my future, a trim elegant number with nice walnut, quick detach scope, and good iron backup sight with a good peep sight.

  12. ..bottom line is, if I want the ammo (even if I dont need it) and its available, Im buying it. Im TIRED of being labled “hoarder” or whatever lame label they want to put on. Its a free market. If its there, and I want it, and I can buy it,, I WILL, and who is Anyone to tell me different. The reason people are pissed at me for having over 30,000 rds of ammo, is because they wish They had it Instead of me, thats all. I have stood in COUNTLESS lines and spent countless hours in those lines, so I can have the ammo I have. I have put in My time, effort, and money.. MY time, MY effort, MY money, why shouldnt it be MY ammo.. get real people.. get over it…

    • Joe,
      I think your an A$$hole. Just because you can do something in our society doesn’t mean you should.

      I went to a buffet resturaunt a while back. Nice big spread. On Friday nights they do crab legs. Cool, so I’m eating some good stuff and I see the lady bring out a tray of crab legs. I think, I’ll go grab me a couple. I finish whatever I was eating and go up to the buffet where some dick head has just loaded his plate with literally every crab leg available. What a perfect example of a narcissistic, self-absorbed, self centered dick. Really buddy – every single one? Sure he could. No rules against it. But to do it just because he could, and to take away from everybody else is just an example of being a perfect prick.

      I don’t fault you for having more 22 ammo than you can probably shoot in your lifetime. Cool, good for you. Good for you for spending the time and effort. Great. I think your a self-centered dick because when there’s a shortage out there you continue to exacerbate it by thinking only of yourself and taking it because you can. It’s because there’s about 5% of you guys that act like dicks and buy every available box that the other 95% of us have a hard time finding it. Some day hopefully you guys will realize there is no way you’re ever going to need the pallet of ammo you have and you will stop hoarding it and it will come back to the average, sane, occasional user. And until then I’ll wait. Keep being a dick. Hopefully you’ll grow up and start thinking about others and not just about what you can do that makes you feel all self absorbed and wrapped up in your own little world.

      • I bought 2 boxes a week prior to the current storage. I think about ammo and saw prices going up on everything I buy. Food and energy especially. My thought was buy it at the lowest possible price and enjoy itlater. I think rationally. You might hoard, but I stockpile. Ironic isn’t it.

    • Joe, the fact that we have a free market doesn’t wash away your sins. Further, if you are spending that much time standing in line to buy ammo, you obviously do not have much of a life otherwise.

  13. Agree with you Joe. Stocked up when our current prez got elected, plenty for all our
    ‘tools’. Still pick some up when I find a decent buy. Like you stated, my time effort and money.

  14. I think all the ammo manufacturers are thanking President Obama.
    Just because he was re-elected, the wave of panic buying was set into motion.
    And the sheeple keep responding, even though not a single gun-control bill has been introduced in the Congress.
    Meanwhile the ammo manufacturers can run at full capacity without having to expand their factories because they know that one day the supply will catch up to the demand.
    In 5 years you will be seeing widows selling cases of .22LR at yard sales.

    • Hey Tex I never thought about that…when the obama ammo shortage ends there will be hundreds of thousands of rounds out there in yard sales for pennies lol.
      Regarding the present shortage, it seems to be easing. It’s available in stores and online much more lately, or so it seems. So I’m happy with the 2000 stored rounds I have picked up here and there. I only buy what I shoot now, which is about 200 rounds a month.
      IF there is a major SHTF, the ones with all the ammo will have to guard it 24/7 or be robbed and killed for it. Screw that! I’ll be doing the robbing, not the guarding lol!

      • I would advise you to avoid western Wisconsin in your robbing. I don’t have a problem putting new holes in assholes.

  15. I’m done with this nonsense. I was going to just wait around for the panic to end. Well its been years and I’m tired of waiting. I sold my ruger 10/22(unfired) and I’m never going to own another rimfire again, not if I live 100 years (I hope you manufacturers are listening). Your article is stupid. If you want to own a gun you can’t get ammo for I would suggest an MAS 36 or a Schmidt-Ruben k31.

  16. Just curious why so many think this is “an Obama shortage.”

    One thing is for sure – ammo companies have to be making it and selling it to someone or they wouldn’t be in business long. The ammo is being made and its going somewhere. Things like factories producing around the clock and adding extra shifts can be easily verified.

    Now Lets say you were a very rich Republican with lots of extra cash due to 30 years of Republican tax cuts for the wealthy and lets say you were unhappy because voters put in a Democrat president and congress and you wanted to scare people and get them to vote for Republicans again. What could you do? Hmmmm… Maybe if you spread stories that the evil Democrat president wants to take all your guns away then bought up all the ammo you could with all those millions of dollars of tax cut savings and created a shortage, well that would really appeal to your base and scare people into voting your way. Maybe thats how all these Republicans just got elected. Its one theory. And there alot of rich Republicans who want their party back in power. Create a gun crisis and blame it on Democrats. Just my thought.

    There are also rumors that some very wealthy anti-gun people or groups are buying all the ammo and destroying it.

    • donald rutledge, SGT

      I heard the same stuff from various sources, but we all know the scuttle butt, now I’m hearing bs about the small arms treaty and this current criminal administration currently undermining the US Constitution, none of the political parties can be trusted.

  17. I can remember when fukushima nuclear plant blew up.I was making a Geiger counter for a project.I could not find a decent tube for under $100.Now since its not big news anymore i can get a tube for 75 percent less and there still going down.So the taking our guns and government buying up all the amo is realized not true it wont be so profitable to hoard anymore.Panic is a fad it will pass just not as fast as we would like.

  18. Well, I really like to read bout gun and dislike saying anything bad, but this one didn’t tell me nuthing. What it says is don’t shoot too much and buy small at a time.

  19. It’s an “Obama Problem” because people are stupid and panicked, causing a shortage. Better slowly stock up before Hillary is officially on the ticket – people are going to lose their marbles and do the same thing all over again.

  20. I bought a .22 a few months back and have only bought one brick online. I just recently scored a couple thousand rounds off of a few middle aged men going thru divorces. I totally agree with what these guys were saying in the video, network your community. Now I can share some with friends and family so that we can all enjoy some plinking. Ready for this stupid shortage to be over!

  21. If you look into background check figures, you’ll see that during the Bush years gun sales were around 5m a year. Then Obama took office in 08 having a antigun history, with a democrat majority in both sides of congress. Sales rose to 14m per year his entire first term.

    Outside of political fear reasons, the sunset of awb in 04 gave rise to the recreational and competition tactical shooting community. Then there were the 2012 doomsday preppers, and the people who prepped against a self induced collapse from doomsday hysteria. All of these newbies were directed towards an ar15 in 5.56, a bolt in .308, and of course a 22lr.

    Then during debates between Obama and mittens, obummer stated a desire to pursue an awb. Upon his reelection, that Nov saw a record 2.1m in sales to the wait & see procrastinators who finally jumped off the fence. Followed by another 2.7m in Dec, in which Sandy hook happened on the 14th. The following months averaged 2m each only because of short supply. Now not all those sales were new owners and they weren’t all ar15 & 22lr, but 6-8m of them over recent years is a more than reasonable estimate that a federal rep used. If every one of them wanted a measly 100 rds it’d be 600-800,000,000rds, thats not including the 100m original gun owners needs,

    The gun grabbers weren’t only lusting after our gun rights, some proposals included $.05/rd tax, which would devastate the 22lr market at $25 a bulk pack tax. Another reason for over buying is that the environmental Nazis, who run hand in hand with animal rights kooks and antigun fascists, want all lead removed from ammo. This would raise prices to scalpers level, which would decrease demand. This is why I believe they don’t increase production capacity, the buyers may not be there if prices are close to centerfire.

    Are there hoarders? Are there scalpers? Are the companies not producing enough? Are there millions of new shooters?… I’d say yes. I personally have stopped shooting 22lr recreationally. Until I see it in bulk packs regularly, I reserve it for introducing new shooters, and fending off squirrels and opossum.

  22. To clarify my last comment, the scalpers will go away if we just don’t buy from them, or else if we accept these prices the companies may adopt them.

    On the issue of hoarding, everyone has their own definition. Mine is to irrationally possess more of an item than you can possibly use or sell before it becomes useless. Like 100 gallons of milk when you will only go through 1, or 1000’s of batteries that go dead before use. Ammo has a long shelf life if stored properly, I regularly shoot 7n6 thats 40yr old however it is sealed at neck and primer plus it comes in sealed tins. 22lr though, is barely crimped let alone sealed so it is more susceptible to moisture.

    When it was readily available I used at least a 550 pack per shoot. If you have kids 2k are easy to blow through in a day with a speed loader. So when I hear people complain about someone “hoarding” 10k of 22lr, I can only chuckle and think so what? That’s nothing, It isn’t exactly .308 win.

    It isn’t the quantity so much as the mentality, we all are guilty of the scarcity hoarders mentality. Every time I’m in the ammo aisle I price any of the 13 calibers I use that may be on sale. While I crunch numbers multiple people shopping for shotgun loads almost wet themselves when they see 22 and snap up their allowance. They aren’t hoarders, or scalpers part of a black market syndicate, just avg people shopping at the right place right time. I’ve passed up lot’s of 22, I only buy what my rifles like and even though Walmart allows 3 I only take 1.(clerks are quite perplexed by that, always asking “are you sure? you can have 3, no one buys just one”)

    I say this because I work with over 500 people on 3rd shift at my plant. There’s about 10 other plants within 6 blocks of us with similar schedules. We live in a 70mi radius of work, which includes 6, 24/7 Walmart super centers & 5 fleetfarms. Within 25mi of my farthest coworkers are more retailers. 3rd shifters shop empty morning stores, 2nd shift go after midnight when aisles are filled with pallets and stockmen. These forums about the ammo shortages are filled with people ranting of black Fridayesc unemployed fiends camping out and ruining hard working families pastimes, just to make a quick buck off them with their welfare check and free time.

    The world doesn’t start and stop at 9-5. If you don’t like your schedule change jobs, I did.

  23. I shouldn’t be surprised, it just amazes me how the liberals who post on these sites are completely oblivious to facts, whether through ignorance, selective memory, or simply trying to repeat a lie enough to make it the new truth. I’m seeing them say things like “no gun control bills were proposed in congress”, “nothing was passed” and “fear mongering Nra lies”.

    From 06-08 congress was controlled by liberals, held in check by the president. There was legislation being brought up that scared many people who knew what the actual bills meant. Antigun liberals tend to be a very ignorant apathetic crowd, they don’t have any actual knowledge of firearms, nor will they seek it. To them it is an item they want gone, so why waste thought on the subject. So when legislators draft a bill with terms they don’t understand, the liberal media decodes it into inaccurate liberal speak for them. They then are told that the NRA is fear mongering. When actually the proposed law itself invokes fear in those with actual knowledge(I keep saying actual because owning, maintaining, and training with a firearm is different than watching a CNN report about it).

    Things like “universal background checks”, to a liberal sound like a good thing. However, to implement background checks between private citizens would require registration or else how would they know it had transferred. With registration comes fees, which would be per gun and could be raised once instituted. Confiscation usually follows registration, but if it didn’t, people who couldn’t afford registering would have 3 choices. 1 turn them in, 2 hide them, 3 sell them to the highest bidder, likely someone outside the law. Bravo, guns once in good law abiding hands now flood the black market. With less armed good guys, more armed bad guys crime rises.(see Australia)

    In obummer comes in 08′, with many itchy penned legislators ready to reinstate the awb, however, their party pursued health care reform first. By the time they got through that they lost control of congress in ’10(which libs won’t admit that pursuing Obamacare cost them elections) Even though nothing got passed, background checks soared to 14 million per YEAR during Obama’s first term.
    During his ’12 campaign Obama said he was going to pursue an awb. Others proposed taxing 5 cents per round, and mag capacity limits. After the election the public voted with their wallets expressing disapproval of these ideas. That Nov posted a 1 mo record of 2 million background checks. In mid Dec Sandy hook, and the political fallout, fueled a 2.4 million one month sales record. The following few months averaged 2 million, only because shelves were empty. Think about it, a down economy and people were paying 3x the value.

    Many berate these impulse buyers, but their spending sent a clear message to politicians that the main stream liberal medias “most Americans want reasonable gun control” rant was false. Many more libs lost their offices over ’12 & ’14 because they went against public opinion on this. Though I didn’t buy during the panic, we owe those who did for getting our voice heard.

  24. I read post after post of what you all think caused the ammo shortage. The truth of the matter is that Obamma and his crony tree huggers closed the lead mining in the US, which means that all lead supplies have to be imported. This has led to higher prices and shortages of lead for bullets.

    • They actually shut down the smelting facilities, not the mines. The mines, like all mines are in their sights though. It’s part of their stated goal of deindustrializing the US. This does effect price but not supply, as they smelt plenty in Canada and Mexico.

      The issue that directly effects ammo with their assault on lead is that they want it banned from ammo. First it was banned in shotgun ammo for waterfowl, then they made the military go lead free with the m855a1. The push for over decade now has been to go all lead free. The only reason for 22lr popularity is price. Rimfire is not reliable, and isn’t accurate compared to centerfire, and isn’t reloadable. We ignore its deficiencies because of value. If they require lead free in rimfire the alternatives would raise the price to centerfire levels, at that point 22 hornet will be a better option.

      If I owned an ammunition factory I wouldn’t invest millions into increasing production for a potential short term demand, with a risk of very small future demand. A friend of mine supplies manufacturers with packaging materials. When he was in a meeting with execs of a major ammunition manufacturer he asked about their 22lr production. They told him it’s nonstop, and asked if he needed any. When he arrived home from his business trip 20k rds were waiting there.

      I’m not discrediting the epa regulations increasing the price. Every time the epa & fda regulate it means increased consumer cost. Increased overhead means increased price. Like with carbon tax on coal power. Which raises utilities, then is given as subsidies to anyone who will donate some back to liberal politicians or causes. Some also goes to state universities to fund liberal propaganda studies to convince an uninformed ignorant 51% what to worry about, and who will protect them if they throw their money and votes at them.
      ” If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”
      Mark Twain

  25. the simple truth, .22 is out there, you have to look for it and be ready to buy, but in reality, if you already have more than you will shoot in 6 months in stock your good to go. I have plenty of back stock BUT I also go to the range at least once a week and go thru 50-100 rounds. and I only buy what I need to keep up with my shooting habits AND I only buy from legit retailers (midway, gander, my local store) not any of the fly-by nights that have been the gougers, nor will I buy other stuff from same (cheaper than dirt, palmetto, names you don’t recognize etc…) these were the same people that were the first to raise the bar to 2 or even 3x retail on ammo and guns as well. the sooner everyone settles down and buys what they need as they shoot it,(a little LITTLE + or -) the sooner this will end…THINK about it…

  26. AirAssaultSapper

    Yes,the .22 LR ammo has been really short here where I live in Richmond, IN. Wally world gets it in ,but you have the same a**holes every week bringing their buddies and friends to buy it all up. Really pisses me off! Every time I see all of them there and buying the 3 box limit, then others never have a chance to get any. These guys must have thousands of rounds so not sure why they keep hoarding more. Maybe to resell them ? Not sure but it does piss me off as no one else can even get a box of this stuff because of them.Anyone else have this same problem? I also refuse to buy from some of these online vendors and gun shows. Why you may ask? Because they are the same hoarding a**holes buying it up so no one else can and then doubling or tripling the price per round. Right now I only have about 200 rounds of .22lr for two rifles which is sad. Has anyone found any good deals as of late on .22lr? Or if anyone has any other great ideas for acquiring some please let everyone know. Thanks for reading my rants,lol. Hooah!

    • I think you’re on track, all you can do is drop by Walmart whenever you go past and ask, they don’t always get it on the shelf right away. Last time I bought there they had to go in back to get it from the previous days shipment. I agree about never buying from those with inflated prices, let them sit on it.

      • I’m surprised when people talk about seeing it on the shelves. We don’t have it on the shelves here in small towns in Utah. They all have signs up saying “No .22 Ammo”, even Walmart has that sign up permanently. I ask the sales associates and they say they never get any. I find that hard to believe. Meanwhile, we have scalpers all over selling the stuff for $60 for a box of 325. I think bullets are coming in but they never make it to the shelves. It has me so angry I don’t buy from them anymore. I shoot what I reload and refuse to buy from stores that sell it out the backdoor to friends and family to scalp. Another local gun store usually says they don’t ever get any, but once told me they sell only to the people that buy a gun to try and get me to buy the gun I was looking at. Later I ask other people where they get the bullets they are shooting up and they say the guys at that gun store slip them a box every time they go in. No thanks. I hung up my .22 and got a nice air rifle instead. Until I can find a box of bullets on the shelf I have no interest in .22.

  27. RE: The primer in a 22cal round is of a gel type – Total Bullshit

  28. Hillary can SMDk!

    You can do the math. If ammo companies produced 1,000,000 rounds each per day, that’s three million a day times seven which is 21,ooo,ooo per week. That’s 730,000,000 rounds a year, or about 2 1/2 rounds per person a year in the U.S.. If 10,000,000 people shot 73 rounds per year, it remains all used up. I don’t know how much is produced daily, but, this is food for thought. I have herd that a family near where I live hacked Walmart’s computers and found out when they will receive shipments. These same people take family and buy the limit at several stores and resale them. If people told them to FO and eat them we would end this shortage sooner.

  29. Has anyone traced which Federal agency is buying millions of rounds on a regular basis? Sort of like “You can have all the guns you want, but we have the ammunition”. Since gun control, that is take guns from all citizens with weapons, isn’t working let’s set the minions own all the guns they want, but they won’t have ammo to shoot those guns?

  30. “Buy a box” each time I go to the Sporting Goods store? Did someone drop you on your head? There’s no box to buy!

  31. I Live in calif. do I say more!, The hard part is trying to find lead free .22 ammo. I have looked everywhere and put my name on all the lists I can find but no luck so far.

  32. I’m not a gun expert. My son likes to shoot. I went to the gun store and asked for a 22 long rifle. Growing up always heard people talking about “plinkers”. They had the rugar 22-10 anniversary edition and I thought what a cool first gun. The sales guy gave us a small box of ammo but at the cash register, the owner went to the back and grabbed a “brick” of 500. He told us of the ammo shortage so I thanked him for so much ammo… My son ran out in about a month.. I had no idea it would last this long. My son wants to buy a scope for the 22… without ammo it won’t be that much fun to look through.

  33. Recently while shopping for a 9mm pistol I accidentally looked at the rifle section, found Ruger 10/22 and decided ‘why not?’ I never owned .22LR before and never knew about the ammo shortage. So I purchased 10/22 and 200 rounds of Remington Golden Bullet and emptied my ammo stock on a first weekend. Now I can’t find this ammo anymore, only 50 rd boxes of American Eagle // two boxes per person per day. This is nothing, especially for semi-auto rifle. Originally I haven’t expected such an issue. Checked several online stores. What I need is typically out of order. What I could find readily available is pesky RWS in 50 rd boxes. When I read reviews, people always say ‘I shoot only CCI mini-mags’ or something like that. There are no CCI available at the moment at all! I wish I could find those CCI, but have to use stupid RWS. Nearby major retailer has empty .22LR shelves. No problem with any other caliber except .22R. This is end of summer, 2015. Problem not solved. I regret I bought a gun I can’t find ammo for.

  34. Went to green bay a month ago for the weekend. Stopped at cabellas when I arrived, it’s my source for ppu 7.62x54r 150gr sp. I noticed an entire aisle end fully stocked with federal auto match 22lr, which is the only rd besides minimags all 6 of my rifles like. I bought my box, and returned the following afternoon. Not only was it all gone, they already had the shelves relabeled with a different caliber stocked. That’s some serious volume.

  35. It seems to me with 320 million people and around 300 Million guns Registered, and more and more guns being made and sold, plus this panic buying I just don’t see an end in sight. They will never take our 2nd amendment right away, try as they do. There will always be ammo manufactured, period. The media and those that oppose us legal gun owners, will always lie and lean left to far left and omit unflattering facts to their cause, so to slant the truth. Many Americans are gullible and believe only what fits their desire. The news isn’t news anymore and can not be relied on. Ammo has become rationed, not because of some liberal official or group but by our own actions. We did this to ourselves. Well beyond the new gun owners every day, many hording and buying out inventories and stock piling ammo, thats causing the panic, thats driving the secondary, over inflated market. Ammo Mfg. are running at 100% capacity 365 with additional lines have been bought, built, and are up and running. There is plenty of ammo being made. Just not enough for everyone to buy up inventory and resell it at 300% mark up. Just do what he suggests and buy a box or 2 when and where you can from a brick and mortar retailer, before you know it you too will have enough rounds to brag to your friends, or my preference, to quietly keep in tune. In all the excitement, I cant remember if I shot 5 rounds or six. There is no benefit to sharing certain things, ammo and gun counts are two.

  36. It is Sept 2015. Not a brick to be found casually.
    The days of the .22lr are gone. I went to buy my son a first rifle and opted for a .223 bolt action. The ammo is everywhere and it can be reloaded.
    The price of ruger 10/22 has dropped, but they can keep it now.

  37. You paranoid redneck prepper assholes caused you’r own delima

  38. I feel sorry for the children being raised by you paranoid fools.

  39. Obviously, the consensus seems to be, stop paying rediculous prices for 22LR. Du.
    Frankly, the last gun show I went to made want to puke. To see these guys sitting behind their tables with this “I have what you need” look on their faces, thinking I’m willing to take it in the shorts to buy their ammo and them getting the satisfaction of ripping off yet another paranoid with more dollars then sense. Not today, pal. I won’t patronize gun show gougers. I think I spent about 10 minutes in there and walked out.
    The reason for the 22LR farce isn’t Obama, or a conspiracy among ammo manufacturers. Most of know what (who) the problem is. If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. If you haven’t bought any more 22LR than you really need, and didn’t patronize the gun show shysters, congratulations! You’re part of the solution.
    If you’re someone who’s gone out and stockpiled tens of thousands of rounds of ammo, and joined the ranks of the gun show gougers, then you’re part of the problem. Thankfully, the hysteria and panic buying seems to be waning, and hopefully the opportunistic gougers will soon start folding their tents and go home.

    I’ve even heard of some doomsayers predicting that 22LR was going to be the “next currency.” That gave me a chuckle.

  40. “Ammunition companies have been producing .22 at a faster rate than they ever have before, but as soon as the boxes hit the stores, they continue to be snatched up and left scarce on the shelves. Some sporting goods stores don’t even sell .22 at the shelves and only allow a customer to purchase a limited number of boxes at the check-out counter.”

    Total BS. If you look online or in the stores, the majority of the .22 being sold is foreign made. I can’t remember the last time I saw a box of Winchester/Olin or Remington .22 being sold, either online or locally. If it isn’t a government conspiracy, then the manufactuers have slowed production to artificially drive the price up.

  41. Who in the world has maintained that 22LR is a good Self Defense Ammo?
    That excuse for lack of availability is ridiculous.
    It started in 2008 and has continued to this date????

  42. here’s what everyone that is fed up with the price of 22 ammo needs to do…starting on 02/02 thru 02/22 …stop buying any 22’s at all, and watch the shelves fill up, they’ll be so full they will collapse from the weight , stop paying inflated prices, let them produce 22’s for 20 days with no one buying and watch the prices fall, we all need to do this, spread the word, start this boycott , I know I will, and if all would it will work, join in, everyone……thanks

  43. I’m reminded of a line from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas- “…Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug-collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.”

    There seems to be a certain similar compulsion that drives certain people to become ammo collectors rather than shooting enthusiasts. The .22lr shortage, whether it be real, contrived, or perceived, hasn’t bothered me all that much. I have simply just started shooting other calibers more often. I can reload 9mm for less than 8 cents per round. In a decent carbine the recoil isn’t terribly greater than .22lr, and it is much more entertaining than .22lr in semiauto pistols.

    Essentially the “shortage” has simply caused me to start shooting 9mm as my plinking caliber, and to limit my use of .22lr to more utilitarian purposes.

  44. Today I searched EVERY major mail-order source, you know all the names, for .22 rimfire ammunition and the only thing found was a smattering of Eley target grade. I am done with this insanity. I will retain what .22 rimfire I have for future needs. I have moved to high-powered pellet guns. I am not referring to various under $100 products, which have their place, but various .22, .25, 9mm, and larger caliber air rifles. Search the web and discover models for hunting game as large as deer.

  45. feb23rd 2016 5;15pm i went to riley’s gun shop in hooksett n.h. and bought 3 boxes of 22 lr for $7.99 each,per 100 rounds. i thought that was fair. problem is i bought 2 boxes of the same cci rounds at Martels bait shop in Laconia N.H.,for $30.00 .Tell me that thats a fair price.Don;t get screwed like i did.There are many places to get ammo.Don’t listen to price gougers telling you that they only have very limited resourses. Bass pro shops has 22 ammo also go there.Don’t support the people that lie to your face as they rob you.

  46. Oh, I have found .22 in several online retailers Natchez, sporstsmans guide. Not a great selection and prices are decent. The clincher is that they must ship by FedEx with a minimum of $ 17.00 . One box of CCI .22 costs $5.79 plus 17 shipping is the minimum you pay.$23.78 I just needed a box of 50, bought 4 to amortize

  47. Those who buy all the available ammo during a shortage, whether to stock up or resell, are partially to blame for the panic and scarcity of ammo for the rest of us. This is especially true of the assholes that buy whole shipments as they are received at a big box store, sometimes through bribery, and immediately sell at gun shows the same day.

    On the other hand, those who hoard during times of plenty are providing incentive for manufacturers to produce more ammo when they would otherwise slow down. More ammo in the marketplace during a shortage actually helps hold down prices that would otherwise be even higher. Sure the hoarder makes some money, but the hoarder is also adding liquidity to the marketplace, taking an investment risk, and storing the ammo, and supporting the supply side of the market when the ammo is needed most.

    Now is not the time to buy 22lr. It is the time to buy other calibers that dry up quickly during panics, like 380acp, 9mm, 223 (5.56), primers, powder, etc. Why? Because they are in stock by the thousands at pre panic prices. By removing the boxes from the store shelf, you are signaling the store to order more, which ultimately causes manufacturers to produce more. Later, when manufacturers are at full capacity and unable to meet demand, you will not be adding to that demand. Instead, you will be profiting (or spending less on your shooting) while easing demand and helping to stabilize prices.

    I wish everyone would take a long term look at what kind of ammo they plan in using for the next few years, and buy each item when it is cheap and plentiful. This would eliminate panic buying altogether. While you are at it, keep an extra gas can, some bottled water, and enough food so you dont have to wait in line and hope for adequate supplies next time a hurricane or tornado threatens your town.

  48. Just got back from WalMart – Danbury, CT. When I asked about the empty shelves the salesperson said he has been working there for one and a half years and he has never seen 22LR ammo come into the store. Sportsman’s Guide and Midway USA seem to perpetually list the cheaper (15 cents or less per round) 22LR ammo as out of stock. The shortage looks pretty real to me and I am holding off buying any 22LR firearms until things change.

  49. We’re seeing 22lr in stock, online stores have it. At $10 for 100 rounds. Plus shipping. The biggest reason many people bought a 22 and shoot a 22 is because it was cheap. At least it used to be.

    So the question to everybody: Is it worth 10 cents a shot + to shoot a 22?

    I reload. Unfortunately, 22 can not be reloaded. But I can reload 38 for 11 to 13 cents a round, 9mm for the same. So should 22 cost the same? Is shooting a 22 worth 10 to 13 cents per shot? I mean for those of us plinking, not in competition for anything, not training for the Olympics, etc? Those of us buying the ammo to shoot and not to resell?

    Doesn’t it seem like there should be another re-loadable option to turn to if we are going to spend up to 13 cents per shot?

    I see people talking about 22 hornet or 218 bee. 22 hornet are expensive rifles, 218 bee doesn’t seem to be made anymore and so they are also both expensive and hard to buy ammo for too.

    Really just wondering what other small caliber rifle could be used to take the place of 22? Preferably something center fire that can be re-loaded. If nothing exists, perhaps this is an opportunity for an arms co to make and introduce something new.

  50. Hey Jake,

    I agree. Its getting to the point where you can almost reload a 9mm or 38 for the same price as buying a 22. I can usually find 22 at 7-8 cents per round at Even after shipping costs you can get them at sub 10cents… sometimes. Its getting more rare unfortunately, hopefully these prices become more reasonable in the future.

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