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Will Freedom Survive 2014?

white house obamacareThis year is shaping up to be a pretty interesting year; politically speaking. We entered the year with the Democrats in trouble over Obamacare and the Republicans using every opportunity to rub their noses in it. The Democrats have reacted in typical fashion by looking to change the nation’s focus to another issue. Not surprisingly, the president is talking about earnings inequality and proposing a huge increase in the minimum wage.

This was a very astute political move, as the Republicans can’t support an increase of the minimum wage to what the president wants. To do so would put the country into a hyperinflationary cycle, as business raised their prices in order to keep in business. Of course, to man voters, it won’t appear that the Republicans are voting logically; the spin doctors in the media will make it look like the Republicans don’t care about people.

It appears that the battle lines have been drawn. Both parties have selected the issues that they want to make the battle over. If the mainstream media follows their normal pattern, they will side with the Democrats, doing everything they can to make Republicans look bad. This coming political battle is critical; it is over congressional seats, especially seats in the Senate. While the Democrats currently hold a majority in the Senate, there are 35 Senators who are up for reelection or who are retiring.

Typically, the president’s party loses some seats in midterm elections, but the Democrats really can’t afford to this time. Even more than that, the president can’t afford for his party to lose. That would put a definite end to his agenda.

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If the Republicans gain a majority standing in both the House and the Senate, they could once again try to repeal Obamacare. To date, the House of Representatives have voted 46 times to repeal Obamacare in one way or another, including bills to negate parts of it and the failed attempt to defund it, which the Democrats used to cause the government shutdown in October.

The other thing that Congress could do if the Republicans gain control of both chambers is to start impeachment hearings against President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. People have been talking about impeaching the president for some time, with a bill supposedly already having been presented in the House of Representatives.

Before being elected president, he claimed that the country needed a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that was as well-trained and as well-equipped as the military. He now has that. With the purchases that the DHS made last year, specifically the guns, ammunition, riot gear and armored vehicles, some Americas have grown even more distrustful of government.

The DHS has been working with local police forces as well, militarizing the nation’s local police. They are being trained in military tactics – supposedly training them for anti-terror operations.

At the same time that Obama has been building up the DHS, he’s been castrating the military. There are a number of parts to this, but the main one has been his summary relief of high ranking military officers without cause, just because they don’t agree with his politics. Since taking office, Obama has relieved and forced into retirement 197 generals and admirals, essentially decapitating the military. Any high ranking officer who publicly or privately disagrees with him is relieved.

Let’s hope freedom survives 2014.

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