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Large-Scale ISIS Attack On US Power Grid ‘Imminent’

Large-Scale ISIS Attack On US Power Grid ‘Imminent’

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The type of threats to the power grid just increased by one.

Now, in addition to being concerned about an EMP attack, an Earth-directed solar flare, or a cyber attack, Americans must also worry about ISIS militants attacking the nation’s most vulnerable piece of infrastructure.

Former government officials are fearful that ISIS militants are poised to attack the power grid, and even could get help from Mexican drug gangs, Investor Business Times reported.

Peter Pry, one of the foremost experts on the power grid and a former CIA official, called an attack by ISIS on the grid “imminent.”

“Inadequate grid security, a porous U.S.-Mexico border, and a fragile transmission system make the electric grid a target for ISIS,” said Pry, a former House Armed Services Committee staffer.

“There is an imminent threat from ISIS to the national electric grid and not just to a single U.S. city,” he added.

If the power grid fails, tractor trailers – unable to get gas from gas pumps that rely on electricity — would no longer be able to haul food or medicine around the nation. Hospital generators eventually would cease to function. First responders would be reduced to traveling on foot to emergency calls.

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Tens of millions of deaths would ultimately occur from starvation and a lack of medical care, as Off The Grid Radio recently reported. (Listen to Off The Grid Radio’s in-depth interview about threats to the grid here.)

In March, a federal report stated that if just nine of the nation’s 55,000 substations failed or were sabotaged, the entire nation would suffer a blackout for weeks if not months.

“By one estimate, should the power go out and stay out for over a year, nine out of 10 Americans would likely perish,” Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, told The Washington Times.

In June, the entire country of Yemen suffered a blackout for a day following a terrorist attack. The country has 23 million people.

Author Michael Maloof painted a picture of a country without power in his book, “A Nation Forsaken”:

Products won’t flow into the nearby Wal-Mart. The big trucks will be stuck on the interstates. Gas stations won’t be able to pump the fuel they do have. Some police officers and firefighters will show up for work, but most will stay home to protect their own families. Power lines will get knocked down in windstorms, but nobody will care. They’ll all be fried anyway. Crops will wither in the fields until scavenged – since the big picking machines will all be idled, and there will be no way to get the crop to market anyway. Nothing that’s been invented in the last 50 years – based on computer chips, microelectronics or digital technology – will work. And it will get worse.

ISIS fighters in America appear to be finally registering as a deep concern for senior United States officials, according to a new Times report, and the federal government is currently tracking 300 American passport holders who are fighting for the Islamic State. The vast number of individuals with U.S. passports who are believed to be supportive of the militant group have both citizens and politicians concerned about a terror attack on American soil.

ISIS fighters would not even need to venture into the United States to take down the power grid, Pry said. He believes Islamic State militants could hire Mexican gangs, such as the Knights Templar, to do the job for them. The same gang has reportedly taken out the power network in 11 Mexican cities using nothing more than conventional weapons, IBT said.

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“All they’ve got to do is contact the Knights Templar, wire these guys $10 million, I mean they’ll do anything for money,” Fry said. “And say, ‘Hey, go across that open U.S. border and take out the electric grid in Arizona, or New Mexico, or Minnesota or New York. Or the entire nation.'”

Washington, D.C., officials also fear that the American ISIS fighters will travel home and use their terror training to launch horrific attacks at either single or multiple locations in the United States.

Author William R. Forstchen told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren that ISIS could cause panic in America by striking “soft targets” and would need only 100 or so fighters to do so. The death toll in the attacks is nearly too heart-wrenching to contemplate. Forstchen’s book Day of Wrath talks about such scenarios.

“ISIS uses asymmetrical warfare, they are masters of social media,” Forstchen said. “What are the soft targets in our culture? American schools, American churches, American synagogues. ISIS will not stop simply because there is a sign on the door saying ‘No Guns Zone.’ We need to rethink the security of our schools immediately because they’re already inside this country.”

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