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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Loves Gun Control

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves gun control

Predictably, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves gun control but has no love for the National Rifle Association (NRA).

As you might expect, Democratic rock star Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves gun control. The Queens Congresswoman, who is also known as “AOC,” likes to make questionable statements about guns.

For instance, on February 18, 2018, she tweeted “AR-15s cost less than an iPhone and are designed to kill groups of people in short bursts.” Astonishingly, there is some truth in that statement. Nonetheless, it depends on which AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and which iPhone you shop for.

On January 10, 2019, some variants of the AR-15 were selling for as low as $425 online. Meanwhile, an iPhone XR was selling for $449 at the Apple Store.

On the other hand, a top-of-the-line AR-15 (a civilian variant of the M-16) sold for $939 at Atlantic Firearms. At the same time, an iPhone X was selling for $699 at the Apple Store. So, even though Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves gun control, she clearly does not research firearms or iPhones thoroughly.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Loves Gun Control And Hates The NRA

Predictably, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves gun control but has no love for the National Rifle Association (NRA). Yet, AOC has apparently done no research on the NRA. She tweeted that “NRA politicians are also cheap to buy and kill hundreds of people through neglect over extended periods” on February 10, 2018. On the contrary, the NRA definitely knows that politicians are not cheap to buy.

In particular, the NRA spent nearly $70 million during the 2016 elections, McClatchy Newspapers estimates. From this, we can clearly see that NRA politicians are very expensive in actuality.


Ocasio-Cortez’s Extreme Gun Control Agenda

AOC’s campaign website proposes a radical gun-control agenda but offers no plans for enforcement.

Examples of Ocasio-Cortez’s extreme gun control agenda include bans on “assault weapons,” “high-capacity-magazines,” and bump stocks. Oddly enough, President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) and AOC may even agree on bump stocks. Furthermore, Trump’s Justice Department is now trying to implement a federal bump stock ban.

Additionally, AOC wants to give police and prosecutors the ability to confiscate firearms from people accused of domestic abuse. Her extreme gun-control wish list also includes universal background checks.

Moreover, Ocasio-Cortez is proposing an unconstitutional, anti-gun measure. Specifically, AOC wants to make it illegal for members of Congress to take money from the gun lobby.

Notwithstanding, that proposal violates the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which declared money as “free speech” under the First Amendment. As a result, AOC’s extreme gun control agenda will violate both the First and Second Amendments.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Loves Gun Control And Spreads Misinformation About Guns

AOC’s campaign website also contains some blatant misinformation about firearms issues. As an illustration, the gun control section of the site shows a picture of an old-fashioned pump shotgun, a firearm usually not classified as an “assault weapon.” Instead, the term assault weapon typically describes semiautomatic weapons such as the AR-15 and not manual weapons like pump shotguns.

Furthermore, the site complains about the “billionaire-backed gun lobby.” Nevertheless, the most prominent billionaire backer of gun legislation is former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Significantly, Bloomberg is an outspoken advocate of gun control who reportedly spent $80 million backing the position in 2018.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Loves Gun Control But Tries To Hide It

Incidentally, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves gun control but apparently conceals this from the public eye. For example, the aforementioned February 18, 2018 tweets were a sizeable portion of the few gun control statements from AOC I found.

More than likely, firearms are not a major issue in New York’s very urban 14th District, which represents Queens and the Bronx. In fact, New York 14 is one of the most Democratic Congressional districts.

Particularly, AOC won 78.2% of the vote in the 2018 general election. Meanwhile, her main opponent, Republican Anthony Pappas, won just 13.6% of the vote, Ballotpedia reports.

Ocasio-Cortez made history in June of last year by defeating high-ranking House Democrat Joseph Crowley in a primary election. Since then, Ocasio-Cortez has become a media favorite since she is from New York.

Notably, AOC’s district is a short subway ride from TV studios in Manhattan. Consequently, journalists do not have to travel to Middle America to interview her.

AOC is one of the youngest people in Congress as she was 29 at her victory party. For this reason, Ocasio-Cortez is too young to serve in the Senate because the Constitution requires U.S. Senators to be at least 30.


Socialist AOC Claims She Was Broke

Even so, AOC is a political veteran despite her young age. She worked in late U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy’s (D-Massachusetts) office in college and served as a “community organizer” for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vermont) 2016 presidential campaign.

In addition, Ocasio-Cortez is a very successful fundraiser. Amazingly, she calls herself a socialist and yet raised $600,000 for her campaign, as Vox claims. Nonetheless, AOC tells Elite Daily she has not paid off her student loans.

Remarkably, AOC claimed she could not pay for an apartment in Washington, D.C. back in November 2018. However, Ocasio-Cortez can probably afford an apartment now since she is receiving her $174,000 per year salary as a U.S. representative.


Socialist Bartender Heads To Congress

Moreover, AOC admits to being a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, which is the largest socialist organization in America. The Democratic Socialists of America is a successor organization to Eugene Debs’ old Socialist Party which collapsed in the 1970s.

“To me, what socialism means is to guarantee a basic level of dignity,” AOC tells Vogue. Strangely enough, AOC is also an entrepreneur who founded a small company that publishes books to portray the Bronx in a positive way. Additionally, her dad was a small business owner when she was a girl.

In any event, the socialist Ocasio-Cortez presumably had no objection to taking tips from Wall Street bankers in her previous job as a bartender in Manhattan. Ironically, Ocasio-Cortez could soon encounter her former patrons again in her new role as a member of the House Financial Services Committee which oversees Wall Street.

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