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The Survivalist’s Clever Trick For Making A Smoke-Less, Undetectable Fire

The Survivalist's Clever Trick For Making A Smoke-Less, Undetectable Fire

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A Dakota fire hole is not simply another way to make a fire. It is the survivalist’s trick to cooking food – or simply staying warm — when limited wood is available.

What makes it so special are all the advantages it has compared to other fire models:

  • It has little smoke.
  • It burns more efficiently.
  • It cooks food quicker.
  • It lasts longer.

Not only does the Dakota fire hole have those benefits, but it is a good skill to learn for any outdoorsman, survivalist, camping extraordinaire, or regular/everyday individual.

How to Build It

Building this fire hole is not as complicated as it may seem, as it basically consists of two holes. The first hole is called the “main” fire hole. To create it, the hole must be dug a foot in diameter and a foot deep. At the bottom of this main fire hole, the chamber is located. The chamber is where the wood will be burned for the fire. The chamber needs to be a few inches bigger than the rest of the hole to fit larger pieces of wood. The other hole is called the “airflow” hole. The airflow hole is where the air goes through to feed the fire. It needs to be half a foot in diameter, although the depth varies.

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The airflow hole should be dug and angled toward the chamber. So, basically the airflow hole needs to be dug straight down and then angled to the bottom of the main fire hole. The airflow hole also should be positioned upwind from the main fire hole. Then, simply put the kindling into the chamber and light it up. As the fire gets stronger, add more pieces of wood to the fire. Start with smaller pieces of wood and then add larger pieces as the fire gets stronger.

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If someone is looking to cook with the Dakota fire hole, simply put a wire screen and whatever needs to be cooked on top of the hole. If no screen is available, even fresh sticks could be used, since the fire is lower than the surface. The main magic behind this fire is that the airflow hole sucks the air down through its tunnel to the chamber in the main fire hole. This allows the fire to burn better and longer than other methods.

The Dakota fire hole is definitely for people of all shapes and sizes. Anyone who simply wants to cook outside can use this to cook their food at a faster and more efficient rate. Also, a person who is surviving out in the woods can use it and not have to worry about getting huge loads of wood to keep the fire going. Another great advantage of this fire hole is that the fire and smoke cannot be seen. If someone is trying to stay undetected, this is the fire hole to use.

Any person can use the Dakota fire hole — the unsophisticated but easy way to build a survival fire!

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