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Letters To The Editor

September 20th, 2010

Dear Editor,

If you are interested in staying under the government’s radar regarding firearms, you might consider attending sales/auctions of farms and longtime residents household goods. Contacting the auctioneer prior to an auction will allow you to know what will be involved and if there will be any firearms included in the sale.


Dear Diana,

Great idea! We think private sales are definitely the way to go!


Dear Editor,

I really enjoy your site. It is very informing but…but…for those of us who have had the crunch and are broke!!! We are stuck with trying to get a little piece of land and cabin…any suggestions?

Jim, CA

Dear Jim,

You’ve got to make some cuts in your budget to free up the cash flow to begin stockpiling food or buying land. Another thing to do is to sell off stuff you don’t really need, and reinvest that cash in your plans. Finally, pick up some extra work to make the cash you need. With technology today, more things are possible along these lines than ever before. It may not be easy, but it is achievable; I just got an email from a disabled woman who is working from home on the computer to support herself.



Dear Editor,

Have you guys see Mel Bartholomew’s book “All New Square Foot Gardening?” We’re just in the very, very, beginning stages of planning for “the worst” so to speak. One of those things, of course, is growing at least some of our own food. We had been discussing all of the things we need to do, and felt starting our own garden was the first step. Literally the next day, I was shopping a block away at a Dollar Store, and the book caught my eye – for $5! (Regular price is $14.95.) So this fall, we will have our first Square Foot Garden. It’s amazing how much you can grow in a 4’X4′ space, and once you get your soil started (and since you aren’t improving your existing soil but creating separate, self-contained soil using his mix developed over years), you never have to add anything to it except compost that you make yourself. Ever. No fertilizer, and virtually no weeding. I really think you guys should check it out. He does have a website: But it’s seriously worth getting the book. In fact, my last visit to the Dollar Store I picked up another one for my oldest step-daughter, a single mom with two young children. For the record, I don’t work for Mr. Bartholomew! I just think he has developed – over the years – a great way to garden. 🙂


Allison M., FL

Dear Allison,

I’m familiar with the book and I think it’s a great start, but to be truly independent you’re going to need more space to work with. However, and I mean this, everyone needs to take that most important first step and starting a garden with just a few feet is better than nothing. Don’t forget our survival seeds while you’re at it!


The Editor

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