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Rogue, Anti-Trump Elector Warns: I’m Not The Only One

Rogue, Anti-Trump Elector Warns: I’m Not The Only One

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DALLAS — The lone Republican elector who has pledged to vote for someone other than Donald Trump in the electoral college says he won’t be the only one to abandon the GOP president-elect.

“At this point there are people who have reached out to me. Again, it wouldn’t be my place to name who they are,” he told the ABC Powerhouse Politics Podcast. “I am confident in saying, at this point … I don’t think I will be the only one voting for someone other than Donald Trump who is carrying a Republican elector seat.”

The Dallas resident did not identify the other rogue electors or say how many there are. The Electoral College is scheduled to vote Dec. 19. Suprun is one of 306 electors won by Trump, with 270 needed to secure the nomination. All total, 37 would have to abandon Trump for him to fall short; if no candidate got 270 votes the election then would be tossed into the House of Representatives.

Suprun has become something of a celebrity among Trump’s opponents after he penned a New York Times op-ed explaining his vote against Trump.

He said there’s more than one reason he opposes Trump.

“It’s been the buildup,” Suprun said of Trump. “It’s not one raindrop that’s caused the flood. It’s been the undercutting of the Constitution, the undercutting of the First Amendment, the attacks on people critical of him and the attacks on the election itself. You can’t claim 3 million illegal votes without evidence.

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“I was told if we elected Donald Trump he would transform his personality into being presidential. He isn’t,” Suprun said. “I wanted him to be presidential, but since the election he hasn’t grown into our institution; he’s attacked them. I am here to elect a president, not a king.”

Suprun said he has heard from other Republican electors that share his opinion of Trump.

“As electors come forward, and I have had conversations with other Republican electors in particular, I think we will start discussing names specifically and see who meets the test that we could all get behind,” Suprun said.

Suprun received support and pushback in the comments section of his Times article.

“Whatever Mr. Trump’s shortcomings may be, he won the election,” one person named Fred wrote. “Any other candidate chosen by a rogue electoral college would have no legitimacy. The election of the next President (or any subsequent President) should not turn on the judgment of 538 people who are unknown to most of us.”

Another commenter, Rick Harris, wrote, “I do not believe that your vote is endowed with a superior value to that of the 60 million American’s who voted. It invites anarchy rather than enhances Democracy. If the American people, voting in their respective states, cannot act to maintain the individual freedoms granted in the Bill of Right, the 14th and 15th Amendments, as well as the need for honest in political discourse, it is sorrowful. But your electoral vote, however cast, will not change the fact that voters were prepared to reject the conventions that usually abide during American elections. Now we, as well as they, will have to live and react to that decision.”

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