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Left Fur Dead: Fluffy The Frozen Cat Brought Back To Life In Montana

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frozen cat

Fluffy, the frozen cat. “Hard to believe he’s alive.”


A Montana veterinarian brought a frozen cat back to life in January. Notably, owners could not revive Fluffy the cat with hot water and blankets.

In fact, a thermometer could not register Fluffy’s temperature when the vet examined her. To explain, the thermometer has a bottom range of 90 degrees. Thus the vet does not know how cold the cat was.

In detail, Fluffy’s owner brought the cat to the Animal Clinic of Kalispell on New Year’s Eve, ABC News reports. Apparently, somebody dug the unresponsive Fluffy out of a snowbank. Notably, a picture shows Fluffy’s hair full of snow at the clinic.


Amazing Frozen Cat Brought To Life

Surprisingly, the vet does not explain the frozen cat brought to life. Instead, the Animal Clinic of Kalispell’s Facebook page simply describes an “amazing frozen cat” brought to life.

Nobody knows how many hours Fluffy spent in the snowbank. However, thermometers record a temperature of eight degrees for January 31.

Thus, Fluffy could have spent several hours stuck in the snow. Moreover, the cat could have spent several hours in the snow at temperatures well below freezing.

To clarify, the Facebook page does not say how much snow is covering Fluffy. However, ABC reports 16 inches of snow in Kalispell on New Year’s Eve.

Hence, the Clinic’s Facebook page exclaims “Fluffy is amazing.” Specifically, news stories do not say if Fluffy was dead.


Frozen Man Brought To Life

Notably, innovative hypothermia treatments will bring both frozen cats and people back to life. Thus science explains the frozen cat brought to life.

For instance, paramedics pronounced Justin Smith dead but doctors could revive him in 2016. Medical Daily reports, Smith spent 12 hours outside in sub-zero temperatures. In fact, Smith’s father describes his condition as hard as concrete.

However, Dr. Gerald Coleman said he believes Coleman is alive because his body was cold. To explain, Coleman says low temperatures can preserve the brain and other organs.


Frozen Dead Brought To Life

Surprisingly, Smith survived even though cold deprived his brain of oxygen for many hours. In fact, brain cells will die if they have no oxygen for a few minutes.

However, extreme cold can apparently freeze that process. Thus the frozen cat brought to life and similar stories.

Specifically, an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machine brought Smith back to life. To explain, the ECMO machine supplies oxygen and warms the blood.

Smith is alive because the Lehigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania has an ECMO machine. Oddly, doctors normally use an ECMO machine to provide life support for premature infants. However, ECMO machines are being now being used to treat hypothermia.


The Weird Psychology Of Cold

Besides freezing cats, extreme cold can have weird effects on human psychology.

For instance, women are more likely to wear red or pink clothes in cold weather, Live Science claims. Scientists do not why cold weather affects clothing choices but romance could play a role. To explain, Psychology Professor Jessica Tracy thinks women wear red or pink in winter to appear more attractive to men.

Strangely people are less likely to show mercy to criminals during cold weather. In fact, studies show people are more likely to believe crimes are deliberate when temperatures are lower.

Plus, people get less creative in the cold, psychologists report. Instead, abstract thinking improves in cold weather a study in the journal Acta Psychologica claims.

Thus, the frozen cat brought to life could think differently. However, Fluffy is unlikely frozen again because it is now an indoor cat.

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