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Letters To The Editor

August 30th, 2010


Don’t go to Walmart – go to a thrift store and get shoes MUCH cheaper and support the thrift store while you’re at it. In our rural area there are THREE thrift stores in different places, all run by churches. We buy clothing, candles, etc. there too.

Regarding goats/horses/etc.: The government is already moving to stop animal ownership via the “animal ID” scheme. Our family has been immersed in stopping this monster for going on five years now. It sucks in your real estate while they’re at it. This is something that MUST be stopped or you will not be able to have even one goat or one horse to survive with. In addition to this, having animals such as these, especially big ones like a horse, means feeding them. Hay costs are already going up and grain prices going up (like wheat is doing right now) will only add to the cost of expensive commercials feeds. You might be able to get through the spring and fall with the animal finding food to eat, but winter – you have to have hay or something like it. If you are going with a horse – get a large, well-broke PONY(14 hands or so) that will ride *and* drive. They are easy keepers so you don’t need as much hay/feed and they are easier to hide – and easier to handle. And you would be surprised the weight they can handle, too. If you get one already broke to drive in harness, you need to get the harness, too, and learn how to drive and use everything. Our family used to breed and raise registered Horses, so we do know how to do these things.

Regarding goats (we also used to be nationally-known dairy goat breeders) – there are smaller breeds that are easier to feed/handle/hide, but they don’t give a lot of milk. That could be a good thing if you don’t have a fridge anymore. Consume or ferment the milk when fresh (kefir, etc.). Learn how to do this before you HAVE to. Goat milk is not good for making butter unless you have a cream separator – cow milk works best for that because the cream will rise to the top of the milk and you can just skim it. Goat milk doesn’t separate so well (smaller fat globules – that’s why it’s easier to digest) and it’s harder to get the cream by skimming. If you have a separator that doesn’t use electricity, that will work for the goat milk but it is a mess to clean up all the parts of the separator. We make our own butter, but we use cream from the cow milk for that. We have a couple of goats, Swiss Alpines, for our other milk needs. They give 2 gallons a day per goat. That’s PLENTY of milk for quite a few people, There are small cow breeds, too – miniature Jersey, Holstein, etc. but they are expensive. Dexters are good dual-purpose cattle that are naturally small. Our family has a Dexter/Jersey bull that we are crossing on our black baldy commercial cows to breed *down* the size of the next generation and up our butterfat in the milk for more butter making. One thing about cattle – they take years to get from breeding the parents to a daughter grown and milking. Goats are ONE year from breeding to a daughter milking. Lots faster which can be important if things are falling apart fast.

Goats can be noisy and give themselves away if you have to hide them (don’t want some hungry person stealing them to eat for instance). Nubians in particular are well-known for being “vocal”. Other breeds are quieter – Nigerian Dwarfs and Pygmies are small and quieter. There are other smaller breeds, too, but they are rarer and more expensive. If you want to stock up on hay/feed for goats, buy alfalfa hay. You can even buy it already ground up and in 50# sealed plastic bags. (It used to be call U.S. Alfalfa but don’t know if it’s still going by that name.) This would be good to store as the plastic keeps out moisture and it’s easy to stack. The bag is still small enough to handle without need of a tractor, etc. With goats, you can also go out and bring them tree branches to clean up, etc. They are browsers, not grazers like cattle and sheep. Less likely to pick up parasites because of that, too. You don’t need commercial feeds if you are feeding alfalfa hay as the protein is high enough. The goats love it and eat it real well. With the hay being ground up, there is less waste. The goats tend to pick off the leaves and leave the stems so grinding up everything stops that – they just dive in and get a big mouthful. We’ve even had the hay ground up with some oats/corn in it too, so it’s all ground up together. We stay away from corn now, though, due to most of it being GMO. If you want the most milk from a goat you can get, milk her three or four times a day. And milk CLEAN – or the milk won’t taste nice. Same for cow milk. You can milk just once a day if you want to, but you’ll get the most by milking more often (more demand so the goat’s body produces more). Goats are good to eat, too, very healthy. The milk fed kids are like veal. Yes, we eat our goats, too. 🙂 If you don’t know how to butcher, learn now, not when you are starving already. Have a couple of good sharp knives, one of them for skinning. That’s all you need. (Slit the throat, don’t shoot – shooting makes noise and gives you away.)

Another word of warning for people wanting to grow their own food—have a garden, etc. There is a bill, S510, that will make it illegal to do anything like that anymore (goes after Farmer’s Markets, too). It’s called a food safety bill but it’s not – it’s a food CONTROL bill, pure and simple. Puts the FDA in charge of all of this so it cuts out our elected representatives and no longer gives us a voice on what they are doing. Same for the animal ID using the USDA to implement and enforce it with outrageous fines and jail time for non-compliance. S510 needs to be STOPPED immediately! We tried to stop it in the House in July 2009, but they pulled some illegal shenanigans after the first vote (and they lost) and voted on it again the next day and it got through by one vote – and then they scrammed for summer break. The Senate made some changes and made it even WORSE. It may be the most dangerous bill to date that we’ve ever seen.

I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you 🙂

Anita M.

Dear Anita,

Thanks for the great letter!


The Editor


I think you are all naive. I agree with what you are saying about preparation and growing your own food, after all during the Great Depression of the 30s – even here in Australia – when there was no social security from the government, nobody died of starvation because everybody had something growing in their garden instead of having lawns. And so people used to barter with each other but they were not fighting the government and the military and mercenaries and foreign troops in their own country.

But what we are facing here is something TOTALLY DIFFERENT! Here is an extremely powerful, extremely wealthy oligarchy that is going to take full control of the population of the world through:

1 ) Culling the population through deliberate famine caused
by the Multi Nationals which, even today are incinerating or dumping in the ocean 4 million tons of fresh produce each day to keep prices high and to cause roughly 25,000 people to die every day among the 2 billion who go to bed hungry every night.

2 ) Massive compulsory vaccination which causes so many illnesses to close down our immune system and therefore slow lingering, painful death.

3 ) Microchipping everyone: do not forget that the microchipping of babies at birth has been going on for many years already (without telling parents) and the rest of the population will be microchipped through any kind of injection, not the least vaccination.

4 ) Microchipping will give them full control even to manipulate our DNA/RNA and even to cause instant death.

5 ) Even though you are among the few who have the means to move or have a piece of land where you can become self-sufficient, do you really think they are going to let you keep it? Don’ t you know their secret agenda for more than hundreds of years has been to eliminate the middle class and personal property so that you can be really enslaved?

6 ) So, you have a few weapons…. how much value are they when they come to you with a SWAT team and their new weapons? Will you not be all killed or taken into those concentration camps which are already built, not for criminals but for dissidents? And what do you expect if you ever end up in them?

7 ) And, if you are still lucky enough to be so isolated that they miss you for a few years, can you really shoot anybody that comes to you starved and in need of help?

8 ) When Obama shuts down the Internet completely (and he has already passed the bill that gives him that power) after declaring a state of emergency and martial law, you will not know what is happening anywhere. Where would that take you?

Can’t you see that we are against so much unimaginable Evil that has been prepared step-by-step for hundreds of years? How else can you explain that there is not one country in the world which is free and sovereign any longer, and all politicians are following orders from a hidden government?

If it comes to that, I personally would use the weapon on myself and get out of this “prison planet” (which it has become) or just eat some vegetable soup where you cook three or four leaves of foxglove (digitalis) which will simply and quickly stop your heat from beating. Give me freedom or death.

And, dear editor, I know that you will refuse to publish this letter,

Best Regards,
G. from Australia

Dear G,

Many of the things you say are true but we reject suicide (which is merely self-homicide), as an honorable or moral solution to the problems we face. We will prepare ourselves, our loved ones and like-minded individuals to the greatest degree possible, and if it comes to it, we’ll be prepared to defend our lives, our property and our faith. We’ll fight to the end, and if we die while trying to live free, then so be it!


The Editor

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