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Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction

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market losses

QE Infinity has been successful in raising the stock market to highs, but has done little for the overall economy. Jobs are still in short supply or barely keeping pace with the new entrants. Inflation is more than creeping upward. Our dollar is strong at this time, but it cannot continue there due to economic conditions now and on the horizon.

QE made “rich people richer” Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher was quoted in a Monday interview on CNBC.

Another giant stalker in this economy is what is known as “shadow banking” or “financial weapons of mass destruction.” With securitization and shadow banking at post financial crash highs, the financial sector is expecting a pullback in the markets. Securitization is the practice of banks repackaging loans and selling to other entities as pools or other securities. The amount this year has reached $225 billion, which is a 14% increase from last year. However, this still does not come near the $777 billion that was outstanding before the market crash in 2007.

Shadow banking also refers to the loans made apart from traditional banks and has grown to $16 trillion, according to Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, a financial services firm. Also, with a profitless rally, stocks are inevitably headed for a slowdown, which in turn will provide precious metals with a much needed tailwind.

New book reveals how to keep this “gangster” economy from murdering your money…

The global GDP (Gross Domestic Product of the world), per this chart provided by Zero Hedge’s website, shows a rapid decline in global growth that now puts us close to where we were in 2009 when the wheels started coming off of the world economy.

Central banks are printing money with no end in sight, yet Europe continues in a now 18-month recession and the US economy is stuck in a stalled position.

“Based on this information it’s plain to see that something’s coming, but what it is and how bad it will be are the big questions?” – N.P.Contompasis

Caterpillar, the global heavy equipment maker, is now showing a huge downdraft with its expected sales.

Many of the financial experts have long known that the banksters and Wall Street gangsters have planned for the eventual demise of the US economy. They have hidden away massive amounts of ill-gotten gold, silver, and platinum in just this scenario where the American dollar will be worthless and gold will be worth up to $7000 per ounce in the next year or two. It has been scripted for the last 100 years and it is going according to plan.

Silver will most likely hit $2000-2500/oz and platinum will probably see $10-12,000/oz. The greedy evil NWO participants will profit while much of the global population who cannot provide for themselves with heirloom seeds and gardens, some chickens and livestock, will perish. Anyone who is dependent solely on the grid will be dangerously challenged.

Prayer is warranted.

Hide Your Gold

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