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4 Reasons Super Glue Should Be In Your Survival Kit

Image source: Wikipedia

Image source: Wikipedia

There are quite a few items that get overlooked when it comes to building a survival kit or bug-out bag, and super glue is one of them.

Perhaps survivalists believe they don’t need it because they have duct tape in their kit. Sure, duct tape is an excellent item to have, but so is super glue – and it can do things duct tape perhaps cannot. Do yourself a favor and have both. Super glue has the added bonus of being extremely small. You could fit several in a bag.

You’ll do more things with it than you expected in the long run.

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Here’s 4 uses:

1. Medical treatment. Super glue can close up a cut or small open wound. You have to be careful to avoid your eyes and mouth, but super glue will be a worthwhile addition to your kit. In order to adequately treat a wound with super glue, clean and close the wound anyway you can: stitches, bandages, pinching it together etc. (Don’t pour the glue into the cut.) Then, seal the wound with the super glue. Keep the affected area free of touch, and avoid physical action that would reopen the wound. (Disclaimer: This procedure is to be used only in an emergency. As always, seek professional help.)

2. Duct tape alternative. The saying goes that having two is better than one. You always need a backup, and super glue is an excellent alternative. If duct tape won’t get the job done, then super glue will. Sometimes, a combination of the two will work wonders.

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3. Water bottle or shoe repair. Everything from a leak in a water bottle to a rip in your shoes to fishing equipment can be repaired with super glue. You just have to be careful and know what you’re doing. First of all, never use too much super glue. When sealing leaky water bottles, make sure that the bottle dries out for a few hours beforehand. Then you can add water to the bottle, and it should be safe to drink. Super glue also can’t permanently fix a leaking water bottle; instead, it can mend it temporarily until you find a viable replacement. If you’re in a survival situation and have a split shoe, super glue can work wonders there, too.

4. Weapon maker. Who would have thought that super glue could be a weapon? While technically anything could be used as a weapon if used in that manner, you can use super glue to build your own hunting weapons with it. Attaching feathers to arrows or a spearhead to long poles will be made much easier with it.

Are there any limitations with super glue? Some types are toxic, so be careful with it. Another limitation is that super glue does not have a long shelf life; once it’s opened, it will last in the bottle a month or two at best.

Do you know of other survival uses for super glue? Share them in the section below:

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