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Did This Former CIA Agent Predict The San Bernardino Attack — 2 Weeks Ago?

Did This Former CIA Agent Predict The San Bernardino Attack -- 2 Weeks Ago?A former fighter in al Qaeda who eventually became a double agent spy for the CIA accurately predicted the San Bernardino terrorist attacks two weeks ago during an appearance on FoxNews.

In a video that is again making the rounds in social media, Morten Storm appeared on FoxNews’ “The Kelly File” Nov. 17 and said the United States would be hit by a terrorist attack within two weeks.

The shootings in San Bernardino, California, which killed 14 people, took place on Wednesday – 15 days after Storm’s appearance. Storm was on the program to discuss the Paris attacks and terrorism in general.

Storm fought for al Qaeda for a decade before he started regretting what he had done and then began working for the CIA. His new book, “Agent Storm,” documents his journey.

During the Nov. 17 episode, Kelly opened the segment by saying her next guest not only thinks “the U.S. is likely next on the list but an attack on American soil is likely to unfold over the next two weeks.”

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“You need to understand their mind, you need to understand the mentality of them,” Storm said. “How do they think in order to predict what they want to do? And that was my success in my work. You know, I was one of the best. I am saying quite confidently that I believe that something within the next two weeks will happen.”

He also apparently predicted the manner in which the attack would take place, saying, “And I also believe that copycats in America will do their best to do what they’ve … done in Europe.”

On Friday it was revealed that one of the shooters, Tashfeen Malik, had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Storm said the borders in the United States are “quite tighter” than those in Europe but that America still has many soft targets.

“The terrorist wants to scare, wants to make people afraid to live a normal live,” Storm said. “So what they do is to terrorize them mentally.”

Storm also quoted from Hadith 3012, which he said allows the killing of women and children.

“This is literally in the book,” Storm said. “… So, this is not me saying it or somebody else. This is Prophet Muhammad who orders and ‘I say it’s permissible to kill civilians, even children and babies if it justifies the course.’”

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