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Outrageous: Homeland Security Raids Innocent Couple’s Home And Forces Woman To Strip

swat raid -- woman strippedA Florida woman claims the Department of Homeland Security forced her to strip naked and then handcuffed her during a no-knock raid at dawn that turned up nothing and left them wondering the purpose behind the invasion.

According to Kari Edwards, she and her boyfriend were both forced to disrobe and were restrained for two hours while her house was searched by the SWAT team officers.

The early morning DHS raid reportedly occurred on June 10 just after 6 a.m., with a helicopter and an armored vehicle accompanying the SWAT team to the home, Edwards said. (Watch video below.) If the woman’s accounting of the incident is correct, her pet cat was deafened by the flash bangs used as her front door was smashed in.

“They busted in like I was a terrorist or something,” she told the Tea Party News Network. “An officer demanded that I drop the towel I was covering my naked body with before snatching it off me physically and throwing me to the ground. While I lay naked, I was cuffed so tightly that I could not feel my hands. For no reason, at gunpoint. Agents refused to cover me no matter how many times I asked. They spent about two hours trashing my house, even smashing clear glass shower doors and a vintage statue.”

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Edwards was reportedly employed by the Department of Homeland Security in the past and stated during an interview that some of the men conducting the raid were from that agency. The Florida woman also maintains that when she asked why the raid was ordered and which agency they worked for, the men would only answer that they were “police.”

Edwards claims that the officers called her “retarded” and “stupid” for asking who they were. The former DHS worker and her boyfriend both said that the men conducting the raid wore multiple styles of uniforms.

The lingering smoke from the flash bang grenades also allegedly caused breathing troubles for Edwards’ boyfriend, who has asthma. Before leaving the property the DHS agents handed the woman a warrant signed by U.S. District Judge Jonathan Goodman. The warrant supposedly authorized the agents to search electronics and computers. Despite claims about alleged child pornography activity, none of the computers were reportedly seized from the home. The boyfriend fixes computers.

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Surveillance camera footage from the home shows the agents arriving, but no other footage was recorded because a DVR was allegedly ripped out by the DHS agents.

Rutherford Institute representative and constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead cited multiple incidents which led him to believe the Department of Homeland Security is a “beast that is accelerating our nation’s transformation into a police state through its establishment of a standing army, A.K.A. national police force.”

According to the most current statistics available, DHS employs 240,000 full-time workers and has an operating budget of about $61 billion.

“The DHS routinely hands out six-figure grants to enable local municipalities to purchase military-style vehicles, as well as a veritable war chest of weaponry, ranging from tactical vests, bomb-disarming robots, assault weapons and combat uniforms,” Whitehead said. “This rise in military equipment purchases funded by the DHS has, according to analysts Andrew Becker and G.W. Schulz, ‘paralleled an apparent increase in local SWAT teams.’ The end result? An explosive growth in the use of SWAT teams for otherwise routine police matters, an increased tendency on the part of police to shoot first and ask questions later, and an overall mindset within police forces that they are at war — and the citizenry are the enemy combatants.”

Do you believe America’s police are becoming “militarized”? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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