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Russia Building ‘Dozens’ Of New Underground Bunkers – ‘Getting Ready For A Big War’

Russia Building ‘Dozens’ Of New Underground Bunkers – ‘Getting Ready For A Big War’

Image source: Wikimedia


MOSCOW — Is a nuclear war looming on the horizon? Russia seems to be preparing for just that, as a shocking new report reveals that “dozens” of new underground bunkers are being constructed throughout the former Soviet Union.

Citing United States intelligence officials, the Washington Free Beacon reported that construction has been ongoing for several years on the bunkers, both in Moscow and around the country.

“Russia is getting ready for a big war which they assume will go nuclear, with them launching the first attacks,” former Pentagon nuclear policy official Mark Schneider told the media site. “We are not serious about preparing for a big war, much less a nuclear war.”

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The Cold War, no doubt, is heating back up. Vladimir Putin has vowed to possess both the strongest and best equipped military on the face of the earth by 2020, having taken substantial steps over the past two years. The nuclear-proof underground bunkers are merely the most recent in a long list of disturbing developments going on behind what formerly was known the “Iron Curtain.”

Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, the commander of U.S. European Command, has said the rest of the world should be troubled by Russia’s moves.

“It is clear that Russia is modernizing its strategic forces,” Scaparrotti said, according to the Free Beacon. “Russian doctrine states that tactical nuclear weapons may be used in a conventional response scenario. This is alarming and it underscores why our country’s nuclear forces and NATO’s continues to be a vital component of our deterrence.”

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As part of the nuclear buildup, Russia has added 153 strategic nuclear warheads, according to a State Department report. That includes new SS-27 Mod 2 intercontinental ballistic missiles and SS-N-32 submarine-launched missiles, the Free Beacon reported. Russia is also constructing a robotic drone submarine that can carry a nuclear weapon.

The National Institute for Public Policy, a U.S.-based think tank, released a report saying Russia wants to change the world’s perception of it.

“Russian leaders,” the report said, “appear to view nuclear weapons as the ultimate way to make the world ‘fear,’ or at least respect Russia, and provide a political lever to intimidate, coerce, and deter Western states from attempting to interfere militarily against Russian expansionism.”

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  1. Several years ago, I watched a documentary about Nostradamus and some of his predictions, both past and present. The one that stuck with me was about the Middle East and an Imam who wears a blue turban. Nostradamus’ writings said there will be a rising Islamic power and it will be centered in the area we know as Iran today. The Islamic goal of world domination by any and all means would require the destruction of a nation in the West that did not exist in Nostradamus’ time, but has been defined by clues in his writings as what we know today as the U.S. He stated that what is today, New York would be the target of an opening attack by what could be described as nuclear missiles today. Russia may be preparing for what could develop into a global war if the blue turbaned madman exists today.

    Obama and his administration have given Iran a free pass to acquire nukes. They are working in concert with another insane despotism, North Korea towards to develop and build them.

  2. Anybody still referring to Russia as “behind the iron curtain” has lost track of time or knows very little of Russia today. Winston Churchill gave the name “Iron Curtain” which symbolized efforts by the Soviet Union to block itself and its satellite states from open contact with the West and non-Soviet-controlled areas. Today Russia is a predominantly Christian Nation and Putin himself is a reborn Christian, often seen attending service all by himself without security personnel and a fan fare.
    The whole world is busy building bunkers. The difference is, Putin is building it for his people, whilst the West builds it for the Elite. Furthermore to imply the Russia will strike first, is typical of War monger Pentagon (Military Industrial Complex puppets) staff. Mark Schneider has always been looking for a boogeyman so the US could spend more on the Military Industrial Complex.
    He has a Doctorate degree in History, so maybe he should pay attention to Russian history too, then he would notice that Russia never attacks first as he so blatantly tries to scare people.

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