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Letters To The Editor

August 16th, 2010

Dear Editor:

In a recent letter Ben M. asked about how to form a “community”. I have an answer for him—the family farm. What I did was to gather my family together (siblings & parents) and bought land in our state of Michigan. Over 40 acres was good for us and we encouraged other like minded families to do the same. We now have more than a half dozen extend families on a two-mile stretch of road working together. We even have befriended two other families who live up there full time, and they are now part of our community. Doing things this way has given us a large number of minds and bodies to help when things go bad. Gathering like-minded people, with different skill sets, has been a win for us.


Dear Dan,

I agree with you wholeheartedly! The way to accomplish this is by DOING rather than talking. The DOERS are likely to be sincere, dedicated people. The TALKERS are, at best, people who want to avoid the hard work, and, at worst, could be agitators who are there to cause trouble.

The Editor

Dear Editor,

As everyone knows, when you buy a firearm from a dealer, your name,
address, ect. AND what kind of firearm you bought is sent to the

When gun confiscation comes, guess what? They have everything they need to break into your home, search and take all your guns and ammo and anything
else they find that they might want.

I think that it would be safer to go to flea markets or watch the want ads.
Buy from a private person AND DO NOT REGISTER the gun(s). Place them in a
very safe place. Then, once in awhile, stop somewhere that sells ammunition,
and buy a little bit at a time.

What do you think?


Dear Jerry,

You’re right to observe that buying firearms from individuals is the most private way to handle the transaction. I don’t know if buying used weapons from pawn shops and other businesses could be handled privately or not.

One of our contributors suggests never giving your home address out to anyone where it might get in the “system”. You can use a mailbox receiving facility, a small business who might handle your mail for a small fee, or even an individual who would be happy to make a few extra dollars receiving all your mail and packages. That way, if anyone ever comes snooping, they’re not knocking on your front door. Once this becomes your address of record, you’ve moved your personal life off grid.

Another way to be discrete would be to have a family member or friend buy the firearm for you. Of course, whatever you do, make sure you are not violating any laws.

Perhaps readers will have suggestions as well.

The Editor

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