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The Secret Healing Powers of Water

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We have all heard many times about how important it is to drink plenty of water. Eight glasses of eight ounces each per day has become the standard prescription, and people everywhere concerned about their health have conscientiously tried to follow this recommendation. But do people really know the truth about the critical, comprehensive role that water plays in the maintenance of good health?  Perhaps they have a few vague ideas on the subject: water prevents dehydration on hot days, it staves off kidney stones, it is important for digestion, etc. However, very few know about the astonishing discoveries made by maverick researchers who have refused to be bound by the limits of conventional medicine. What these intrepid scientists have learned is nothing less than revolutionary – water is not only the key factor in disease prevention, but it is also the most powerful healing medicine on the face of the earth.

To truly understand the importance of water for all life, including human life, first it is necessary to look at the basics. The primary constituent material of the body is water, about 60% on average in an adult human being. It is interesting that babies, who come into the world as pictures of perfect biological health, are 75% water. Water in our bodies performs two vital functions – it breaks down and dissolves critical nutrients for the purposes of cellular absorption, and it also works to flush from the body toxins that can accumulate and hinder proper biological functioning.

One clue to the connection between water and good health is the fact that an obese person tends to have much less water, generally in the area of 45% of their overall body mass. So when fat cells accumulate in unhealthy amounts, it is water that they are driving out. The processed foods that make up much of the American diet are not only stripped of nutrients, but they also lose most of their water content during processing. This means that people who eat too many artificial, plastic foods are denying themselves both crucial nutrients and the vital substance that can effectively dissolve them for use by the body. Of course, a lack of water also means a lessened ability to wash away the toxins that accumulate from all environmental sources, including processed foods.

There are some 3800 chemicals in use in the United States, all of which have the capability of entering the human body and staying there unless cleansed from the system by water’s purifying flow. It is well known that obese people have more health problems than most people. Could this somehow be connected to a lack of water? Could chronic dehydration be an actual cause of health problems in the obese, rather than just another side effect?

Nature’s Best Medicine

Based on the astounding findings of the late Dr. Feyerdoon Batmanghelidj, it appears the answer to the last question might well be yes. A London-educated Iranian physician, Batmanghelidj was imprisoned as an enemy of the state following the Iranian Revolution in 1979. During his incarceration, Batmanghelidj did his best to treat an epidemic of stress-related peptic ulcers among his fellow prisoners by using the only “medicine” available to him in such dire circumstances – water.  Batmanghelidj was amazed by the effectiveness of water-based treatments, and following his release, he immigrated to the U.S. to continue his researches into the healing powers of water.

Based on his researches and experiments with real patients, Batmanghelidj came to believe that a condition he referred to as “chronic unintentional dehydration” was implicated in a whole host of common health problems. Moving beyond diagnosis, Batmanghelidj developed a regime of water treatments that were apparently extremely successful in treating numerous ailments. Batmanghelidj eventually came to believe that increasing the consumption of water was critically important in the prevention of, and treatment of, a number of serious health conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Angina
  • High blood pressure
  • Asthma
  • Heartburn
  • Colitis
  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Migraine headaches

Not surprisingly, Batmanghelidj’s claims were largely ignored or ridiculed by mainstream medical science, as peer reviewed journals refused to publish his findings.

Beware of the Dangers of Fluoride

People can unwittingly contribute to their own health problems if they do not consume adequate amounts of life-giving fresh water. Unfortunately, even if they try to do the right thing, their efforts can be undone if pure sources of water are not available. In addition to chemical pollution, fluoridation of the water is a common practice that contaminates drinking water and negates its positive health effects. The idea of using fluoride in the water as protection against tooth decay was the brainchild of the aluminum industry, which found itself stuck with tons of toxic waste (fluoride is a hazardous byproduct of aluminum smelting) that they needed to dispose of. In the 65 years since this plan was adopted, medical researchers, publishing mostly in well-respected journals, have chronicled the results of numerous studies indicating a correlation between fluoride consumption and such health problems as:

  • Hip fractures
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Infertility
  • Learning disabilities
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Cancer

The evidence is clear – if you are worried about the health of your family, then you need to avoid consuming fluoridated water at all costs. Water is one of God’s greatest miracles, and it does not need to be “improved” by adding a toxic industrial byproduct.

Water and the Power of Positive Thought

Water in its pure, natural form plays an essential role in preserving healthy functioning in the body, and restoring that functioning when it has been lost. But even with this recognition, we may still have a rather passive view of water.  According to the revolutionary research findings of Dr. Masaru Emoto, however, it appears that water may have capacities that allow it to actively absorb positive thoughts, emotions, and concepts from its surroundings, actually enhancing its abilities to cure and heal. Dr. Emoto’s fascinating experiments subjected samples of water to music, speech, written words, and prayers to see if it showed any changes in structure after such exposures. What he found is that the quality and quantity of crystalline structures in his water samples changed dramatically based on the energy of the messages they received. Samples receiving positive messages or harmonies responded by forming beautiful, symmetrical crystals that were readily observable under a microscope, while samples subjected to negative messages or discordant harmonies showed chaotic and stunted patterns of development.

Given the fact that our bodies are mostly made of water, it does not take long to realize what the consequences of these discoveries could mean for human health. For religious or spiritual people, the healing power of prayer is something that needs no further proof. Nevertheless, it is exciting to realize there may now be scientific evidence that supports the idea that prayer has the power to heal, apparently by altering and harmonizing the atomic structure of the body’s most plentiful substance.

Water and the Gift of Healing

The power of water to sanctify and purify has long been recognized in the religious tradition through the ceremony of baptism. This power has now been recognized by science, which has discovered the importance of water in allowing the body to function smoothly and efficiently. Water cleans, nourishes, restores and heals – and thanks to the courageous work of a few maverick researchers and doctors, we now know that the purifying and re-energizing power of water goes well beyond what has been recognized by mainstream medical science.

If you are not feeling well, rather than running to the doctor to get a prescription for the latest wonder drug with 40,000 terrible side effects, why not just try a few glasses of pure, clean water? Combined with a diet that excludes processed foods while including prayer and positive thought, water’s unmatched power to cure and transform may be able to heal whatever it is that ails you by restoring you to your natural healthy state.

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