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Letters To The Editor

December 27th, 2010

Dear Editor,

Let me begin by saying how much I have enjoyed your writing. You have a true God-given talent and I thank you for sharing it. The newsletters and website are a blessing. Keep it coming!

I have been aware of the potential for TEOTWAWKI for many years. I have watched the steady evolution towards it and feel it could be… well, tomorrow. My spouse is not able to wrap her head around it to the point of making plans. Can you please recommend a document, video, book, etc. that would put it in dreadfully realistic terms that would help me convince her of the urgent need to prepare? Something she can absorb in a short time so she will actually make time for it. I cannot get her to get out from behind the “I’m just trying to deal with life, and God said it will happen. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

We both work and handle the funds so I need her to realize how important it is that we change our lifestyles to allocate funds to our survival. It is my opinion that God’s people MUST do this now. Our kids will get on board if she and I mount a unified front, they always do.



Dear Desperate,

First of all, thank you for the kind comments about the newsletter and articles on the website. We depend on many talented writers here, and they all deserve to be commended.

Unfortunately, you cannot convince someone of something they refuse to see. Many folks have a defeatist attitude toward prepping, giving a “Que sera sera” (whatever will be, will be) response to everything. Point your wife to the parable of the 10 virgins, where 5 were wise (who prepared) and 5 were foolish (who didn’t have oil for their lamps). Or how about Joseph, who prepared by saving grain during the seven years of plenty for the seven years of famine that came upon the land? If nothing convinces your wife, then it’s up to you to do what is necessary. As a husband and father, you are responsible for your family. You’re the first one in the family hierarchy that God set up. You need to make those preparations even if it means dragging your family kicking and screaming with you.

The Editor

Dear Editor,

I am having trouble with dates on canned goods expiring. Will this really make any difference?? How long should I be able to store canned goods?

Overflowing Pantry

Dear Overflowing,

Ideally you should rotate out your canned goods on a yearly basis. However, one year I had an overabundance of peas and ate off those stores for several years. If these are goods that you have put up yourself, then as long as the seal is not broken on the jar and there’s no flex in the lid when you push down on it, then you’re good. The same goes for canned goods from a store. If there’s no bulge in the can and it’s undamaged, then going past the expiration date won’t hurt. However, I do a smell test on anything I open and I make sure that I bring the food to boiling and cook it thoroughly before dishing it out on plates.

The Editor

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