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All-Natural Weight Loss Using Low-Cost Herbs

All Natural Weight Loss Using Low Cost Herbs

Image source: MyHealthyLivingCoach

Every day, it seems like a “new miracle herb for weight loss” is available for an outrageous price.

No herb will miraculously help you to lose weight, but several herbs are valuable parts of a weight loss plan. Let’s separate the truth from fiction regarding herbs and weight loss.

Get Rid of Fluid Retention and Toxins

Many women gain a few pounds during menses due to temporary fluid retention. Dandelion leaf and centaury herb have diuretic actions which rid the body of excess fluid and promote temporary weight loss. Unlike pharmaceuticals, herbal diuretics are safe. They do not promote unhealthy loss of potassium. In fact, dandelion leaf is an excellent source of potassium and other minerals and vitamins.

In addition to ridding the body of excess fluid, dandelion enhances liver health. A healthy liver is important so that the body may detoxify itself properly. Detoxification is an important aspect of weight loss and wellness. Dandelion is a bitter herb which improves the flow of bile. Bile is needed to break down fats. Young dandelion greens may be used like spinach and eaten as a low calorie vegetable.

Centaury is more commonly used in Europe than in North America. In addition to its diuretic properties, centaury aids detoxification by removing toxins from the bloodstream. It supports digestive health. Healthy digestion is essential for nutrient absorption and removal of toxins, including excess cholesterol.

Include Soy in Your Diet

In addition to providing your body with lean protein, soy has been demonstrated to promote fat loss. Soy is best consumed as edamame, soy milk and tofu.

Use Herbs to Burn Fat and Boost Energy Levels

Thermogenic herbs speed up your metabolism and provide you with energy. They can help your metabolic rate stay at a higher setting for several hours after you exercise. A higher metabolic rate consumes more calories than a slower rate. This translates to weight and fat loss.

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Herbs which contain caffeine speed up your metabolism. Green tea, black tea, chocolate and coffee are common beverages with thermogenic properties. They are best consumed without milk or cream as the dairy products bind with some properties in the beverages, deactivating some of their healthy benefits.

Yerba Mate is an Outstanding Thermogenic Herb

Yerba mate. Image source: ThePlantEater

Yerba mate. Image source: ThePlantEater

Yerba mate is a South American herb which has been consumed as a beverage for centuries. It alleviates fatigue, depression, headaches and constipation. It contains caffeine. Yerba mate is an appetite suppressant which helps people to feel “full” for extended periods of time. It supports detoxification of the entire body.

More Herbs with Thermogenic-Enhancing Properties

Black teas, coffee and green tea are commonly thought of as ordinary beverages, but in fact they are herbal stimulants. All contain caffeine. Guarana is another caffeine-containing herb which may help with weight loss. Herbs that taste hot and spicy help to speed up the metabolic rate without caffeine. Ginger, black pepper, cayenne, garlic, mustard and horseradish are example of stimulating herbs.

Chocolate for Weight Loss?

Many people eat when stressed. Dark chocolate has been proven to increase levels of “feel good” endorphins. This boost may help emotional and binge eaters to control their intake. In addition to boosting endorphin levels, chocolate helps the body to utilize fat more efficiently.

Use Eleuthero to Support your Exercise Routine

Exercise is an important component of any weight loss or wellness plan. You may know eleuthero by its previous name, Siberian ginseng.

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Eleuthero is an adaptogenic herb which helps the body and mind cope with physical and mental stress. It can increase endurance levels, as proven by extensive research studies. Eleuthero also enhances the body’s ability to detoxify itself.

Use Seaweeds to Enhance Thyroid Function

Many people have impaired thyroid function. It may not be working so poorly as to require medical treatment, but may still be a bit sluggish. Having a sluggish thyroid may cause weight gain and make weight loss difficult. Iodine is a substance that the thyroid needs to function properly. Sea vegetables, such as bladdarwrack and dulse, are excellent sources of iodine and other trace minerals that the body needs to function well.

Spirulina, chlorella, and other “green” herbs are excellent sources of protein. They contain a wide array of nutrients that every dieter needs.

What’s the bottom line about using herbs to promote weight loss?

There is no specific herb that has magical properties that will make you lean overnight. However, herbs are effective and valuable components of a weight loss plan. They improve metabolism, detoxify the body, reduce emotional eating, and provide nutrients needed for general well-being.

What herbs have you used for weight loss? Share your thoughts in the section below:  

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