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Thinking About Health Care Off the Grid

pomegranateOne concern of almost every person on Earth is health care. We in the United States are fortunate to have the best health care system in the world, but if the current administration has its way, that may soon come to an end. Of course, no one is really against universal health care, if only it could work. The problem is that all evidence suggests it doesn’t. With the collapse of the American medical profession a serious possibility, we must consider the possibility we’ll have to provide for our own medical needs.

All good health care begins with preventive measures. It’s like the old saying “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Well, it’s better to stay healthy than to have to work to get well. Fortunately the Earth has provided us with nearly everything we need to accomplish this. Every day scientists discover a myriad of health benefits from fruits, vegetables and herbs. Many of these things have been discovered by previous civilizations and lost, just to be discovered again.

One of these so-called miracle foods is pomegranate. For quite some time, nutritionists have known the health benefits of this fruit. It is a powerful antioxidant and is full of vitamins. It is a proven cancer fighter and is especially effective against breast, skin and prostate cancers. It is effective in combating heart disease and Alzheimer’s, and is an effective anti-aging substance. The general health benefits alone are well worth taking advantage of what it has to offer. But now, scientists have identified yet another benefit offered by the humble pomegranate.

Overuse of antibiotics have given birth to strains of super bacteria known as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). This is basically a bacterial infection that has grown immune to our current supplies of antibiotics due to overuse. Scientists are now working with pomegranates to develope an effective treatment for MRSA. It turns out that the chemicals contained in the rinds, when mixed with vitamin C and some other substances, act as an extremely powererful antimicrobial agent. While this particualr drug is still in the testing phase, it serves to remind us that often the simplest, most effective drugs, can be found in our gardens.

Given the volitility of the American health care system and the world economy as a whole, now is the time to prepare-before it’s too late. A little knowledge about the health benefits of common fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices can go a long way in a world with little or no formal medical care. Don’t be fooled by the pharmaceutical industry that would have you believe that life is unlivable without their chemical wonder drugs. These companies are out to make a profit, any way they can. Rest assured that the cloves of garlic growing in your backyard garden, a powerful anibiotic, have no such profit agenda, and will still be around long after greedy, incompetent politicians have destroyed health care as we know it.

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