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letters to the editor

A Simple Pemmican Recipe

Also, pemmican. Just made a batch using homemade jerky for my dried meat ingredient.

My recipe:

1 cup of homemade jerky into powder
1 cup of powdered blue berries
1 cup of melted ghee or clarified butter
Mix it all up and put into pan
Let it set up in refrigerator and cut into squares



Most pioneers carried sacks of grain (wheat and/or corn) until they could grow their own, seeds so they could plant their own crops, salt, which is a necessity of life, sugar, usually brown, as white was too expensive, a sourdough which the woman of the house kept alive, salt pork as it did not have to be refrigerated, and herbs they’d gathered and dried. Men relied on hunting for rabbits, squirrels, quail and other small game for additional meat.

In our house, I stockpile canned goods when on sale, including beans, fruits and soups. Rotating them as they are used. I also keep wheat berries, as they can last for hundreds of years and can be made into nourishing foods without grinding. I also keep dried beans, as they can last for years, but I do rotate them out to keep fresh. All these items are kept in moisture-free jars.

I also dry many foods — fruits and veggies — as they, too, can last for years.


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