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Is US Government Preparing For Food Stamp Riots Due To Cut In Benefits?

Food stamp riots

With a cut in benefits set to go into effect, food stamps riots are being predicted for November – and the federal government could be preparing for it with an $80 million expenditure for armed guards.

EBT benefits are being cut by approximately $36 per month beginning Thursday, November 1. Many fearful of riots are pointing to the chaos created a few weeks ago when EBT cards temporarily stopped working.

As previously reported by Off The Grid News, hundreds (quite possibly thousands) of food stamp recipients created quite a mess at Louisiana Walmart stores when their EBT benefits showed a limitless balance during the same weekend as EBT cards in some states were cut off for about 48 hours.

Fox News’ host Neil Cavuto said during his show that the $80 million spent by the Department of Homeland Security to hire armed guards for various federal buildings is directly related to the food stamps cuts which will take place on November 1.

Could Famine And Hunger Come To America?

In a public announcement about the massive amount of taxpayer money being spent on additional security, the Department of Homeland Security stated that the guards are necessary to prepare for “civil disturbances and public demonstrations.”

Neil Cavuto said this about the potential food stamp riots:

November 1st could be a very iffy kind of a day … (we may learn) the armed guards were not to protect government buildings from terrorist threats but from American citizens because on November 1 the food stamp program is set to start decreasing the amount that is allocated to food stamp recipients … and they’re worried that violence will ensue.

Although the food stamps’ cut has been scheduled for quite a while, most Americans are largely unaware of the $36-per-month reduction in taxpayer-funded EBT benefits. Approximately 50 million people are now on food stamps – more than any other time in the history of the entitlement program. In 1975, there were just over 15 million Americans participating in the entitlement program.

Cavuto’s guest on the program, Niger Innis, said that the economic conditions in America are “frightening” and he feels the US is becoming more and more like Greece. Innis is a leader within the Tea Party and a national spokesperson for the Congress for Racial Equality.

Said Innis:

We have to get out of this. I mean, we are on a slow march to being Western Europe – socialized Western Europe, a big government state where people are not only on entitlements, but have the entitlement mentality. We need to liberate this economy so that we can revive this economy to provide jobs. Take the boot off the private sector so that the private sector can do what it does best. Slaves had food stamps too. It was called ‘scarps from Massa’s table.

Too many, Niger Innis said, are dependent on government:

What this says more than anything is that when you have nearly fifty million Americans on food stamps that are forced to be on food stamps because of a miserable economy that big government is strangling, than it is obvious that what government can give to you, government can take away.

If we do not radically change our economy and revamp our economy so that those fifty million people have an opportunity to be liberated from food stamps… what these people need is economic opportunity and a good job so that they can put food on their own table.

Salon, a popular left-leaning news organization, deemed the food stamps cuts “massive” in a recent article. Fear-mongering related to the nationwide EBT benefits cuts will only increase the likelihood over civil unrest occurring on November 1. Margarette Purvis, the CEO of Food Bank, stated during a Salon interview that the policymakers are attempting to “punish people for being poor.”

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