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Students Are So Afraid Of Trump That L.A. Launches ‘Emotional Support’ Hotline — Children ‘Scared And Crying’

Students Are So Scared Of Trump That L.A. Launches 'Emotional Support' Hotline -- Children 'Scared And Crying'

Image source: Pixnio

Students in Los Angeles are so afraid of Donald Trump that the school district has set up a hotline and support centers to deal with their anxieties.

“Although it has been nearly a month since the presidential election, many of our students still have questions and concerns about potential impact on them and their families,” Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Michelle King said in a recorded phone call to families. “As part of our commitment to providing a safe and positive learning environment, we are providing additional resources for our families.”

The resources include Extended Support Sites and a hotline designed to offer, among other things, “emotional support,” The Los Angeles Times reported. The centers and the hotline will provide access to “outside resources.”

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Many Latino students are afraid that President-elect Trump will deport them. Around 74 percent of the students in the Los Angeles district are Latino.

“No other time in history have we had to have school counselors on duty more because of the person who is supposed to be president,” parent Jenny Jerome told The Times. “I’ve seen kids acting really scared and crying.

The district’s board has voted to make Los Angeles schools safe zones for students who are in the United States illegally, The Times reported. That vote affirmed an earlier resolution not to cooperate with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, the newspaper reported.

“I’m not here to deport anyone,” history teacher Noemi Morales told a class at Van Nuys Middle School. “I’m on your side. I’m your advocate. I’m fighting for you.”

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