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3 Ways Your Children Are Already Wards Of The State

Image source: NorthCoastNow

Image source: NorthCoastNow

The country we now live in is no more than a shadow of what our Founders designed and intended to leave as their legacy. The United States was meant to be a bastion of liberty and personal freedom, yet we live today in something much different, with the government being the end-all, be-all when it comes to deciding what is best for us and how we should live.

The “greater good” has become the backdrop against which almost all public policy is made, and the federal government supersedes the individual states when it comes to what is not only allowed, but what is required. The Roman Empire is alive and well here, although in many ways the ways of Communist China have infiltrated our system just as much.

As with all progressive and leftist agendas, the most prized possession is control of the youngest generation.

Here are three ways that your children — meaning the children of this country in general — are essentially wards of the state.

1. Their education. This is the first in the list because it is the foundation of everything else. Once the state controls the vehicle for education, it controls the future of the country. Unfortunately, the public education system — one of the primary planks in the Communist Manifesto — has been in place long enough now that it is considered a right by the people, and one that they not only don’t want abolished, but one that they will even fight to keep.

Public education, supported and supplemented by the un-constitutional Department of Education and leftist unions like the National Education Association, is the most ideal way to control and indoctrinate the population. The state gets to decide where our children will attend school, what subjects they will be taught, how those subjects will be taught, and what are considered proper behaviors from children. Even in private schools, there are government-mandated rules and regulations that must be followed to be compliant with state expectations.

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Just as important, it teaches that the school system (and by extension the “system” in general) is the final arbiter of what is right, wrong and important – and that “old-fashioned” thinking should be discarded as “un-enlightened.”

Unless you seriously supplement (and sometimes correct) your childrens’ school experience, you may be having less of an impact on their future than the state is.

2. Their faith

It’s no secret that faith is under constant attack in modern America, particularly the Christian faith. While tolerance is preached from the rooftops, it seems to apply to everything except Christianity. This denouncement of faith begins in the most likely of places for any form of indoctrination: the public school system.

There are countless instances of children being corrected for mentioning Christ or faith in their answers, and prayers are at best discouraged and at worst punishable. Even saying “God bless America” can gets students in trouble.

Once a child moves on to institutions of “higher education,” any remaining vestiges of their faith are attacked much more directly and brutally. College professors routinely teach that faith is a weakness grounded in stone-age superstitions, and professors in subjects such as philosophy and psychology have been known to encourage their students to denounce their faith.

The mythical “separation of church and state” is accepted as fact in most government institutions. Our president even attacks Christianity in a twisted defense of the religious war being waged against us by radical Islam, referencing mistakes made centuries ago in the Crusades and the Inquisition.

3. Their medical care

Justin Pelletier

Justin Pelletier

The case of Justina Pelletier being held against her will by a Boston hospital for over a year shocked the nation, but apparently not enough. Now there is the recent case of the 17-year-old girl from the same area who is being held by a hospital — under court order — and forced to accept chemotherapy, something she actually ran away from home to avoid.

Then there is the case of the Washington state couple who are fostering an infant. The family doesn’t approve of vaccinations, and the state authorities have threatened to remove the child from their home unless the entire family is vaccinated. And there are many, many other cases, including some in which parents were threatened for letting their children play outside.

The argument about forced vaccinations has been pushed back into the public awareness recently, and even many on the “conservative” side of things are now saying vaccines should be mandatory for all children. I won’t delve into the science or the purported link to autism, but the matter is indicative of the “greater good” argument that continues to gain ground.

The fact is, if we as individuals don’t have a choice in controlling our own medical conditions and those of our children, then we are slaves to the people who do make those decisions — the state. Authorities use children as the first line of attack in this debate, because pulling at the heart strings is the easiest way to win the greater good argument.

The solution? There are many. But getting yourself and your family out of the “system,” off the grid, and becoming as self-reliant as possible sure seems to be a good starting point.

Do you believe our children are wards of the state? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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