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New ‘Survival Iodine’ May Save Lives

potassium iodine nascent iodine

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Supplementing your diet with iodine can help mitigate the effects of toxins such as fluoride, bromine and chlorine. Do you know the differences between the types of iodine available to you today?

The World Health Organization estimates that up to 2 billion people could suffer from an iodine deficiency. In the early 1900s, the United States government needed to stop the Goiter epidemic that was plaguing the country. Research from that time pointed to the lack of iodine as being the key driver behind this public health crisis. The government began asking table salt companies to incorporate iodine into their salts. After salt become iodized, goiter rates began to plummet. Salt wasn’t the only part of the American diet that was supercharged with iodine. Most of your baked goods also contained iodine up until the 1970s. The sudden influx of iodine into the American diet produced positive effects.

The American public began immediately realizing the health benefits of iodine. Goiter became eradicated and studies show that iodine was the main catalyst in an average jump of 15 IQ points for the average American citizen during that time period. This all changed in the 1970s. Food companies began taking iodine out of our staple foods such as dairy and breads. Instead, bromine was put into the foods as a preservative. Coincidentally, bromine is banned in most of Europe, the UK, Canada and China. Why is it still legal in the USA?

Local municipalities intentionally put fluoride into more than 70 percent of drinking water in the USA. While iodine has been shown to increase IQ points, Fluoride has been shown to do the exact opposite according to a study by researchers from Harvard University. Iodine is one of the only substances on earth that counterbalances the negative effects of fluoride. This fact alone makes it important to begin taking an iodine supplement if you are not doing so already. Since the government is knowingly forcing harmful substances in your body by medicating the water supply, it becomes necessary for you to take action and put substances in your body that displace bad halogens like fluoride.

Potassium Iodide: Disaster Supplement or Dietary Supplement?

When humans are exposed to radiation, they are given potassium iodide in order to mitigate the effects of radiation on the thyroid. The survivors of the Chernobyl disaster were given potassium iodide so that their thyroids would become resistant to radiation. Is potassium iodide useful as a daily supplement? Yes and no. The answer is yes because the substance has some health benefits. The answer is no because it is not the best method of ingesting iodine.

Survival Substance So Prized Armed Security Forces Guard Its Source Hidden Deep Within The Earth

Dr. David Brownstein’s career has focused on Iodine deficiencies. He is considered to be one of the leading physicians in the world when it comes to treating thyroid dysfunction and iodine deficiencies in human beings. He wrote a book entitled Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It. In this book, Dr. Brownstein writes, “It was thought that the intestinal tract could easily convert iodine to iodide, but research has shown this is not true. Different tissues of the body respond to different forms of iodine. The thyroid gland primarily utilizes iodide.” He went on to write, “The breasts, on the other hand, primarily utilize iodine.” Dr. Brownstein seems to think that while iodide has some health benefits, potassium iodine is not the most effective method of ingesting iodine. In the past, Lugol’s iodine was used as a method to administer iodine and iodide simultaneously. This formula wasn’t popular because many people said the strong metallic aftertaste made the product undesirable. Using Dr. Brownstein’s findings about iodine and iodide, we can conclude that potassium iodide is better used as a disaster supplement as opposed to a daily supplement.

On a side note, the United States government recently purchased 14 million doses of potassium iodide. Some analysts question the timing of this abnormally large purchase. Some computer models show radiation from the Fukishima nuclear disaster being able to potentially reach the shores of California by the beginning of 2014. One person found a beach in Northern California that had radiation increases of 1,000 percent when compared to radiation data provided by local health officials.

Nascent Iodine: A Recent Health Breakthrough

One alternative is nascent iodine. What is nascent iodine? Nascent is a new discovery in the field of iodine supplements. Nascent iodine refers to iodine that is unbound and in an atomic form. Potassium iodide is delivered in a molecular form. The process for producing nascent iodine is patented. Delivering iodine using charged atoms allows your body to ingest iodine rapidly and distribute it more effectively than competing Iodine supplements such as Lugol’s iodine. It is also important to note that nascent iodine does not have a harsh aftertaste. Nascent outperforms potassium iodide because nascent is able to be delivered to all of the tissues in your body because it is in atomic form. Dr. Brownstein’s research shows that supplements such as iodide aren’t able to be ingested by all of the tissues of the human body. Nascent iodine appears to be the most effective method of protecting yourself against toxins and radiation.

When you conduct your own research on nascent iodine, it is important to remember that the ingestible form has only been on the market for the past few years. Experts inside the Iodine community are currently testing out better methods of delivery for the supplement. Some brands of nascent iodine are produced with an alcohol base. This has brought on a debate within the community on the subject of the alcohol base diminishing the effectiveness of nascent iodine. That’s why many brands are now selling their form of nascent iodine in a glycerin base. Keep this in mind when seeking the best nascent iodine supplements for you. Before taking any type of supplements, it is always a good idea to consult your physician in order to make sure the supplement is right for you.

Allergy & Side Effect Alert: If you have an allergy to foods high in Iodine such as shellfish, nascent iodine may not be the right supplement for you. When taking nascent iodine, it is possible to feel mild side effects related to the detoxification process. Severe vomiting, dizziness or extreme illness stemming from the use of this supplement should prompt you to seek medical attention immediately.

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