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The PC basis for today’s worldview is – the individual knows what’s best for himself.

“Individualism” found deep roots and good soil in America. The pioneers and cowboys, farmers and ranchers all made it “on their own”. We’re made of tough stuff, at least in our history.

It’s strange to me that now those individuals (who cut down the forests, took land from the Indians, and amassed wealth enough to build the strongest, most stable nation in the world) are now being rewritten as villains. Yet the myth of individualism continues in the form of New Age religion, sliding morals and values, rebellion from all authority, the dismissal of Hell and all personal consequences, and relative truth.

Bravery, risk, hard work and deep character are being replaced by entitlement and anarchistic narcissism.

Our country was made strong by the character of her individuals. Her character came from a belief in God. America could never have born sons and daughters of strength without training them in God’s Word and by His hand. Not then, and not now.

“Individual” used to mean someone who stood for something greater than himself. More than one of these could agree, unite and stand for something.

Today, “individual” means someone who, alone, does his own thing….whatever.

God is out of the character equation in America. If we are to unite, we need to believe in something more cohesive than steroidal faith in ourselves.

I must take the step of abandoning my “individual” entitlements. I must trust God, surrender myself to Him and follow.

Faith is the answer; but not in self. Certainty in a good, almighty and unchanging God is our answer.

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