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World Adopting Unproven Renewable Energy Sources

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renewable energy

Around 64% of the world’s power will come from renewable energy by 2050, Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimated.

Even though renewable energy is an unproven source of power – it will be the world’s main source of electricity by mid-century. Around 64% of the world’s power will come from renewable sources by 2050, Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimated.

“The rate of consumption for renewable energy is currently growing three times faster than the overall demand for energy,” the Stratfor consulting firm predicts. “A world in which renewable sources account for, say, one-third of the total energy consumed is now entirely plausible, even likely, within the next two or three decades.”

“The shift is already underway, and it will be no less transformative than the transitions from wood to coal and from coal to oil,” Stratfor notes. This drastic change could serve to completely disrupt the energy market.

Will Renewable Energy Lead To Energy And Fuel Shortages?

The transition to renewable energy will lead to electricity and fuel shortages. Serious electricity shortages are likely because the technologies used are unproven.

These unproven technologies include giant battery storage facilities, solar panels, and wind farms. Solar panels and wind turbines generate vast amounts of electricity, but no one has used them on a large scale for a long time before now. Nor has any nation or region ever relied on solar or wind as its principal source of electricity.

The world is conducting a massive experiment with renewable energy. Disturbingly, nobody knows if the experiment will work. New technologies often fail and face unforeseen problems.

We could have shortages of fuels if the demand for fossil fuels drops so low that it becomes unprofitable to produce them. At least one solar power advocate, Virun Sivarun, is scared of cheap solar electricity. Sivarun fears solar panels will drive other energy sources off the market because they are incredibly cheap.

History teaches us that the hype about solar power might never become reality. In his recent book, Taming the Sun, Sivarun notes that similar claims about nuclear power in the 1950s and 1960s failed to come true.

How To Protect Yourself From Energy Shortages

Strangely enough, renewable energy is the best defense against the electricity shortages which renewable energy itself creates. You can provide your family or business with a reliable source of power by turning to renewable off-grid electricity.

The best way to go off-grid is by installing a wind or solar electric system with a battery backup. Such systems can even provide transportation when they are combined with an electric car.

The transition to renewable energy is not going to be easy. You can protect your business and family from its effects with your own power system. A full line of such solutions is available from our associates at Powerful Living.

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