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Here’s How EMP Weapons Threaten Our Very Survival

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emp weapons threaten your survival

Super-EMP weapons could theoretically cause massive firestorms, chemical plant explosions, and toxic clouds that can kill thousands.

Recent investigations by the federal government are now concluding that EMP weapons threaten our very survival even though many of us do not even realize it. In fact, America’s enemies could deploy EMP weapons capable of destroying all U.S. infrastructure.

To explain, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons generate blasts of energy that fry electronics, communications, wiring, and the power grid. Notably, Congress has been studying the EMP weapons threat since 2000, Clearance Jobs reports.

Additionally, EMP weapons so worry President Donald Trump that he issued an Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses, Forbes reports. To explain, Trump wants to know what the risks from EMP weapons are. Thus, the federal government does not know the extent of the EMP danger.

However, Forbes contributor Ariel Cohen writes, “preliminary studies indicate that a catastrophic EMP event could cripple the U.S. economy and its military.” Specifically, Cohen thinks EMP weapons could “could cause cascading failures across the entire country.”


China’s Super-EMP Weapons Could Devastate America

Moreover, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is deploying a nuclear warhead that can “devastate America with its enhanced electromagnetic pulse (EMP),” The Epoch Times claims.

In fact, the Chinese warhead could be so powerful that one missile could disable most of America’s infrastructure. Importantly, analysts make these claims in a Department of Defense threat assessment, The Epoch Times asserts.

Plus a PLA document states the “United States is more vulnerable to attacks [from EMP] than any other country in the world,” The Epoch Times reports. Consequently, The Epoch Times alleges the People’s Republic of China is developing “Super-EMP weapons.”

It is easy to see why the PLA is researching EMP weaponry. Theoretically, an EMP attack could knock out America’s nuclear deterrent. However, I can’t imagine Chinese weapons destroying all the US Navy’s ballistic weapons submarines. In fact, an Ohio class submarine carries 14 Trident II D5 missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads anywhere on Earth.


Iran And North Korea Developing Super-EMP Weapons

Iran, North Korea, and Russia are also developing Super-EMP weapons capable of crippling the United States.

So, all three potential enemies are capable of “blackout warfare,” The Epoch Times speculates. In fact, an enemy could blackout everything between New York and San Francisco by exploding one Super-EMP bomb 19 miles above the Earth’s surface.

The damage a super-EMP could theoretically cause includes massive firestorms, chemical plant explosions, and toxic clouds that can kill thousands, The Epoch Times reveals. Moreover, The Epoch Times claims a Super-EMP weapon could cause nuclear reactors to overheat and explode.


Is America At War With Iran?

Oddly, America could be at war with a country that might possess Super-EMP weapons: Iran.

To explain, the former Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter writes  “America Just Declared War on Iran,” in The American Conservative. To clarify, Ritter believes the Trump Administration’s designation of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization is an act of war.

In detail, the IRGC is a paramilitary force the Iranian government uses to wage war in places like Iraq. Specifically, Ritter thinks designating the IRGC, an Iranian government agency, as terrorists will provoke Iranian retaliation.

In retaliation, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is recommending that Iran’s Supreme National Security Council designate the U.S. Central Command a terrorist group. To elaborate, the Central Command oversees American military operations in the Middle East.

Consequently, Ritter writes; “It is no longer a question of if Americans will die in a conflict with Iran, but when.” In particular, Ritter thinks the IGRC will attack US military forces.


EMP Weapons Threaten Everybody

In the final analysis, EMP weapons are a threat to every American. Therefore, every American household and business needs to prepare for an EMP assault.

You can prepare now for a Super-EMP attack by stockpiling food and other supplies. Even more importantly, you should install a backup power system in your home or business. Given recent events, it could only be a matter of time before America suffers an EMP attack.

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Do you think that EMP weapons pose a major threat to U.S. infrastructure? Let us know in the comments below.


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