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The Police Shooting Data The Media Is Hiding From You

The Police Shooting Data The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

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The picture of police shootings presented by the mainstream media, the Left and the Right is grossly inaccurate, according to an analysis of data by Off The Grid News.

In fact, few media outlets or analysts give all the numbers.

Here is the data, unfiltered. Some of it supports the conclusions of the Left, and some of it backs those on the Right.

1. All total, 990 people were shot and killed by police in 2015. Of those, 494 were white, 258 were black, 172 Hispanic, 38 were “other” and 28 unknown. (Source: Washington Post.)

2. Proportionally, blacks are 2.5 percent more likely than whites to be shot and killed by police. This is because whites make up 62 percent of the population but 49 percent of those killed by cops, while blacks comprise 13 percent of the population and 24 percent of those shot. (Source: Washington Post.)

3. In some of America’s largest cities (Houston; Austin, Texas; Dallas; Los Angeles; Orlando, Fla.; Jacksonville, Fla.) blacks are less likely to be shot at by cops than are whites by cops in encounters that did not result in death, although in physical encounters that did not involve a shooting, blacks are more likely to be involved. (Source: study by Harvard professor Ronald G. Fryer.)

4. In America’s 75 largest counties in 2009, blacks constituted 62 percent of all robbery defendants, 57 percent of all murder defendants and 45 percent of all assault defendants. (Source: Heather MacDonald, author of The War On Cops.) “Officer use of force will occur where the police interact most often with violent criminals, armed suspects, and those resisting arrest, and that is in black neighborhoods,” MacDonald wrote in a Hillsdale College.

5. A full 40 percent all cop-killers the past decade have been black, meaning that a police officer is 18 ½ “times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is likely to be killed by a police officer.” (Source: MacDonald.)

6. Black and Hispanic police are more likely to shoot a black person due to a “threat perception” than are white police. (That is, a belief that the suspect is armed.) (Source: Justice Department, 2015.)

7. Black officers in the New York Police Department are 3.3 times more likely to use their guns at shooting scenes than white officers. (Source: University of Pennsylvania criminologist Greg Ridgeway.)

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