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Factory Fishing “Pirate Super Ships” Rapidly Depleting World Food Supplies

pirate super ships

Pirate super ships are destroying the oceans and food supplies.

The world’s supply of seafood is in danger from pirate super ships. The largest of those ships, the Damanzaihao, can harvest and process up to 547,000 tons of fish a year. Ships like the Damanzaihao can destroy marine ecosystems around the world and deplete food supplies with illegal fishing, the Sea Shepherd Conservation society charged.

Pirate super ships can dump vast amounts of pollution into the seas, killing huge numbers of fish and further damaging the ocean. Pirate super ships such as the Damanzaihao are blamed for the collapse of the population of one kind of fish: Pacific Mackerel, The Independent reported. Fishermen feed the mackerel to salmon that they raise in commercial farms in places like Chile. American supermarkets and big-box stores like Costco then sell the salmon commercially.

Pirate Super Ships Are Destroying The Oceans And Food Supplies

The Damanzaihao has been plundering the world’s oceans for years. The pirate super ship is a former oil tanker that was built in 1980 as the Freeport Chief. A Chinese shipyard converted the Damanzaihao into a factory ship in 2008. Such a vessel is a floating factory that processes fish caught by smaller boats. Factory ships allow fishing boats to stay out for months and harvest hundreds of thousands of tons of fish. The Damanzaihao was impounded but not shut down by authorities in Peru last week. Instead, the ship will be held for just 70 days and then be released to resume to her voyages of ecological devastation.

This is the second time that Peruvian authorities have gone after the Damanzaihao. They hit the ship’s owners with a huge fine that was never paid in 2016. Damanzaihao’s owners were fined $800,000 by the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization (SPRFMO) in 2014, but they never paid that fine either. The pirate super ship should be easy to spot, as she is 748 feet long and weighs nearly 5,000 tons. The Damanzaihao is owned by a company called Pacific Andes, which is a subsidiary of the China Fishery Group. This organization filed for bankruptcy in 2016. The Damanzaihao is probably Chinese-owned, but she is registered in the nation of Belize in Central America. The ship has also sailed under the names Lafayette and Vemacape.

The World’s Food Supply Is More Vulnerable Than Most People Think

Everybody should pay close attention to this story because the world’s food supply is closer to depletion than you think. All it would take is a few years of uncontrolled plunder by vessels like the Damanzaihao to deplete the world’s fisheries. That would cause most of the seafood at Costco and Walmart to disappear. This is because people either catch these fish in the ocean or raise them in offshore fish farms. Salmon and other fish in the farms are fed the fish caught by pirate factory ships.

Folks that want their families to have a source of protein and Omega-3 in the future would be well advised to build a fish pond on their property. If the “pirate super ships” are not stopped, such ponds might be your only source of fish.

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