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23 Everyday Carry Survival Items You Should Always Have

23 Everyday Carry Survival Items You Should Always HaveEveryday carry, otherwise known as EDC, is not the carrying of a full survival kit on your person at all times, contrary to what many people may think. Instead, it includes items that you need to make a habit of keeping on your person when you leave home at all times.

In addition, there are also certain items that you’ll want to keep in your car at all times as well.

Let’s take a look at suggested lists:


1. Cell or smartphone. Obvious? Sure. In the technologically advanced era we live in today, phones have essentially evolved into miniature tablets or computers that we keep in our pockets.

2. Concealed carry handgun. Make sure you have a valid concealed carry permit. Carry something that you are comfortable with and that is easily concealable on your person. Please note that your concealed carry handgun is usually not going to be your primary handgun. Also, carry a spare magazine or speed loader.

3. Flashlight. Find one that’s small and, at night, you won’t regret having it.

4. Knife (folding). More than just a simple Swiss Army knife, you need to include a larger folding knife for heavier duties on your person as well. Plus, a folding knife is more intimidating and useful if you need to defend yourself.

5. Lighter. This isn’t for smoking. Rather, a lighter is an excellent source of light, heat and method to start a fire if needed.

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6. Pen and Paper. Most people assume that all they’ll ever need to jot a quick note down is their cell or smartphones, but having the more traditional pen and paper as a backup isn’t a bad idea.

7. Money. Carry spare money on you at all times — preferably no less than $50. If the design of your wallet or billfold allows it, keep your spare money separate from your spending money, so that you won’t be tempted to use it.

8. Multi-tool. Yes, keep both a durable folding knife and a smaller multi-tool on you at all times. An alternative to the multi-tool is the Swiss Army or a similar pocket knife.

9. Watch. Many people have opted not to wear a watch in recent times because all they have to do is check their phone. But your phone could get stolen, you may lose it, or it could simply run out of power.


Most of these items can be stored properly in a container or a green military ammo can, either beneath the seats or in the back of your car:

23 Everyday Carry Survival Items You Should Always Have10. Blankets and sleeping bag. You never know when you’ll be stranded.

11. Clothes. At the very minimum, you’ll need two pairs of socks and underwear, a good pair of boots, wool pants, T-shirt, flannel shirt, fleece jacket and a warm coat.

12. Fire Extinguisher. This is something that many drivers overlook, but your car could catch on fire. Even keeping a small one is a good idea.

13. Flares. You’d need them to signal for help if you get lost or stuck.

14. Flashlight. You should have at least two flashlights, one large and one small, in your car — with plenty of extra batteries. Both should produce a high-powered beam.

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15. Food. Include at least a couple of protein bars in the back.

16. Jumper cables. You never know when your battery or alternator will die.

17. Handgun. A good handgun should be kept hidden near the driver’s seat for easy access if needed. Spare magazines and/or ammunition can be kept with your other equipment. Try to choose something that is big enough to be intimidating, fires a popular round, and is common enough to find parts. (If the grid goes down while you’re driving, this could be the only gun you have). Examples include a full-sized 9mm or .45 automatic, or a .38 or .357 revolver.

18. Money. Try keeping a couple hundred dollars hidden in your car and in a variety of different bills.

19. Motor oil. At least two bottles.

20. Spark plug. Make sure it works for your vehicle.

21. Survival kit. At a minimum, you’ll want a standard survival kit in your car. It should consist of at least two ways to purify water, two ways to start a fire, two ways to construct a makeshift shelter, as well as a good knife, handsaw, hatchet, bandana and a fully equipped first aid kit.

22. Tool set. Screwdriver, wrench, and ratchet set at the minimum, but ideally you should have a complete tool set.

23. Water. At a minimum, a few water bottles should be in your car.

What is on your list that this one omitted? Tell us in the section below:   

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