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17 Amazing Ways Duct Tape Can Save Your Life (Hopefully You’ll Never Have To Try No. 10)


17 Ways Duct Tape Can Save Your Life (Hopefully You'll Never Have To Try No. 10)

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Survival situations require you to think on your feet, meaning that anything and everything you have needs to be viewed with a whole new mindset.

That means using a little creativity and ingenuity. One of the tools you should always have in your survival kit or bug-out bag is duct tape. Duct tape can be a life-saver—literally.

We all know how useful duct tape is in today’s world. If you can’t fix it, duct it!

Here are 17 uses for duct tape in a survival situation:

1. Waterproof your shoes. In a survival situation, it is absolutely imperative you keep your feet dry. If it is raining or there is snow on the ground, that is going to make it tough to move about with standard footwear. Wrapping your shoes or boots in duct tape will seal them up and make them fairly watertight.

2. Make a nice splint for a broken bone. Use a couple of branches to keep the limb straight and then wrap with duct tape to secure it in place.

3. Seal a leaking tarp or tent so you can stay dry. A little strip on the outside with another on the underside will seal up a hole.

4. Keep your legs dry. Use the duct tape to secure plastic bags over the bottom half of your legs. This will keep your legs dry while you walk in the rain or snow. If you are wearing boots, a strip around the top opening will prevent water from getting in your boots if you are walking through deep snow.

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5. Create cordage. Tear off strips of tape and roll it over onto itself. The cordage will be pretty sturdy and can be used to hang food or clothes off the ground or to drag gear through the water.

6. Make a shelter. Use the tape with garbage bags. Tape the bags together to form a large “tarp” and then use some tape to secure it to a couple of trees and you have a lean-to.

7. Create a butterfly stitch. It would be crude, but it would work in a pinch to close a wound.

17 Ways Duct Tape Can Save Your Life

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8. Construct a cast. Wrap an injured arm or leg with clothing and then seal it with a layer of duct tape.

9. Make a band aid. A little tissue or a cotton pad and a strip of duct tape is all you need. All wounds should be covered to keep them from getting dirt and debris inside and becoming infected.

10. Tie someone up. If you need to restrain a bad guy, duct tape is durable and can be used to tie him or her up or to make handcuffs.

11. Repair a broken water bottle or canteen. Put a layer or two over the split or hole and you have a water-carrying vessel once again.

12. Patch your jeans, shoes or jacket. Duct tape can do it! If a button breaks, roll some tape to create a belt that will hold up your pants.

13. Make a hunting spear. Use some tape to wrap your knife around a long branch to create a hunting spear that can be used for small or large game on land or even to fish.

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14. Catch bugs. Hang strips of tape inside your tent or around your camp to help keep bugs off of you. The tape will act as fly paper. Mosquito bites can be a huge issue when you are in the wild.

15. Create an ace bandage. This would support a sprained ankle or wrist. Make sure you have something between your skin and the tape.

16. Fix a damaged door or broken window. This especially is useful after a storm. Use the duct tape to secure plastic, a tarp or large kitchen garbage bags over the hole.

17. Seal up containers or bags in your kit. This will keep them completely dry should you be moving while it is raining, or if you cross a river or stream.

There are plenty of other uses for duct tape that you are sure to find and develop. Do yourself a favor and keep plenty of rolls on hand for an emergency.

What would you add to our list? Share your thoughts in the section below: 

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