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Facebook Is Categorizing Your Political Views – Here’s How To Find Your Label!

Facebook Is Categorizing Your Political Views – Here’s How To Find Your Label!

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SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook users likely know that the social media company is trying each day to make money off of them, but they may not realize that it also is categorizing their political views – and that it may have them classified all wrong.

It is all part of Facebook’s effort to target specific ads to specific customers. The company keeps track of which websites and posts you click, like and share, and then puts you in one of three broad categories: conservative, moderate or liberal – with descriptors (such as “very”) added.

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If you’re curious how Facebook has you categorized, then follow these steps:

From there, you can tweak your preferences, which will impact the ads you see. The main “preferences” page also lists your other interests – at least what Facebook thinks are your interests.

As The New York Times reported, political candidates and companies can target audiences based on their political views. Donald Trump is running Facebook ads aimed at moderates, the newspaper said.

What is your reaction to Facebook classifying its audience? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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