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Filthy Injections for Health: The Dirty Secrets of Vaccine Contamination

While there are many controversies over the value of preventive medicine, there is one thing about which government health agencies, medical authorities, and most practicing physicians agree – vaccination is the most effective method available to protect people from the threat of infectious disease. The faith of the medical profession in the value of vaccines has only grown over time, and in the past three decades, the number of shots given to American children under the age of five has expanded more than three-fold.

As most everyone is probably aware, vaccinations contain weakened samples of various disease agents that are considered too inactive to cause infection, but still strong enough to prompt the immune system to produce antibodies that are capable of fighting off that illness. This presence of these antibodies is supposed to provide protection against future infection, and if enough people are vaccinated against the most dangerous diseases, then, according to the vaccination industry, the chances of epidemic will be significantly reduced.

Many dispute the real effectiveness of this type of medical intervention, however, claiming that improvements in sanitation, hygiene, and diet have had more to do with the disappearance of diseases such as polio, smallpox, diphtheria, and whooping cough than vaccines. But even beyond the questions that have been raised about the science behind vaccination, there is a medical controversy over whether or not vaccines are actually safe. If vaccines were clean and pure, with nothing more in them than weakened disease agents, it is unlikely anyone would be sounding an alarm. But rather than being pristine, vaccines preparations are actually made up of a complex stew of scary ingredients, some of which have been added intentionally, others of which got there as the result of accidental contamination. When a doctor injects us with a vaccine, or injects it into the arms of our children, what is actually entering our bodies is a filthy broth of substances that no one in their right mind would ever choose to consume voluntarily.

What Happens When The Government Becomes Your Doctor…

But when the medical professionals tell us that we all need to take these toxic brews in order to prevent terrible pandemics, we accept these hysterical assertions without question. Because the whole topic of health, medicine, and disease is very complex, we are taught to leave it to the experts to figure out what is best for us. But if the critics of vaccines are right, what we don’t know about vaccines and what is really in them may be killing us.

Intentional Contaminants

Vaccine manufacturers add all sorts of extra chemical substances to their products, each of which supposedly helps enhance the effectiveness of the main ingredients. The science behind these assertions is complex, but what is beyond dispute is that many of these substances have the potential to cause harm to biological cells and organisms.

Some of the most commonly used secret vaccine ingredients include:

  • Mercury
  • Aluminum
  • Formaldehyde
  • Antibiotics
  • Yeast
  • Gelatin
  • Human DNA

Scientists who work for or are funded by the industry claim these substances are present in vaccines in such small doses that they cannot possibly be harmful to human beings. But the science of long-term health effects from exposure to small doses of toxins or other potentially harmful substances is extremely uncertain; some studies that look at the question seem to find connections between illness and such exposures, while other studies claim to have found nothing.

With respect to vaccination, the outcome of such analysis is usually determined by who is paying for the study. When scientific evaluations are funded by the companies that sell vaccines, such as GlaxoSmithKline or Merck, vaccines and the substances they contain are always totally vindicated and found to be completely safe. On the other hand, when the studies are funded by independent sources, possible correlations between vaccines and ill health seem to be found on a disturbingly frequent basis.

Case Study: Vaccines and Autism

By this time, almost everyone has heard about the controversy over whether the mercury in the MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella) vaccine is behind the mysterious rise in autism rates that have been experienced in the United States since the 1980s. Over the past thirty-plus years, the autism rate among children in this country has risen from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 91, an alarming increase that clearly cannot be explained away by improvements in diagnostic procedures. Over that period of time, the number of vaccines routinely given to children under the age of five has expanded from ten to thirty-six, and some medical professionals claim to have found a connection between the MMR shot in particular and the symptoms associated with autism.

Pharmaceutical companies, mainstream medical authorities, and the media have undertaken an aggressive campaign to convince the public that there is no connection between the mercury in the MMR shot that is given to children and autism. This viewpoint may ultimately be proven correct, but the debunking that has been performed by the mainstream medical establishment has been too narrowly focused – while some have blamed mercury for the autism increases because of its well-established ability to cause neurological problems in humans, others have focused more on the concentration of vaccinations in general, and the fact that children in the United States are getting so many shots at such a young age in comparison to other countries where vaccinations are fewer and autism is much rarer. Still others theorize that the inclusion of human DNA in modern vaccines, which coincides with the spike in autism rates, could be the real explanation, since no one can really be sure what all of this extra DNA might be capable of doing once it enters the human body. Whatever the cause might ultimately be, the dramatic increase in autism rates does require an explanation, and those who believe they have found a link between vaccines and autism should continue to receive an open hearing for as long as the question remains unsettled.

Unintentional Contaminants

Accidental contamination of vaccines is commonplace. Some contaminants enter vaccines accidentally as a result of poor laboratory practice or error, while others show up for reasons that are entirely obscure. Part of the problem comes from the fact that animal tissues are used to produce the weakened disease agents for vaccine preparations, and when samples of these agents are removed other organisms and substances indigenous to the species of animal that provided the tissue culture are frequently carried along with them. The polio vaccine for example, which was developed in monkey tissue, was widely contaminated with the SV40 monkey virus during the 1950s and ‘60s. This virus has been linked to some types of cancer, and its presence has been detected in more than 60 percent of all the deadly cancerous tumors that have been examined in autopsies since that time.

Case Study: The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

At the present time, there is a huge push going on encourage all teenage girls to take the human papillomavirus, or HPV vaccine. HPV is a sexually-transmitted infection linked to genital warts and cervical cancer, and the vaccine industry and their political henchmen have been cooperating in a well-organized propaganda campaign designed to convince parents that their daughters may be in grave danger if they don’t get this vaccination immediately. But independent testing has revealed that every last bit of this vaccine has been contaminated with stray, superfluous recombinant (genetically-engineered) human DNA. How it got there exactly has not been explained, but for some reason it is there. There are now a plethora of horror stories about adverse side effects related to this vaccine (all being violently debunked by mainstream medical authorities, of course), and many are wondering what kind of changes all this trash DNA might be causing in the bodies of the young women who have gotten sick after taking this vaccine.

Be Your Own Investigative Journalist

The debate over whether the extra ingredients in vaccines are responsible for a host of health problems is likely to continue for a long time, in part because the scientists carrying out research are looking for subtle effects that may not be easy to spot, and in part because the pharmaceutical companies are such a powerful special interest. Medicine, like every other field of science, has its disagreements and ambiguities, to be sure. The difference, however, is that while uncertainty and openness to new ideas are accepted in other branches of science, in medicine the interests that profit from the status quo have a tremendous capacity to control the terms of the debate. The drug companies are true masters of propaganda, and this makes it extremely difficult to separate truth from fiction when the subject is vaccination.

The contamination of vaccines with a whole list of possibly harmful substances is something that we should all take seriously, and everyone should be concerned about what these contaminants might be doing to the health of young people in America. Before taking any vaccines, or letting your children take them, you should investigate them fully to find out what both mainstream medical authorities and maverick researchers are saying about them. The one thing you should not do is to simply take the medical establishment’s word for it that vaccines are safe and that anyone who says otherwise is a crazy conspiracy theorist. The purity of vaccines has been compromised by the contaminants they contain, and the purity of the scientific process with respect to this issue has been contaminated by money, arrogance, and casual assumptions of infallibility that may be leading us all down the primrose path.

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