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One Lone Rat Causes Blackout Havoc For 3,000 Residents

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rat causes blackout

A rat causes blackout? A rodent knocked out the electric grid serving 3,000 homes on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

A rat knocked out the electric grid serving 3,000 homes on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Wednesday. Homeowners were without electricity for several hours because the Kapilina Beach Homes neighborhood had no backup for a substation transformer.

The rat knocked out the Iroquois Point substation, which supplied electricity to the neighborhood. The rodent did this by getting into equipment, Hawaiian Electric spokeswoman Shannon Tangonan admitted. Moreover, crews were forced to set up a mobile substation to restore power to the area of former military housing near Pearl Harbor, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported.

“Replacing a substation transformer is a lengthy process,” Tangonan wrote in an email. “Most circuits have a backup, but this area is former military housing where no backup exists, making it an unusual situation.”


Rat Causes Blackout? The Grid Is Far More Fragile Than Many Think 

The situation at Kapilina Homes demonstrates that the grid is far more fragile than most people think. Something as simple as a rodent chewing on a powerline or getting into equipment can short out the grid. Even a power outage lasting only a few hours can cost people money by causing food in freezers and refrigerators to rot or denying entrepreneurs and freelancers their access to the internet.

Renters and homeowners insurance does not always reimburse you for food lost in blackouts. In addition, such coverage will definitely not cover lost income for people who work from home over the internet.

The fragility of the grid demonstrates why every household and business needs a backup source of electricity. Those who rely on the internet for their living definitely need a backup to the grid.
A rat can cost your family hundreds of dollars if it gets into your local electrical substation. Nonetheless, you can protect your livelihood from rats with a backup source of electricity.

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