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Principles Over Politics


Everyone gains experiences throughout their lives that determine the principles to which they abide. These experiences are tempered by family, friends, demographics, religion, education and other encounters that influence their philosophy. These varying philosophies are measured in this country by the degree in which an individual or entity is liberal or conservative; controlled or uncontrolled; enslaved or free. Issues should be debated within that framework of Liberty– as to whether a limited government that is defined by its ability not to encroach on an individual’s right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness should be involved and whether the powers of states and individuals would be usurped by the actions of the central government. Many experiences can provide legitimate foundation for discussion, yet others are based on paths that erode the rights of man. It is my intention to offer, through a series of brochures, an assessment of those issues which will preserve or destroy freedoms for all Americans, as envisioned by our Founders, as well as thoughts on the principles necessary to ensure enduring American Liberty.


Political parties have evolved as a result of legitimate issues, but, contrary to the popular big tent theory, cannot be every aspect of an individual’s principles. In his farewell address, George Washington opined that political parties were dangerous in that they could only represent special interests. In his day, residents of northern-most cities maintained that it was most important that the nation’s direction reflect the industrial and trade priorities of their colonies much to the behest of the southern colonies and western expansion settlements which were more concerned with agriculture and the impact of international treaties on American colonial expansion, respectively. You can derive from his writings that he firmly believed that, if a central government were to remain legitimate, that it must be limited and represent the entire country in its actions.

Today, two parties control the political landscape and the personal Liberty. Some in this country would have you believe that legitimate opposition rests within the existing political structure. It should be understood that no single party (or two) can effectively substantiate or advocate the opinions or factually-derived principles of every man, woman and child. The “Big Tent” concept whereby an individual party maintains that it can effectively represent all philosophic tenets is false. The level of consistent fiscal and social policy constraint truly identifies a particular party and the demonstrated beliefs of individuals presently leading the party demonstrate its current beliefs.

These powerful parties have banded together to successfully pass laws that limit funds and opportunity by third parties thereby creating their own monopoly of power. They are businesses that do not represent the views of the average citizen as framed within of the Constitution, but are driven by special interests and/or ideology. Every law they pass further reduces individual freedom and expands the role of central government in our personal lives. They have thousands of tentacles that reach into every facet of our lives. The tentacles of these parties use outside agencies and non-government organizations (NGOs), such as the United Nations, in attempts to legitimize their actions further restrict those precious rights protected by the Constitution of our nation.


It is now imperative that Americans get back to basics and support the reestablishment of the intent of governance. To do so, we must become students of the Constitution. We must understand that this document which, contrary to liberal schools of thought, is not a living document but must go through an amendment process to change the intent of the Founders. We must understand that it does not hinge on the definition of “what is is” but was arduously examined by the Founders to remove any uncertainty.

It is said that “all politics are local”. It is true. Every organization concerned about personal freedom should recognize that only a powerful centralized government can destroy Liberty. Every issue or concern must be dealt with at the lowest level possible to ensure our national leaders remain free to wrestle with the serious affairs of State, such as war, treaties, and international trade. Grass roots (local and state) politics is important because that is the level where citizens have greatest control and influence.

In 1992, a strong third-party candidate instigated the election of William Jefferson Clinton. Many with whom I have discussed the results were cautioned that voting for the Independent would only permit the Democrat to win simply because they had been instilled with fear by the Republican Party. While the Republican presidential candidate lost as a result of the third-party candidate, sweeping changes were made in Congress in the subsequent election that reversed some attempts to seize personal Liberty.


So what principles should a Liberty-loving American espouse? What principles best ensure limited centralized government? The following is not all-encompassing but can serve as a guideline for those seeking to protect Liberty.

1. Be informed. Ignorant voters make poor choices.

2. Defend the Constitution…Limit governance at all levels. Commencing with your local community, evaluate government activities and perform a Liberty challenge. Eliminate all statutes or activities being performed that have no value in protecting your Liberty. Focus your community on Liberty.

3. Seek the lowest level at which a problem can be resolved. It is surprising just how many problems can be resolved without involving governance. If issues cannot be resolved personally, determine the lowest level of governance at which an issue can be effectively solved. If you choose to allow government to resolve problems, it costs your Liberty. It is important to organize and gain the strongest advocacy at the grassroots level.

4. Support and vote for individuals…not parties. Elect politicians that know and understand the Constitution as established by our Founders. Be well versed in the Constitution and challenge those asking for your vote to prove they comprehend the intent and will adhere to it.

5. Do not trust any Party or Entity with your Liberty. Benjamin Franklin reflected that “Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety.” Once you relinquish control, the challenge of regaining it requires struggle. Be consistent with your mistrust in government and those in power. While you may THINK you can trust one party or entity with your Liberty, their reign is brief and the loss of Liberty can adversely impact you later.

6. Establish standards of governance based on Liberty, not personal desires. Electing someone simply because you can make money from their victory will cost you in the long run. There is no such things a just a little bit pregnant. Make decisions as to whether candidates for office seek to rule rather than to serve. Seek out and eliminate any initiatives driven by personal control and/or greed.

7. Do not replace or allow God to be replaced with man. The Founders recognized that the rights of Man were God-given and, therefore, could not be overridden by man. Efforts continue to remove God because those factions are fully aware that they cannot gain dominion over a country of citizens that comprehends that only God can give or take away Liberty. Atheism, just as Gaia (worship of Earth), is a belief system (religion) just as much as Christianity and Judaism. Freedom of religion was established to ensure that, although America was established as a Christian nation, the Government could not impose any sect or religion on its People. Today, that is precisely what is happening today as “separation of church and state” has become the imposition of Atheism/Gaia as the national religion.

8. Be honest, responsible and proactive in your civic duty. The First Amendment provides you the ability to speak freely and share your concerns and knowledge without fear or apprehension. Vote to support Liberty over dependence.

9. Practice the First Amendment. While some seek to curb freedom of speech using “political correctness” and “hate speech” propaganda, there are no laws that prevent you from speech. Educate others within your community. Seek their views and share yours based on the Liberty of Americans.

10. Become a community. Come together to strengthen YOUR community. Infuse your standards into everyday community life. Help those in need–the orphans and widows. Give a hand up, not a hand out. Help the able bodied to find work.

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