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Letters To The Editor

July 6th, 2010

Dear Editor,

I think we all know – somewhere in the back of our consciousness – that our preparations for the coming economic collapse are the best we can do, and that it is better to do something than nothing at all. In other words, it is very possible that we may find ourselves overwhelmed in spite of thorough preparations and planning.

In light of this fact, I have found amazing security and peace in the truth that God controls every single thing that will happen. My primary goal, then, is to make sure my relationship with the God of the Bible is strong and that I am doing exactly what He wants me to do. The focus at that point changes from protection of myself and my family to glorifying God in all that I do.

There is, as I said, incredible peace and security in this, and I wanted to pass this on to you in hopes that it will help other too.

Daryl in TN

Editor reply: Daryl, thanks for writing. Your comments reminded me of something our founder, Bill Heid is always saying. He quotes General Stonewall Jackson, “The duty is ours; the consequences are God’s.”

Dear Editor,

Perhaps I misinterpreted your response, but this position is untenable in the context of countering tyranny.

To take up arms to fight fellow countrymen/government is not desirable – neither is it unthinkable, except to the pacifist. We should ALL pray that God’s will be done; we should also be ready (prepared) to be instruments of God’s will whatever that may hold. Death as a potential individual outcome should be acceptable to all believers. Resistance to tyrants is service to God. Did you realize that by your response you call into question God’s will in the revolution that gave birth to our nation? Our first revolution against tyranny vividly reflects that a small but determined few can be (and were) the hand of God. The men and women who founded this great country fought insurmountable odds and gave up everything. Many sacrificed their lives as ordained by God, it was His will. They coined a phrase for your response in the 60’s – “tune in, turn on and check out” – well at least the “check out” portion.

Each must choose what he or she is willing to die for. Who would you lay down your life to protect when the strong man comes? Your family, neighbor, friend? Your countrymen, your faith? “Quiet, free, discrete lives away from trouble” is the ostrich, no preparation is involved, just a philosophy of “checking out”, hiding from reality and leaving it to others to fight your battles. Shame on you.

You do a disservice embracing pacifism as appropriate preparation. Hiding is not preparation unless one is a coward.

If you truly believe that “constitutional rights are being actively abridged by government at an alarming rate” and oppose it, then you must agree that at some point there is a grave danger of unchecked tyranny. Your response is to “hide better”? An appropriate response is to let the voice of freedom respond vociferously from the electorate, influence and combat legislation, peacefully fight abridgment of God-given rights for free men up to and including holding the tyrant(s) accountable using every means that God gives us.

NO ONE should want armed conflict in this land, but no one should dismiss it as a just and right response to the tyrant either.

Your response to Joseph is very well-intentioned, no one wants to have a “call to arms”, that is the last resort of free men. But in every regard, preparation for the defense of freedom is anticipating what that defense may demand of us. In the meantime we endeavor to be as humanly self-sufficient within our means.

Don R.

Dear Don: We’re not pacifists here at Quite the contrary. However, the use of deadly force requires several factors to be present – a just cause requiring (deadly) action, a likely victory, an outcome which would be better than the alternative, and means which themselves are appropriate.

Every man has the right to defend himself and his property, and even other people. However, the wise man will also avoid violence where possible, for as we find in Eccl 9:18 “Wisdom is better than weapons of war.” Defense of yourself would certainly be a just cause, but seeking out a conflict with the government would not.

Similarly, the Christian must consider whether by his actions a positive outcome is likely, for to engage in deadly combat where it is highly unlikely to be victorious would be to consent to slaughter with little hope of victory. The history of Christian thought has condemned such an action. While it could be argued that the colonists were facing an uphill battle, their circumstances and odds were infinitely better than a few armed rebels today trying to take on the most powerful army that has ever existed, with weapons and technology available only to them.

We also must believe that, when successful, the outcome will be better than the alternative. It’s hard to know the future or judge every “what if scenario,” but in the past far too many men have thrown themselves into war without considering whether the death, destruction and (hopefully) the victory to follow would really be better than if deadly action was avoided..

The day may come when Christian Patriots are called on to defend themselves, and when that day comes we should be ready. However, we must not lose sight that as brothers of Christ our first calling is to serve Him, not to fight the wars of this world (2 Cor 10:3-4), but to do spiritual battle. (Eph 6:12-18).

We believe that, contrary to your assertion, we are not being “ostriches” by preparing our families for the coming hardships and avoiding unnecessary violent conflict with others. In fact, many of us see it as an obligation to listen to the Word of God, recognize the signs of the times and do what we can, while we can. God once punished the earth with a flood, and only Noah listened. Many may desire armed conflict with the government, but it is not to us to dictate the terms to God as to how He will restore peace on earth. Therefore, we prepare with all the means at our disposal.

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