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Amazing Off-Grid Miracle Oil Has Many Uses

Many uses coconut oilCoconut oil has many, many uses.

Bring it to liquid form by immersing a container of the solid oil into a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Do not microwave the oil, as it will affect the healing properties of the oil. Here are a few suggestions for usage of what some call a “miracle oil”:

1. Skin Lotion: The skin absorbs coconut oil quickly and feels soft and smooth afterwards. The oil helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Try it on dry patches of skin such as elbows and to soothe burns.

2. Eye Make-Up Remover: Coconut oil works well as an eye make-up remover and is gentle to the delicate skin around the eyes.

3. Dandruff remedy: Try massaging the oil into your scalp before bed and leaving it in overnight. (Wear a shower cap to protect your pillow.) Then rinse it out in the morning. You’ll notice shinier hair as well.

4. Shaving cream: Use as a lotion for a smooth shave that leaves your skin soft and moisturized.

5. Cuticle cream: Gently rub a small amount of coconut oil around cuticles to soften and help heal any dry or damaged areas.

6. Lip balm: Apply a small amount of coconut oil directly to your lips to add moisture and to help prevent chapping or use it as a base ingredient for your own homemade lip balm.

Take control of beauty treatments with homemade products that use safe, nourishing ingredients

7. Nose bleed remedy: Reduce the frequency of nosebleeds by applying a small amount of oil to the inside of your nostrils.

8. Insect repellent: Keep biting bugs away by applying a mixture of coconut oil with essential oils such as peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary or tea tree oil.

9. Fungal and/or yeast infections: Treat common fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot and ringworm, with the oil by itself or in a mixture with oregano oil or tea tree oil.

10. Ear pain remedy: Place two to three drops into the ear canal with a dropper for soothing relief of the symptoms of an ear infection.

11. Toothpaste: Use coconut oil mixed with baking soda as a pleasant tasting natural toothpaste. Coconut oil’s antibacterial action will fight bacteria, while the baking soda does the cleansing.

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12. Head lice treatment: A study published in the European Journal of Pediatrics found that a combination of coconut oil and anise was found to be almost twice as effective as the commonly prescribed lotions for head lice treatment.

Coconut oil can also be used around the home for a variety of helpful purposes. Here are some of them:

13. Clean and condition your wooden cutting board.

14. Soften and clean leather furniture.

15. Lubricate squeaky hinges in doors and cabinets.

16. Remove chewing gum or other sticky residue from surfaces, including carpet.

17. Clean and condition wood furniture instead of furniture polish.

18. Lubricate guitar strings.

19. Remove paint from brushes and from your hands instead of mineral spirits.

20. Sanitize a sports mouth guard.

21. Clean and add shine to indoor houseplants.

22. Use as a metal polish.

23. Use to season cast iron pots and pans.

24. Apply to a damp cloth to remove soap scum in the bath or shower. Rinse with white vinegar.

As you look to simplify your lifestyle and to use more natural products in your home and for your family, give coconut oil a try. On a cold winter’s day, the fact that its fragrance makes you think of summer, doesn’t hurt either.

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