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Military Voice Opinion Through Pics: ‘I Didn’t Join To Fight For Al Qaeda In Syrian Civil War’

military signs Syrian Civil War

Some United States military members have taken to social networks to register their displeasure about initiating any type of American strike on Syria.

The pictures have gone viral. One of the signs held by a man who presents himself as a Marine reads, “I didn’t join the Marine Corps to fight for Al Qaeda in a Syrian Civil War.” Some view the signs held by alleged Marines, Sailors, Air Force members, and soldiers as treason, but others deem their sentiments as free speech.

Speaking out against President Obama could land the presumed military members in a lot of hot water. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Article 88 section directly addresses the issue of commissioned officers using “contemptuous words” against the president, vice president, secretary of defense, Congress, state governors, and a host of other government officials. If such an armed forces member uses such language against the noted officials he/she may be punished under the dictates of a court martial.

Another sign about the Syrian Civil War held by men believed to be members of the US military reads, “Obama, I will not deploy to fight for our Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria. Wake Up People.”

If a non-commissioned or enlisted member of the military engages in similar behavior, they may be punished under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. This section of the code addresses court martial proceedings which could result from the failure to obey an order.

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While some of the comments on the Armed Force Tea Party Facebook page do not support the Syrian Civil War signs held by the supposed armed forces members, the vast majority of commenters are cheering on the men.

An excerpt from the Armed Forces Tea Party “about us” section reads:

“Our Armed Forces place their life on the line for political agendas every day, is it common sense to think that they should have no opinion about what they are potentially sacrificing their lives for? We say no! Let them be heard. We are a simple fan page that is set up to allow active, inactive, or retired members of the United States Armed Forces to stand with the Tea Party movement. We do not represent, and are in no way affiliated with the military, or United States Armed Forces.”

syrian electronic armyThe military members’ anti-Syrian Civil War involvement signs come on the heels of the hacking of the Marine Corps recruiting website. The website was hacked on Monday by a group calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army. Marine Corps Captain Eric Flanagan confirmed that users of the site were temporarily redirected to a message reportedly posted by the group. The Syrian Electronic Army also claimed credit for hacking Twitter, the New York Times and other high-profile websites earlier this year.

The message on the Marine Corps recruiting website read:

“Dear US Marines, This is a message written by your brothers in the Syrian Army who have been fighting Al Qaeda for the last 3 years. We understand your patriotism and love for your country so please understand our love for ours. Obama is a traitor who wants to put your lives in danger to rescue Al Qaeda insurgents. Marines, please take a look at what your comrades think about Obama’s alliance with Al Qaeda against Syria.”

Syrian rebels are reportedly attempting to remove from power President Bashar Assad who is suspected in orchestrating chemical weapons attacks.

What do you think about the members of the US military who held signs stating they opposed being deployed to fight in Syria?

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