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Letters To The Editor

She Hasn’t Bought Vegetables In 3 Years


To read the story referenced, “7 Stockpiling Myths That Even The Experts Believe,” click here.


Try not to stock up on corn products such as corn meal, Masa, nuts, crackers, anything that has oil in it that goes rancid. Stock up on dried beans, peas, quinoa, rice. I stay with “regional foods” a.k.a. foods that grow in my region. I collect new & old cookbooks from my area and study the recipes and incorporate what grows in my garden. Exotics are treated as “exotics.” I can’t grow pineapple, so I preserve them and eat extremely small amounts. The Amish grasped this many years ago with their “sweet & sours” that complement meals. I do not run an extra freezer, choosing to “can preserve” and dry and pantry stock my garden surplus. I haven’t bought green beans, corn, horseradish, many greens, rhubarb, artichokes, all berries, grapes, apples, pears, peaches, plums, garlic, squash (about four types) and potatoes from a grocery store for over three years and I eat 100 percent organic. My garden/mini-orchard is approximately 60 feet by 176 feet. You can do it!



Buy foods you eat now; it makes rotation easier. Add long-term storage foods into to your current diet. In ANY emergency carbs are necessary to keep up energy.


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