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Learning Desert Survival Secrets From The Bedouins

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desert survival secrets from the bedouins

Learning desert survival secrets from the Bedouins can be highly instrumental when dealing with arid conditions.

Let’s consider a crazy situation. Not a scenario that happens every day, but one that we can learn lots from. Here goes:

You find yourself in a real, desert survival situation.  Yep. Lost in the desert. So listen, if a situation like this ever does occur, let’s consider some crucial factors that will determine your ability to survive in the desert.

If you are lost or stranded in this situation, you’re going to need food, and even more importantly, water. Obvious, right? But complicating your position even more, the region that you are in at the time could also have infrastructure issues. This could include roads being closed or heavily guarded. In that case, you will have no choice but to hang tight and endure by using whatever tools you can to your advantage.

So, one of the first issues to deal with is figuring out an escape route if you want to get out alive. You’ll also need to think and act quickly to find “survival water” before you get dehydrated.

In this article, let’s look at a few desert survival secrets from the Bedouins, who are some folks that call the desert their home.

Desert Survival Secrets From The Bedouins #1: Clothing For The Desert

First, Bedouins wear long, black robes and a hood in black color. Even though black absorbs heat from the sun, it also absorbs heat from the body and helps you stay cool. Long clothes are also advisable since they protect you from ultraviolet light. This way, you won’t lose as much water. For instance, the Bedouins, in a 2004 article published by William McDonough, survived on one liter of water a day. However, the writer himself wore shorts and short-sleeved clothes and was drinking 19 liters of water a day.

Desert Survival Secrets From The Bedouins #2: Protection Against Sand And Wind

The Bedouins also wear hoods that they pull over their faces to protect them against wind and sandstorms. Alternatively, you can cover your face with a shirt or bandana. Ski goggles placed in a “just in case” backpack can also come in handy.

In addition, because of extremes in temperature, wool clothing is used by Bedouins, considering that temperatures in the desert can decrease rapidly at night to the freezing point. Wool works well for both hot and cold extremes.

What To Know About Survival Water In The Desert

When drinking survival water, you need to take a long, hard sip and not just little sips of water.

You need to drink 100 gallons of survival water in the desert in order be hydrated. When drinking survival water, you need to take a long, hard sip and not just little sips of water. Long sips will hydrate your body and body organs, such as the brain.

Make Water A Priority

You have to plan how you are going to get water in the desert. In case you get any salt water, distill it first before drinking it. Focus on finding fresh survival water from streams and springs. This task will require that you take your search underground.

Any place that has green vegetation means that there’s water there. It’s also essential that you are familiar with the terrain. You can do your research beforehand on areas that you think you might find yourself traversing. This planning will help you know where you can find any streams and springs in the vicinity.

Also, follow any established paths and routes. These are likely to pass through where water is. Moreover, check maps and trace-routes used by indigenous people.

To find survival water in the desert in some places, you can follow the paths that smugglers use to sneak foreigners into that particular country. Therefore, it’s advisable to talk to a smuggler before you engage in any trip across the desert. Ask them if they know where you can find the nearest springs and streams. Also, find out which underground paths they use.

Turn over rocks to find survival water from early morning dew. Just be aware of any dangers, such as scorpions, snakes, spiders and other dangerous insects. Also, run your towel through any grass which has morning dew on it. When the towel is wet, wring it and squeeze the water into a water bottle. Repeat this until you have filled all your bottles.

If you have no other way of getting survival water in the desert, get it from cactus plants. Nevertheless, only do this if you are already familiar with different types of cactus. Cactus has oxalic acid which can cause diarrhea.

Drink More Than A Gallon Of Water A Day

You will need to drink more than a gallon of water a day. Also, the Bedouins carried water in a goatskin. Carry enough water that will last you until the next time you come across a source of survival water.


In closing, two key things to pay attention to are how much water you can carry and what are the best routes to use. Lastly, ask yourself where you can find water along these routes.

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