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The Nation’s Most Stringent Gun Control Laws Could Come To Your State Soon

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gun control laws

We must watch Washington State carefully because 1639 is an example of a new set of gun control laws that could sweep the nation.

The nation’s most stringent gun control laws will come to Washington State if a ballot initiative passes.

For instance, violating gun storage laws will be a Class C Felony in Washington State if voters approve Initiative 1639. Notably, a Class C Felony is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine in Washington State.

So, a Washington State resident could go to prison for keeping a gun in an unlocked room. Authorities could also prosecute you if somebody stole your gun, under the 1639 gun control law.

Moreover, firearms training will be mandatory for purchasers of semiautomatic rifles in Washington State. In addition, it will be illegal for people under 21 to buy semiautomatic weapons under Initiative 1639, The Seattle Times reports.

Gun Control Law Brings Enhanced Background Check To Washington State

Initiative Measure 1639 is actually a package of gun control laws that is 30 pages long. In particular, 1639 will require “enhanced background checks” for semiautomatic rifle purchases.

The enhanced background checks will be similar to those that handgun purchasers undergo in Washington State, The Seattle Times states. Specifically, the gun control laws will require the State Department of Licensing to charge a $25 fee for background checks.

Additionally, the state could increase the fee. Therefore, the 1639 gun control laws are also a tax increase in effect.

Wealthy Leftists Use Initiative To Bypass Legislature And Implement Gun Control Laws

Liberals designed Initiative 1639 to bypass legislators and implement the most ambitious set of gun control laws in Washington State’s history.

With this in mind, the group behind 1639, The Alliance for Gun Responsibility, created the measure after the Washington State Legislature refused to consider new gun control laws. Legislators probably felt that Washington State’s 43 existing gun control laws were adequate.

It is important to realize that 1639 is the creation of wealthy leftists. For example, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen donated $3.6 million to the Alliance, The Seattle Times notes.

Furthermore, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and billionaire leftist Nick Hanauer also gave money to the alliance. However, The Seattle Times did not say how much money they gave. Unremarkably, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety group donated $250,000 to the campaign for 1639.

Gun Controllers Outspending NRA In Battle For Gun Control Laws

Amazingly, supporters of gun control laws are outspending Second Amendment supporters in Washington State.

Particularly, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has only raised $173,000 to oppose 1639. Another group called Save our Security has raised $24,300 to oppose 1639.

Consequently, Second Amendment defenders could have just $197,300 for the Washington State fight. Meanwhile, The Alliance for Gun Responsibility reportedly has a $4.5 million war chest.

New Gun Control Laws Could Come To Your State

Fortunately, 1639 is the only major statewide gun control measure on the November 6, 2018 ballot.

Nonetheless, gun controllers will copy 1639 in other states if it passes. Democrats, in particular, will put new gun control laws on the ballot to lure leftist voters to the polls. The hope is that all leftists will also vote for Democratic candidates.

As a result, we must watch Washington State carefully because 1639 is an example of a new set of gun control laws that could sweep the nation.

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