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Student Flags Roommate With Bias Complaint For Watching Videos

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bias complaint for watching videos

The bizarre bias complaint for watching videos is just one of 35 similar issues on file at Michigan State.

Students can receive a bias complaint for watching videos at Michigan State University (MSU). In detail, a student filed a bias complaint because a roommate watches Ben Shapiro videos.

Moreover, Campus Fix alleges that a university official is investigating the video watcher. So, students can have authorities investigate roommates if they dislike their taste in videos.

Notably, the complaint states, “Ben Shapiro is known for his inflammatory speech that criticizes and attacks the African American community.” Even so, Shapiro was also very critical of President Donald Trump in a recent interview with The Hill.


Watching Videos Is Now Bias At Michigan State

In addition, Shapiro tells The Hill he wants more communities “based in faith and rooted in values.” However, watching Shapiro videos somehow offends an anonymous MSU student.

To elaborate, a student is responsible for an anonymous online bias complaint against the roommate. The student reportedly saw the roommate watching Shapiro after waking up.

Furthermore, the video bias claim is just one of 35 questionable bias complaints on file at Michigan State, Reason charges. Specifically, the complaints charge students with violating the school’s Anti-Discrimination Policy.


Playing Hangman Is Discrimination At Michigan State

Cartoons, hangman games, and free speech can also lead to bias complaints at MSU.

For example, one bias compliant mentions a Hangman Game with the word “South” written on it. Some people find Hangman offensive because lynch mobs hung African Americans in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Specifically, hanging was a popular method of lynching in the South before World War II.


Cartoons Lead To Bias Complaint

Hangman is not the only piece of paper responsible for MSU complaints. In fact, a student filed a complaint because somebody posted a cartoon mocking liberals in a residence hall.

In another incident, an MSU student was exercising her First Amendment rights by emailing her political opinions to dorm residents. Oddly enough, the question “have you ever been to Africa?” led to another bias complaint.

In addition, an Instagram comment that somebody looked Indian is the basis of another bias complaint. Amazingly, neither of the women involved in the Instagram chat were students at MSU.


Free Speech Is Now Bias At Michigan State

Finally, the comment “I hate white people” on Instagram also led to an MSU bias complaint. These complaints clearly indicate that free speech is now bias at Michigan State.

In fact, students who merely express their opinions can receive these bias complaints. In particular, the MSU administration receives anonymous complaints online. Because of this, recipients of MSU bias complaints cannot even face their accusers.

Consequently, the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of Due Process is no longer in practice at MSU. Anybody can file a bias complaint against anybody else for saying or doing anything at Michigan State University.

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What do you make of all the bias complaints that are surfacing at Michigan State? Let us know in the comments below.


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