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Natural Mosquito Bite Cures

mosquitoLiving off the grid or even simply away from air conditioning, an open window is the best bet for ventilation.  Unfortunately, all the fresh air coming in also brings fresh pests!  Mosquitoes are an international bane, but one that you don’t have to simply endure.  Instead, you can fight back with these natural mosquito bite cures.

Cures Grown In The Ground

Some of the top cures for mosquito bites can be grown right in your garden or in a window pot.  These cures include:

  • Aloe:  Aloe helps with both itch relief and healing for the skin around the bitten area.  Your best bet is to take a bit of leaf and rub the juicy side against the infected area.
  • Onion:  Onion is a quick hit for itch relief.  Put a fresh slice over the bite and keep it there for several minutes.  Rinse the bite thoroughly after the itching is down to remove part of the smell.
  • Garlic:  Even with the smell (which repels mosquitoes), raw garlic offers itch relief.  It can burn a little initially, and children don’t like it, but adults can take the early burn in exchange for major itch relief later.
  • Lime or Lemon:  Rubbed right into the bites, lemon or lime juice can bring itch relief as well as some cleansing to the wound.  If you’ve been scratching it will sting, so juice first and keep your hands off!

Cures Mixed For The Task

Some cures require just a bit of mixing.  There are no complicated recipes here, but you’ll want to get these pastes and gels mixed up quickly when you have a bite.

  • Baking Soda & Water:  The key here is to maintain a thick paste when you mix the two ingredients together.  Pat a generous amount on the bite and you should get relief in just a few moments.
  • Essential Oils:  Tea tree, lavender, witch hazel and several others have a reputation for itch relief – just be sure to dilute a small amount with water before application rather than using the straight oil.
  • Salt Paste:  Use fine salt for this cure, and mix it lightly with water to get a thick paste for the bite.  All natural salt is best but iodized will work in a pinch.
  • Oatmeal:  A bit of oatmeal and water is a natural skin soother to fight the swelling and itch of mosquito bites.  You don’t need to fully cook it up; just make a small paste and dab it on directly.

Cures Bought At The Store

While 100% home grown remedies are ideal, there are also some naturally based remedies that you can pick up at the store.  These remedies include:

  • Vinegar:  Vinegar should be applied directly to the bite in a small dose.  If you’ve been truly eaten alive, you will want to take a vinegar bath.  Mix 2 ½ cups vinegar with a tub of hot water for a smelly but useful itch treatment.
  • Raw Honey:  With anti-bacterial properties, honey offers sweet relief for itchy bites.  Just rub it in, using small amounts to keep your stickiness down.
  • Soap:  A standard bar of dry soap can be rubbed directly on the itching bite for some temporary relief.  Bars with oatmeal, peppermint, or vitamin E also work well.
  • Toothpaste:  All-natural mint and neem toothpaste bring itch relief when applied directly to bites.  Go ahead and let the paste dry on and leave in place as long as you want.

You undoubtedly have your own cures, too.  Try them and share the results ~ family remedies and passed down treatments are often the best in the world!

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