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Stay Fit for Less

The New Year came and went, along with many resolutions. If you resolved that this year would finally be the one that saw major changes in your physical form, how is it going? If you need any more motivation, just remember that your body is the one thing you are guaranteed to be able to take with you anywhere in a crisis, so perhaps the most important prepper skill of all is to keep it in top form.

But it is so expensive to trim down! I would rather spend the money on extra food storage! Well, that excuse holds water no longer. Forget all the diet pills, special food, personal trainers and expensive gym memberships. There are ways to get fit all around you for very little monetary investment, and some don’t cost a dime.

The Streaming Gym

It is highly likely that, if you are reading this, you have Internet access. This also means that you have available a multitude of free or cheap options to help you work out without the gym.,, and even a site called all are options when looking for workout videos. And the only one that costs anything is Netflix, though it is much cheaper than a gym membership, and may even be able to replace your cable bill too!

Weight for It

Why spend hundreds of dollars on weights to build strength when you already have pounds and pounds of weights just waiting for you in…your pantry! Yes, in your pantry. A can of green beans, cranberry sauce, or anything else that you have been squirreling away in your food storage is a great starter weight. And as you need more weight, just get creative. Those buckets of wheat? Probably at least 5 pounds, and they have handles too! You don’t need something fancy in order to build muscle – just be safe and don’t use glass objects, things that are difficult to grip, or items that you may drop during your reps.

The Great Outdoors

So now that you have spent all that time and money crafting that great bug-out spot (or just wilderness living for everyday piece of mind) take advantage of it! Regularly schedule walking, hiking, and playing games with friends and family into your routine. Challenge yourself to move a little faster, run a little harder, or go a little farther each time.

And of course, don’t forget all those great outdoor sports – though do be aware of the weather as hot or cold temperatures can prove dangerous without the proper precautions.

Your New Personal Trainer

When you think of a personal trainer you probably think of some buff guy or gal in spandex shouting (or cheering) you on for yet another set of exercises. But guess what, you probably already have a personal trainer that you are totally forgetting about. You just need to put them to work!

You know how your dog loves to not just walk, but run? Let him! Next time your kids want you to play tag with them, humor them. Get out of your chair and go do it! Do you have an annoying friend that will just not let certain things go? Enlist him or her to call you regularly to ensure you are reaching your goals. Does your spouse want to get in shape too? Agree to become each others’ personal trainers by encouraging, cheering for, and yes, waking up with a glass of cold water to go on a jog together if needed.

For that matter, even the vacuum can serve the role. Make cleaning a work out by revving it up a notch. You may just amaze yourself at how fast you can truly get the house work done if you don’t mind getting a little sweaty.

A Little Goes a Long Way

We all know the other half to working out is dieting, right? Counting calories, buying special foods, the latest drink or smoothie that is supposed to make all the fat go away? Forget it. It’s too much money, and too much time. If you can only do one thing in your diet, just eat less. If you usually get a large order at the drive-thru, get a medium (or better yet, a small). If you usually cook 2 lbs of spaghetti for dinner, cook 1 ½ and make sure the kids get theirs first. Interestingly enough, there are ways to trick yourself into not even missing the food. Studies show if you use smaller plates, utensils, and serving trays, you will eat less. Hey, why not try taking out the extra leaf in the table and have everyone get a little closer for meal times?

If you can do two things, eat more fruits and veggies! You should be getting lots from your garden this year anyway, right? And with sprouting and winter gardening, you don’t want to let all that fresh goodness go to waste.

Wash Your Troubles Away

Finally, let’s not forget the power of those oft-ignored droplets of goodness: water. Drinking more of it could keep you fit, help you think more clearly, and make your skin look younger. Keep water close by so that you are able to drink when you are thirsty. Remember that you will need more liquid if you are working out, if you live in a hot climate, or are pregnant or nursing.

The one thing you need most in order to keep your body in top operating condition is the will to do so, and no amount of money can give you that. Start today and work towards building a stronger, healthier you without all the fads with the expensive price tags.

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