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Harnessing Your “Prepper” Strength When People Call You Crazy

The world likes to call free thinkers crazy. Dare to act on your thoughts by preparing yourself for a world where governments don’t function and societies break down, and you’re well and truly nuts. You must be one of those freaks who sees a conspiracy around every corner or a kook living in some alternative reality. Can’t you just act normal?

For many people, it’s you versus them. You have to be wrong … or else they are, and that just can’t be right. Independent, off-the-grid lifestyles are threatening to the status quo, so they’ll try to make you feel like you’re the lunatic. With enough pressure, you’ll break down and conform. You’ll be one of the “sheeple”— easily managed and controlled.

Fight conformity at every turn. Don’t let them crush your spirit. Refuse to go with the flow. Use these five strategies to keep yourself mentally strong and ready for whatever lies ahead.

1. Practice Self-Acceptance

When you accept yourself, you no longer seek validation from the outside world. Much of the angst of an independent lifestyle comes from the judgments of other people. Why do we care about their opinion anyway?

We’re socially conditioned to look for approval from the crowd or a jury of our peers. Yet that simply enforces going with the flow. To get out of that soul-crushing trap, look in the mirror and accept yourself for who you are and what you believe.

Prepare now for surging food costs and empty grocery store shelves…

2. Find Your Tribe

The community where you live is probably full of people who think tomorrow is going to just take care of itself. Your neighbors and co-workers don’t want to hear that the economy is still going nowhere or that you can’t trust banksters, Big Pharma, or anyone from the government to take care of you. They’ll attack your thinking mercilessly. To stay strong in your thoughts, you need to find your tribe.

Your tribe is made up of people who think like you and support your goals. The community here at Off The Grid News is a great place to start. Blogs, forums, and online discussion groups are filled with sympathetic souls and gurus who’ve been there, done that, and have the advice you need to thrive as an independent human being.

3.  Stop Giving Time to Fools

Answer honestly:  Why do you spend your time reading mainstream “news” or enduring lectures from “friends” trying to show you just how nuts you are?

Chances are you come away from these situations feeling drained, frustrated, and upset. So why do you put yourself in those situations in the first place? Unplug your TV, cancel bad magazine subscriptions, and curtail conversations about politics, preparedness, or economics with people who are obviously uninformed. You’ll notice a positive difference in your mentality and your peace of mind, helping you save your energy for situations that really matter.

4.  Feed Your Brain

Another way to feed your spirit and keep yourself strong is to feed your brain worthwhile material. Read good books, especially histories, instructional manuals, and inspirational texts for independent minds. Listen to experts’ podcasts or radio broadcasts on vital preparedness topics. Seek out hard data on issues that matter to you.

Keep out junk data, rumors, gossip, and worthless speculation. Feed your brain, and you’ll find that your mental strength and mental resilience improve. While the rest of the world lives on sound bites and hearsay, you’ll have hard facts to back your case and keep you on the right path.

5.  Cultivate Your Spiritual Relationships

Last but not least, cultivate your spiritual side. Living in relationship with God and being able to turn to Him when you feel persecuted or put down by the world is vital to keeping yourself sane and at peace over time. Seeing the world in God’s eyes also helps you put the authority of man and the rules of the current world leaders in their proper place.

Building up your spirituality also brings you closer to like-minded believers. This community can help you feel grounded and connected even when you feel like the secular mainstream has taken over everything around you. The ability to see beyond that and see through the endless blather of the mainstream will make the time you spend cultivating your godly relationships all the more meaningful.

There are undoubtedly more ways to stand up and fight back against the mental oppression of freethinking and independent living. These five methods are starting points – what else has helped you stay strong in your beliefs and your habits even when the world tries to call you crazy?

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